Yang Yuanqing, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested: Promoting the coordinated development of new infrastructure and new consumption

Yang Yuanqing, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested: Promoting the coordinated development of new infrastructure and new consumption

Yang Yuanqing, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested: Promoting the coordinated development of new infrastructure and new consumption
On May 19, Sauna and Yewang learned from Lenovo that the NPC deputy, Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing will submit six proposals to the Third Session of the 13th NPC this year.Yang Yuanqing pointed out in the proposal that stabilizing the economic fundamentals needs to work simultaneously on the supply side and the demand side, relying on the vigorous development of a “new infrastructure” -based smart economy, a stable global supply chain industrial chain, and must also continueVigorously promote the consumption of information products and boost domestic demand to achieve domestic consumption upgrades.  In 2018, Yang Yuanqing served as the NPC deputy for the first time and was a member of the CPPCC in the past ten years.In the past twelve years, the evolution and progress of issues related to industry, economy, and people’s livelihood proposed by Yang Yuanqing.It is understood that the six proposals submitted by Yang Yuanqing this year focused on building a new generation of Internet medical and health platforms, promoting the consumption of information products, vigorously developing “5G + industrial Internet”, promoting the construction of new infrastructure and smart economy, and promoting the development of the manufacturing industry.Popular areas.Yang Yuanqing’s new infrastructure will release efficiency dividends at the two conferences last year (for enterprises). It is recommended to strengthen data security protection and utilization when the domestic epidemic situation is effectively controlled, and when the social economy is gradually recovered, the upcoming two national conferences in 2020 are of great significance.How to consolidate the results of the previous epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the construction of the public health system, and how to restore economic growth, consolidate manufacturing in China, and promote growth and development when the global economic uncertainty increases, has become the focus of attention of the two sessions this year.  Yang Yuanqing pointed out in the proposal that from the supply side, the new infrastructure is both an advanced smart technology and an infrastructure that empowers a smart economy.Vigorously developing new infrastructure is conducive to enabling intelligent transformation of all walks of life and releasing efficiency dividends; as a “world factory”, China’s manufacturing industry has a decisive advantage in the global supply chain and continues to promote rapid economic growth.Therefore, the representative of Yang Yuanqing proposed to enhance the integrated application capacity of “5G + Industrial Internet” from the four aspects of increasing new infrastructure, strengthening market policy guidance, accelerating the development of application ecology and accelerating the development of compound talents, so as to promote continuous innovation in manufacturingSuggestions for development.He also suggested that the rapid development of smart economy should be promoted by strengthening data security protection and effective use.  Domestic demand will become a powerful engine for growth, and it is recommended to increase the penetration rate of smart devices. From the consumer side, Yang Yuanqing said that China has the world’s largest and richest consumer market.With the transformation of China’s economic structure and the continuous upgrading of consumption, in the context of the spread of the global epidemic, the domestic demand market will become a powerful engine for economic growth.To promote consumption upgrades, smart device products such as PCs are “infrastructure in infrastructure” and have a dual role in promoting the economy.  Yang Yuanqing believes that personal computers will never have dual consumer products, but are still high-performance tools.In the fight against the epidemic, whether it is online education, online medical care, online office or online retail, can not do without PC, smart phone and other “home decoration” equipment products.He suggested that promoting the consumption of information products and increasing the penetration rate of smart devices such as PCs will greatly promote the upgrading of consumption, the construction of new information infrastructure, the development of a smart economy, the expansion of exports, the improvement of education, and the promotion of rural revitalization.effect.  Education informatization helps to eliminate poverty, and China ‘s re-positioning of the global value chain 2020 is the final year for a decisive battle to overcome poverty, and a well-off society.Yang Yuanqing believes that education plays a fundamental and persistent role in the fight against intergenerational transmission of poverty.Therefore, he suggested that to focus on the long-term development of education, we must continue to strengthen the basic construction of education informatization, strengthen the scale supply capacity of education informatization, improve the intelligence level of education informatization, and gradually realize the sharing of high-quality education resources to help education develop and let childrenNo matter where you are, you can enjoy the benefits of science and technology, obtain high-quality teaching resources, and see the farther world.  Regarding the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, Yang Yuanqing proposed that the fourth industrial revolution will continue to deepen. In the Internet of Things (end), edge computing (edge), cloud computing (cloud), and 5G (network) that lead this industrial revolution,Data, artificial intelligence (intelligence) and other smart technology fields, China and other countries in the world are basically on the same starting line, and some aspects have comparative advantages.This will provide a new starting point for China’s manufacturing industry to fill shortcomings, break through innovation, and start its own brands.Once this brand-new end-edge-cloud-net-intelligence technology architecture is combined with China’s huge manufacturing industry, the new smart manufacturing industry will release a larger scale and higher quality efficiency dividend.  Therefore, Yang Yuanqing pointed out in the proposal that China appropriately promotes China ‘s manufacturing industry to achieve an “industrial transition” by redeveloping a smart economy driven by digital and intelligent technologies, and re-enters the “card-bit” global value chain to strengthen China in the post-epidemic era.The international competitiveness of the economy achieves remarkable development.The reporter promised to edit Sun Yong to proofread Wang Xin

