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Clothes become old and new

Clothes become old and new

1, white clothes will be yellow when worn for a long time, soak it in a solution with indigo, rinse, can be placed as white as new.

Or add a small amount of lemon juice to the water, soak the polyester and yellow clothes, and the whitening effect is especially good.

  2, dark clothes, such as dark green, black and other colors of clothes, when washing, add a few drops of acetic acid or vinegar to the water, you can restore coloration.

  3, blue satin clothes wear for a long time If you become lavender, soak for about an hour with borax solution, you can restore the original color.

  4, wool, sweaters and other fabrics, after repeated washing, the gloss itself will gradually fade.

In this case, first rinse the washed clothes in clean water, then add a few drops of acetic acid or vinegar in the water. The amount depends on the amount of clothes. After mixing evenly, soak the clothes, it will restore excellentluster.

  5, when washing woolen clothes, you can use a basin of water, add a small amount of ammonia water, soak a clean white cloth in the solution, then wring it, put it on the woolen clothes, iron with iron.

In this way, the old woolen clothes can not only remove the wrinkles, but also turn old and new.

The dishes are not lacking in nutrition.

The dishes are not lacking in nutrition.

According to reports, most of the primary and middle school students are currently dining at school at noon. Apart from the objective factors that are difficult to manage in the school canteens that are partially contracted to others, the picky eaters are the “culprits” that lead to their nutritional imbalance.

Moreover, even nutritionists can make a reasonable package for students. Sometimes students can order their own food. At this time, what is eaten is ultimately the personal choice of the children.

Therefore, how to guide them with nutritious food has become a top priority.

  Recommended reason: A few days ago, there were media reports that due to excessive students’ picky eating habits, the nutrition was not balanced. Therefore, CPPCC members suggested that public boarding schools should be equipped with professional dietitians.

Throughout the primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou, there are only a handful of examples of dietician-sponsored packages for students. In this case, how should parents guide their children to pair with nutritious foods, how to eat lunch for children as early as possibleInsufficient nutrition?

And listen to the dietitian for your answer.

  Guiding dietitian: Zhang Ling’s guidance: The principle of nutritious meal is balanced, and the seven nutrients can not be less. The simplest method of operation is to make the dishes of the day different.

  Teach children to have their own meals: the dishes are eaten by the wheel. According to reports, most of the primary and middle school students are going to eat at school at noon. Apart from the objective factors that are difficult to manage in the school canteens that are partially contracted to others, the students are picky eaters.The “culprits” that lead to their nutritional imbalance.
Moreover, even nutritionists can make a reasonable package for students. Sometimes students can order their own food. At this time, what is eaten is ultimately the personal choice of the children.

Therefore, how to guide them with nutritious food has become a top priority.
  Zhang Ling pointed out that in order to make children’s nutrition more balanced, it is necessary to include the seven major nutrients required by the human body, such as minerals, lipids, proteins, vitamins, proteins, water and alternative fibers.

Of course, it is unrealistic and too cumbersome for the children to keep in mind that these seven nutrients are distributed in certain foods, or to supplement the foods that replace certain nutrients according to their actual conditions. Therefore, the simplest operationThe method is to make the dishes of the day different, to eat, and so on, the absorption of nutrition will be more comprehensive.

What’s more, it is quite rich in the dishes of many school canteens.

  Supplementing nutrition for children: comprehensive is the key Zhang Ling suggested parents: In order to supplement the lack of nutrition for children’s lunch outside, families with conditions can “do more work” in the morning and evening.

  The first is rich and nutritious breakfast, cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and milk are indispensable, especially to supplement the intake of cellulose and vitamins.

Bread with soy milk, milk, yogurt or cereal, porridge with steamed buns or steamed buns, or soup powder with greens, a rich and varied breakfast can bring plenty of energy to children.

Also worth mentioning are eggs, which are nutritious and contain at least protein, and the egg yolk lecithin can promote brain development and is very beneficial to the healthy growth of children.

  The first is a light and nutritious dinner, with a vegetarian diet and no nutrition.

The evening’s diet is best based on light, avoid frying, greasy food.

For meat, Zhang Ling suggested that you can choose more soups, steamed, boiled and other cooking methods, and avoid heavy oil and heavy salt.

In addition, sometimes using fruit as a meal is also a good choice.

  Finally, because the child is in the developmental stage, the learning brain consumption is also large, and it is especially important to supplement the high-quality protein and enhance the resistance. At that time, the parents did not hinder the increase of milk, eggs, soybeans, lean meat, etc.

Dean Li Tiehong: This thing is all treasure

Dean Li Tiehong: This thing is all treasure

Today is the first Chinese “Medical Day”. First of all, I wish the national doctors and medical workers a happy holiday!

Healers, to save the wounded and dying, to relieve the pain for the patient, to spread the way of health, to share what they know and learn to the world.

Therefore, today is no exception, continue to introduce health care food for everyone, I hope that every friend who insists on reading my article can benefit here.

Today’s recommendation is; lotus root, “Helian is a treasure, the lotus roots are the most complementary after the autumn”, lotus roots after the autumn should be the delicious food often appear on every family table.

Because the lotus is not only delicious, but also from head to toe, the effect of different parts is also different.

Li Shizhen once commented on it in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The medical doctor takes it for taking food, but he can get sick.”

It can be seen that the effect of lotus root has long been known to the world.

Picture network, then, I will come here for everyone: 1, lotus root: cool blood tonic spleen and phlegm: partial to Shengjinliangxue, thirst for fever, internal abdomen heat has a certain effect:It is suitable for people with poor spleen and stomach digestive function. It is very suitable for people with poor digestive function of spleen and stomach: nutrition, easy to digest, nourishing blood, appetizing effect 2, lotus seed: spleen Yishen lotus seed can spleen and diarrhea, nourishYishen, suitable for people with spleen and stomach weakness, insomnia, palpitations and other symptoms. 3, lotus seed heart: blood pressure lotus heart can help blood pressure, but also heat to fire, soothe the nerves, strong heart, detoxification effect.

4, lotus leaf: lipid-lowering weight loss lotus leaf can relieve heat and dampness, is a good product for weight loss, afraid of heat, people who are prone to heat and constipation can make tea.

Moreover, its efficacy in lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat is also recognized by everyone.

5, the lotus stem: qi stagnation and wet stalk can clear heat, qi, dampness, its overall effect is more effective than lotus leaf.

In the current season, the introduction of the renovation is to everyone, that is, to give friends more health knowledge, to help everyone improve their understanding of health, to pay attention to the way of health, to master the secret of longevity.

Li Tiehong: Dean of the Research Institute of Beijing Sunshine Medical College, special expert of Beijing Zhongren Chinese Medicine Hospital, special expert of Beijing Great Ear and Nose Medicine Institute, and the National “Belt and Road” Confucius Institute was invited as a lecturer of Chinese medicine.

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Can nail fungus be cured?

What are the treatments for onychomycosis?

Can nail fungus be cured?
What are the treatments for onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis is a relatively common dermatological disease. The main site of the disease is nails. You can usually care about your nails. If you find some abnormalities, you should go to the hospital for examination. Because the nails are contagious, everyoneTo get enough awareness.

When it comes to treatment, what are the treatments for onychomycosis?

The treatment of onychomycosis 1, surgical treatment of onychomycosis instead of single-use gray nails, under local anesthesia, the affected nails are removed.

This method is large in wounds, bleeding, and easy to cause infection.

After surgery for the treatment of onychomycosis, it usually feels less painful, easy to re-infect and relapse, and is used as a substitute for clinical replacement.

Patients with onychomycosis such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are not suitable for surgery.

2, drug therapy for the treatment of onychomycosis simply taking some antibacterial drugs to treat onychomycosis, for the onychomycosis has a certain effect and convenience.

However, because these drugs must reach the role of antibacterial drugs on the deck, and the solubility in water is low and slow, and the absorption and metabolism are fast, the treatment of onychomycosis is large, and the administration time is relatively long.

In addition, the oral medicine treatment of the onychomycosis method has a certain substitution, and is easy to repeat after stopping the drug, so it is not suitable as a routine treatment for onychomycosis.

3, exfoliation treatment of onychomycosis in life, the systemic therapy of patients with onychomycosis combined application, in fact, this treatment can be divided into two types, one is chemical method, the other is surgical method, the former is mainly applied urea ointmentSome people also use carbon dioxide laser treatment, cauterization and stripping the deck, and after the healing of the nail bed, the external anti-gypsum agent.

Or use a hole on the deck that touches the hyperkeratotic tissue and apply it outside.