Frozen 2 set more mature and more mysterious location

“Frozen 2” set more mature and more mysterious location
Snowman Snow Pokestove Reindeer “Frozen 2” Princess Costume “Frozen” Princess Costume Aisa Anna Disney “Frozen” Princess Costume “Frozen” Snowflake “Frozen” 2″Snowflake” in Norway, Iceland, Finland, Black Beach and the Dark Sea This Friday, “Frozen 2” was released in China and North America simultaneously. From the pre-sale situation, the film has far exceeded the new film of the same period Friday, reaching 16.54 million, Reflecting the total pre-sale of 17.18 million before, according to the strong fan base of the IP, many people predict that the film may be able to harvest 1 billion box office.  The preliminary “Frozen” produced by Disney in 2013 was a great success. This IP became an important element of Disney’s popular culture output. It has accumulated more and more fans in various countries around the world, and various peripheral products of this film have also wonA huge copyright income.Six years have passed, and the magical Princess Aisha in the film has become the latest Disney image spokesperson for Disney in this era. The children love her, and parents are also happy to unpack the surrounding goods such as “Aisha Princess Dress” and sing in large numbersThe theme song “Let It” in the film.What new surprises will Frozen 2 bring?What will happen to the new adventures of the two sisters?Sauna Night Network interviewed the main creator to reveal the new selling point of the sequel, the location of the new work and the interesting trivia.  The theme answers the three questions of “maturity”. The theme of the story found in Frozen 2 is even larger, abstract and heavy. If the higher theme is growth, then the theme of this story is maturity.Director Jennifer Lee and others found that they still have a few lingering questions: When Anna has everything she ever wanted, what did she do together?Aisha and Anna’s parents ship sinking into the sea, but where were their original destinations?Why is Aisha born with magical magic?Jennifer Lee said, “If Frozen’s ending is a happy reunion, then Frozen 2 is the second day after the happy reunion.Life always loves to joke with you and give you more frustrations, so in the sequel we mainly focus on how characters stick to themselves and do what they think is necessary for proper growth.Although the movie will still be full of fun and humor, it is more a story about self-finding, tenderness and sensitivity.”In the previous work, Aisha worried that her magic would not be accepted by the world, but in Frozen 2 she must pray that her magic is strong enough to protect her kingdom.If the previous work grew up from a teenager to an adult, and is a slightly anti-traditional happy fairy tale, then Frozen 2 is an epic that matures after adulthood through wind and rain, and is based on fairy tales.  The story of women is independent and no longer weak. The story of Frozen 2 is set in the third year after the end of the first movie: Aisha has become a queen, and Anna is with her loved one (sister Aisha, husbandKstov, Snowman Xuebao and Reindeer) live happily together.But the producers said that the underlying uneasiness and worry under the surface happiness will eventually overcome them on an adventure and solve all the unknown mysteries that haunt the characters.  Since the birth of Snow White in 1937, Disney has successfully portrayed the image of 14 princesses.Some of them were enchanted, some surrounded the love with the beasts, and some went out for their father.Although the princesses have different life experiences, they have been appointed with some similar role settings. They all have amazing beauty, representing truth, kindness, and beauty, and are easily persecuted by bad people who want to be enchanted, but they will be rescued by the prince after all the hardships.But in “Frozen”, Aisha said to Anna, who was stunned by “love at first sight”: “You can’t marry someone you just met” “How much do you know about true love?””, The love life of the princess is placed in a secondary position; Princess Aisha is no longer afraid to release her superpower along the way, conveying the message of” female independence, no longer need to be weak “, and in this partThe actor is reduced to decoration, can you remember the name of the actor in Frozen?  Director Chris Barker said: “The most important thing is that the first and second parts of Frozen will together form a relatively complete story.”In the years since Aisha was crowned queen, all characters including Xuebao have grown.Even Xuebao began to be full of doubts, thinking about life and death and the meaning of existence, just like most precocious children, Xuebao gradually has its own perspective.  Making princesses no longer wears traditional skirts. The costumes of Aisha and Anna have further innovation and production, and have also broken the image set by Disney for princesses. The series director Jennifer Lee mentioned that “Princess is Disney ‘sAll in all, Disney’s traditional princesses are wearing skirts, but due to the different production time of the film and the content they want to express, Anna and Aisha’s clothing style has changed, because they shoulder the burden of the entire kingdom, so they will wear appropriateClothes.”The plot sets Anna and Aisha to embark on an adventurous journey. Traditional skirts are simply not suitable for such actions. Disney conforms to the efforts of the times. At least it makes the costumes in the movie more comfortable and modern.  In the previous work, both Aisha and Anna were young girls who were just about to become adults, so they wore mainly bright and bright palace dresses.Now the dress styles of the two sisters are obviously too mature, while casual clothes are light and comfortable, they must also consider the identity of their queen and princess-Aisha wears a close-fitting lilac one-piece dress, noble and elegant; Anna wearsIvory waist skirt, covered with a short and short coat, full of vigor.Their clothing when they went to the Magical Forest of the Northern Kingdom. The sisters wore about the same. They were all in underwear, one-piece skirts, capes, and leather boots: Aisha is the classic aqua blue color in the previous work, because it is not cold, overallBoth are lighter and thinner; Anna’s color mix is thicker and more stable, and she is very action after taking off her coat.  ”Frozen” series of interesting facts apparel is “money printing machine”?  Less than a year after “Frozen” was released in 2013, Aisha and Anna’s film sold the same 3 million skirts in the United States alone, and each “Aisha skirt” was 149 without discount.Calculated at $ 95, Disney will be credited with 4.500 million US dollars.Won the 2014 National Retail Federation (NRF) annual toy sales champion, and for the first time pulled Barbie doll the annual sales champion.  It is reported that as one of the major US apparel and accessories suppliers, Wal-Mart’s typical hot-selling apparel in 2019 is the average growth rate in Frozen.The $ 18 Aisha accessory ranks second.In the top 20 of this spring’s apparel sales list, “Frozen” replaced 4 seats, ranking first in number. It can be seen that “Frozen” clothing is worthy of the “money printing machine” in the periphery of the IP.  ”Snowflake” is not a snowflake. Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson once questioned the poster of “Frozen 2”, thinking that there is a common sense error in a poster released by the film: the water ice crystal belongs toThe hexagonal crystal system is hexagonal.It was correct in the first trailer for Frozen, but why did it go wrong in the sequel?Tyson also shouted, “Unless the sequel takes place in another universe, where ice crystals and our laws of physics are related.”Jennifer Lee responded to the matter, and she was very humble:” It was right to cause him, which means that it is not snowflakes. “”Aisha had toes because Aisha never barefoot in the first movie, so the animators did not give her toes at the time, and in order to shoot the sequel, they had to add toes to her feet.  The four major shooting locations attracted the mystery creative team of Frozen 2 to consult experts of local culture and historical research, and also inspired by the Nordic folklore, discovered the magical things inside “Gnomes” and “Fire Spirits”.Every bridge has a tribute to Nordic mythology.In the creation, Jay Momon was inspired by the scenery of northern Norway: “The entire northern Norway is beautiful with autumn leaves, and the towering trees are incredible. It just fits perfectly with the deep design language of Frozen. It is indeedimpressive.”The film creators also visited Tromso, Norway. In the botanical garden, they spent a lot of time researching local plants. This is a very rewarding move. It is these plants that are scattered throughout the magic forest in the film.  Iceland inspired the film’s creators in another way, and also inspired their new ideas for fairy tales and myths.Chris Barker said: “We found that the fairy tale environment in Norway and Finland is very suitable for Anna-she will feel at home there; and in the dark, mysterious Iceland, Aisha will have a unique sense of belonging.”In addition, another key point that the creators learned in Iceland is the unpredictability of nature:” In the short time we saw the Seljalandsfoss, the weather changed from sporadic clouds to hailHeavy downpour.At the secret waterfall, you have to take off your shoes and reach through the icy water flow. Because your feet are frozen and you lose consciousness, we wo n’t even feel it even when you step on sharp rocks.After all, we are not like Aisha, who has the magic of snow and ice. The cold really bothers me.”The expedition team explored Lake Inari in Finland, passing the Sami Sycamore stone island, and undertook a major eight-mile hike in the Finnish forest to the Birpajarvi Wilderness Church.Facts have proved that this experience provides a valuable source of inspiration for the magic forest fragments and the characters living in them in the movie.Jennifer Lee said: “As if the forest were alive, the boulders we saw seemed out of place with the surrounding environment.They stood there as if they were left there by the giants we had heard of.”Inspired by the black sand beaches and black basalt cliffs on the southern coast of Iceland, this coastal landscape is one of the most difficult starting points for Aisha ‘s journey, and also an important step for Aisha-providing an important reference for entering the dark sea.in accordance with.Joint art director Keane said that this scene setting as a transition has no color.Aisha gave up a lot in order to move forward, but still knew nothing about the front, so the setting of the volcanic beach seemed to be more suitable for the intense plot: “This must be an unusually desolate place, we decided to present it like aA black and white movie, the only color on the beach is Aisha herself.In the dark sea that followed, only Aisha and Water Horse were colored.”Dir Meyerda, director of animation effects, added:” In the previous work, when Aisha crossed the fjord, the snowflakes under her feet were very stable.But once everything is not completely reliable, and occasionally she will fall.Her magic is extremely unusual and with a trace of dangerous factors. It was not until the last moment that she successfully saved herself, and the shape of these snowflakes was sharp and sharp.We can still see her iconic snowflake shape, which is the magic of survival mode.”Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan

Xianma body painting was accused of being vulgar, the organizing committee argued that art was taken out of context

Xianma body painting was accused of being vulgar, the organizing committee argued that “art” was taken out of context
Body-painted models walk the show to help the salty horses.Photo / Osports Just past the weekend, several marathons have been antiques across the country at the same time.Among them, the topic of body painting models and couple pacers invited by the Xianning Marathon in 2019 is considered “spicy eyes” and “vulgar” by some netizens. During the Xianning Marathon, body-painted models appeared on the main stage, and the couple pacers kissed and commemorated before the starting arch.The two brief periods set by the organizing committee quickly caused external heated discussions, and too many netizens admitted that they caused discomfort.It is also said that this is exploring the lower limit of the marathon. Therefore, Sauna and Yewang interviewed a person in charge of the Xianning Marathon Organizing Committee by phone, sometimes saying, “The organizing committee has unified management of the photographers. We are not very clear why some people came near the main stage and photographed the painted models.The back is also mosaic.The information from the media is out of context and catches the wind and shadows.”Why arrange body painting replacement?The person in charge explained: “Initially, body painting itself has a long history.In modern times, body painting is an artistic existence.The person in charge said that, no matter whether it is foreign or domestic, in order to promote tourism or other purposes, many places will host body painting contests or body painting themed activities. It is understood that the Xianning Marathon has been held for 4 times. “The annual competition is very interesting, but it is not the vulgar interest of some people.”In the marathon, in order to make everyone’s running process less boring, there are often cheerleaders or cheering phalanx, which is only one of the places.The person in charge expressed the hope that the public will view this serial port in an inclusive and open manner.

2016 Evergrande Snooker China Championship match live video Mark Allen vs Wharton live

2016 Evergrande Snooker China Championship match live video Mark Allen vs Wharton live
Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship (attachment: 2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship match list/signature) to November 1 to 5 in Guangzhou this yearThe stadium is officially open.Ricky Wharton’s profile Mark-Allen’s profile has just won the 2016 Snooker National Championship and won his ninth large-scale ranking tournament Selby, as the top seed in the quarter quarter, the firstThe round will face Indian champion McGill. Last year’s World Championships, McGill defeated Selby 13-9, but afterwards, Selby won.If it passes, Selby’s 1/4 final opponent will be the winner between Allen and Wharton.  The game time of Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship Mark Allen vs Wharton is antique at 14:30 pm Beijing time on the 1st.  Live Watch”》 2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship Live

ESPN’s 50 active players list released: only 21 players in the Eastern Conference, seven teams contribute to the Big Three

ESPN’s 50 active players list released: only 21 players in the Eastern Conference, seven teams contribute to the Big Three
On October 11, Beijing time, ESPN released a ranking of 51-60 players.This means that although the current top 50 stars have not been determined, the specific list has been released.It is worth mentioning that this list is aimed at the player’s performance prediction in 2014-15, so Paul George, who is definitely absent for the entire season, did not make the list.  Like the TOP100 list, the TOP50 list is still weak in the east and strong in the west. Only 21 people are on the list in the Eastern District, and the remaining 29 are from the Western District.On the team side, the Bulls, Cavaliers, Grizzlies, Spurs, Thunder, Warriors and Clippers each have a set of Iron Triangles selected for the most, 76ers, Bucks, Magic and Timberwolves were not selected.  The following is a list of specific players: a total of 5 Atlantic Celtics Boston Boston Celtics 1: Rajon Rondo; Brooklyn Nets 1: Brook Lopez; New York Knicks 1: Carmelo Anthony; Philadelphia76ers 0 people; Toronto Raptors 2 people: Kyle Lowry, Demar DeRozan.A total of 8 people in the central group Chicago Bulls 3 people: Joe King Noah, Derek Rose, Paul Gasol; Cleveland Cavaliers 3 people: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving; Detroit Pistons1 person: Andre Drummond; Indiana Pacers 1 person: Roy Hibbert; Milwaukee Bucks 0 people.A total of 8 people in the Southeast group Atlanta Hawks 2 people: Al Horford, Paul Millsap; Charlotte Hornets 2 people: Al Jefferson, Lance Stephenson; Miami Heat 2 people: Chris BoDwyane Wade; Orlando Magic: 0; Washington Wizards: John Wall, Bradley Bill.A total of 11 Southwestern Dallas Mavericks 2 people: Dirk Nowitzki, Chandler Parsons; Houston Rockets 2 people: James Harden, Dwight Howard; Memphis Grizzlies 3 people: Mark-Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph; New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis; San Antonio Spurs: Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Cavai Leonard.A total of 8 people in the Northwest Division Denver Nuggets 2 people: Ty Lawson, Kennett Farid; Minnesota Timberwolves 0 people; Oklahoma City Thunder 3 people: Kevin Durant, Russell WyattSbrooke, Serge Ibaka; Portland Trail Blazers 2: LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard; Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward.A total of 10 members in the Pacific Group Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Andre Iguodala; Los Angeles Clippers 3 people: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeanDerek Jordan; Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant; Phoenix Suns: Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe; King Sacramento: DeMarcus CousinSri Lanka.(Zhang Wenjing)

C Ronaldo’s goal roar can cure the disease last November, evoking 14-year-old comatose fans

C Ronaldo’s goal roar can cure the disease last November, evoking 14-year-old comatose fans
According to reports, one of the “Marca” reported yesterday that in the first round of the quarter-finals of the Champions League quarter-final Real Madrid defeated Dortmund in the first round, the Bernabeu Stadium ushered in aSpecial guest, this is a little fan who has a special relationship with Ronaldo and has created a miracle of life.  The little fan’s name is Pavalakski and is 14 years old this year.From the age of 10, he was obsessed with Real Madrid.In mid-August last year, when Pavalakski returned to his home from a friend’s home by bicycle, unfortunately, there was a car accident, which caused a serious accident that caused Pavalakski to be seriously injured and comatose, and fell into an unconscious situation.The whole family is surrounded by grief.  In order to be able to awaken Pavalaksky, during his bed coma, his parents replaced all bed sheets and quilts in the ward with Real Madrid-themed objects.In addition, in order to awaken Pavalaxki, whenever there is a Real Madrid game, the father will put headphones on his son’s head, so that the son can overcome Real Madrid’s breakthrough game, this lasted for more than 3 months.  At first, such a “treatment method” did not take effect. Until November 18, 2013, the miracle finally came.On that day, his father put a video of Real Madrid’s match to Pavalaski. When he heard Ronaldo’s roar after scoring, Pavalaski suddenly opened his eyes to wake up.After regaining consciousness, Pavalaxki was taken out of the hospital by his parents after a month of treatment.  A Polish media learned of this exciting story and immediately contacted Ronaldo, the “magic doctor”.Ronaldo has always been very caring and invited his family to watch the game in Bernabeu.

It is imperative for experts to recruit Harden’s helpers for the rocket’s rise

It is imperative for experts to recruit Harden’s helpers for the rocket’s resurgence
On June 2, Beijing time, the American media published an article that doubled out the three alternatives that the Rockets want to improve next season if they want to recover.  This past season has definitely been a success for the Rockets.But in the Western Conference finals, the team’s problems were clearly exposed in the face of powerful warriors.The famous basketball expert Kelly Scaletta believes that if the Rockets want to go further next season, there are three problems that they must improve.  First, the Rockets need to find another offensive and offensive organizer to share Harden’s pressure on the offensive end.Statistics show that Harden’s offensive burden has been too heavy in the past season.At least 40 points in the Rockets’ average field are directly or indirectly contributed by the Beard.Although Harden’s performance this season is MVP, but when the game hits a critical moment, once he is tightly wrapped by his opponent, the Rockets’ offense will also be affected immediately.Regarding this point, Harden himself also made a clear statement in an interview.  In fact, this season, the high turnover rate is still a stumbling block to the Rockets.Of course, there are objective reasons.Famous Fagan believes that throughout the season, all the core members play together at the same time is not long.And in the future, if this group of people can stay in the team and continue to run in, the Rockets’ offensive rhythm will be smoother, and their mutual trust will be higher, and the team’s mistakes will naturally be relegated.  In addition to the above two points, the Rockets also need to hire an excellent offensive coach.Although from a regular game perspective, the Rockets’ offensive efficiency ranks among the top in the league, but at a critical moment, their attack system is relatively simple and lacks order.Take the Western Conference opponent Warriors as an example. Next to Steve Kerr, there is a coach such as Gentry who specializes in polishing offense, but there is no such person in the Rockets.

Guangping King Ren Jialun was once a table tennis player and Zhang Jike or a brother

“Guangping King” Ren Jialun was once a table tennis player and Zhang Jike or a brother
Because of playing the role of the king of Guangping in the costume drama “Glory of the Tang Dynasty”, the unknown actor Ren Jialun suddenly became popular, and Zhang Binbin, Chen Xiao and Zhang Ruoyun were called the new generation of four young costumes.  As everyone knows, the Datang Vinegar King used to be a table tennis player, and he also went out with Zhou Yu and Zhang Jike and other national players.  Zhou Yu and I should be considered the best. We trained with Chen Meng since we were young. We are one year away from Ji Ke. The intersection is not so much. We will encounter it during training.  In “Grand Tang Glory”, Ren Jialun’s Guangping Wang was loved by fans because he was overbearing and dedicated. His followers on Weibo had soared to more than 1 million.  When playing against Jing Tian and many old dramas, Ren Jialun not only did not have stage fright, but also was widely praised for his superb acting skills, especially the countless fans’ eye-catching killing.  Regarding his performance, 28-year-old Ren Jialun said that this is due to his previous experience, and there are many twists and turns in life, so sometimes the performance incorporates many of the previous states into the role.  Ren Jialun played table tennis. In an interview with the “Legal Evening News”, he found that he was a table tennis player and also trained with national players like Zhou Yu and Zhang Jike.  Zhou Yu and I should be considered the best. We trained with Chen Meng since we were young. We are one year away from Ji Ke. The intersection is not so much. We will encounter it during training.The relationship between the two is indeed good, and Zhou Yu often took photos with him on Weibo. Previous page12Next page

Don’t Tell Her won the Best Film at the 35th American Independent Spirit Awards

“Don’t Tell Her” won the Best Film at the 35th American Independent Spirit Awards
Sauna Night News February 9, the 35th American Independent Spirit Award Antique Awards Ceremony.”Don’t tell her” won the best film and best supporting actress, “Parasite” won the best international film.”Original Diamond” won the best director, best actor, best editing 3 awards, for Adam Sandler to recover the regret of missing the Oscar nomination.The full list of winners is as follows: Best Film: “Don’t Tell Her” Best Director: Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie (“Original Diamond”) Best Actor: Adam Sandler (“Original””Drill”) Best Actress: Renee Zweig “Judy” Best Supporting Actor: William Duff (“Lighthouse”) Best Supporting Actress: Zhao Shuzhen (“Don’t Tell Her”) Best Director’s debut:Best Screenwriter for “The Talented Student”: Best Screenplay for “Marriage Story”: Best Documentary for “Meeting Yesterday”: Best Editing for “American Factory”: Best Film for “Original Diamond”: Best Photography for “Original Diamond”: Best International Film for “Beacon”:”Parasite” Robert Altman Award: “Marriage Story” John Kasowitz Award: “Free Me” Bonnie Award: Kelly Rechard Producer Award: Molly Asher deserves attention奖:拉沙德 Ernesto Green比虚构更真实奖:Nadia Shihab桑拿夜网编辑徐美琳校对何燕

From Lin Madness to Lin Team, Jeremy Lin praised his teammates

From “Lin Madness” to “Lin Team”, Jeremy Lin praised his teammates
Tonight’s CBA preseason Xining, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team defeated the Jiangsu team 89 to 68, Jeremy Lin only scored 11 points, but in the process of trying to put himself into the team, the results were very good.He said he was very happy to help the team after the game, especially Wang Xu, a younger brother on the back line.Jeremy Lin praised the performance of his teammates.Sauna, night net Liu Chen shot in the first half, except for one three-pointer, Jeremy Lin scored 7 free throws; the second half of the attack desire is not as strong as the first, he creates more opportunities for his teammates.After the game, Jeremy Lin admitted that his offensive feel was not very good, and his teammates were in better shape, so he adjusted his personal strategy.”I am also very proud to see that several players can play so well today, Zhou Yixiang, Wang Xu and Dahan are very good.Sometimes this is the case. My offense is not very good, but I can’t bow my head or defend. We won the game today through defense.”He represents:” I have a lot of different experiences in the NBA. Of course, the strongest team is teamwork. I also never like to play five people by myself.”As an experienced NBA player, Jeremy Lin said,” I played in the first year in the NBA, playing the same role, as a point guard is to improve the performance of teammates.I think I am more patient today and I can learn a lot from this game.”Liu Xiaoyu retreated from the last injury, and Fang Shuo continued the truce. Tonight, it was Wang Xu who partnered with Jeremy Lin in the backcourt.He shot 3 of 4 from the outside and scored 14 points and 5 rebounds.In the fourth quarter, when he saw the highlight of the little brother off the court, Jeremy Lin frequently applauded or got up and clenched his fist to encourage.”We are all a family. When a teammate plays well, we must encourage him.I do n’t always have the best performance in every game. He performed much better than me today. I think this is all about playing on the team.He worked very hard, sometimes he did n’t know if he wanted to vote, but he played very confidently today.”Representing the performance of teammates, Jeremy Lin is very happy.Wang Xu also revealed after the game that he often received guidance from Brother Hao during training. “Once I did not do well in training, Brother Hao also actively sent WeChat to encourage me.”