Tips: After this, remind readers and friends that the disease discovery and treatment of onychomycosis must be early, the sooner the treatment of onychomycosis cure rate and treatment effect can be.

Patients and friends should not blindly believe that the treatment of onychomycosis is not the same as prescription drugs.

The benefits of sesame oil for the elderly

The benefits of sesame oil for the elderly

Many elderly people are afraid to eat oil because they are afraid of high blood fat, and the sesame oil has a strong aroma, which can make up for their lack of regrets in the “oil-free meal” and eliminate the little-known special health effects such as softening blood vessels.

  Protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular: Adding vitamin E to sesame oil helps maintain the essence and normal function of cell membrane, reduces the accumulation of lipids in the body, and promotes cell division, softens blood vessels and maintains blood vessel elasticity, thereby protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
At the same time, the lecithin contained in the sesame oil is also very rich, and they are all important components of longevity and anti-aging.

  Promote metabolic metabolism: The sesame oil contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid, which are easily decomposed and absorbed by the human body to promote metabolic metabolism and eliminate deposits on the walls of arterial blood vessels, thereby protecting blood vessels.

  Moisturizing and freckle anti-hair loss: lecithin in sesame oil and moisturizes the skin, and can be freckle, especially to remove age spots.

Middle-aged and elderly people use sesame oil for a long time, and can also prevent hair loss and premature gray hair.

  Increasing appetite promotes nutrient absorption: The sesame oil has a strong aroma, which can increase appetite and promote nutrient absorption for the elderly with weakened digestive function.

The digestion and absorption rate of sesame oil reached 98%.

Tao Hongjing, an ancient healthologist, called it “the best of the eight valleys.”

  It should be pointed out that the sesame oil is rich in oil and fat, providing transient, high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia patients should not eat more, so as not to aggravate the condition.

People with chronic diarrhea should also eat less to avoid aggravating diarrhea.

Counting the six health effects of warm water

Counting the six health effects of warm water

Warm boiled water is naturally cooled to 25-30 hours, or it can be cold boiled water and fresh boiled water. It is very comfortable to drink without hot mouth.

Drinking warm water often can even keep fit, and there are many magical uses.

  After the water is boiled, harmful substances such as chlorine vapor are volatilized, and the essential nutrients of the human body are not lost.

Compared with cool white, warm water is close to body temperature, nutrition is easily absorbed, and more importantly, it does not stimulate the stomach.

  Warm water, clean mouth, warm water, clean, mild, is a benign protective agent, does not stimulate the mouth, throat, rinse with warm water, will feel refreshing and comfortable, so that oral bacteria, food residue is easier to remove.

  Warm water brushing to protect the gums Medical research shows that the optimal temperature for tooth metabolism is 35 temperatures.

If the brushing teeth do not pay attention to the water temperature, it is easy to cause bleeding and contraction of the gums and shorten the life of the teeth.

  Get a cup early, breakfast is good to absorb a cup of warm water in the morning, the water can alternately wash “clean”, help the stomach, liver and kidney shoulders, not only relieve constipation, reduce cerebral thrombosis, the incidence of myocardial infarction, but also helpYou effectively absorb the breakfast.

Therefore, after getting up in the morning, you must remember to drink 1-2 cups (200-400 ml) of warm boiled water.

  Suddenly, rushing to drink warm water is like a tractor, and it has a good “special function” in dredging the esophagus.

  The effect of warming and smashing wine is good for drunken people to drink a few cups of warm water immediately, which can effectively replace alcohol, protect the human liver, and compensate for the large amount of water lost by drunkenness.

  Keep the “stomach” secret in the morning to drink warm water in the morning, the first cup of water to drink warm water, drinking water in the morning can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Get up early in the morning and drink no more than 150 ml on an empty stomach.

Ordinary people drink water in the morning to use boiled water as a good thing, to exclude the addition of salt, such as drinking salt and boiling water to increase the hypertonic dehydration, which makes people dry mouth.

What’s more, the morning is the first peak of the rise in blood pressure in the human body.

People with constipation, drinking honey water is a good choice.

10 tricks to have a happy mood


10 tricks to have a happy mood

When you are not happy or encounter setbacks, sadness, anger, depression, sorrow and other harmful evils will be rampant.

How to actively resolve as soon as possible?

Psychologists recommend measures to you, and you don’t get in the way.


Do more running, turn, sprint, swim and other sports activities.

These activities are one of the effective measures to resolve bad emotions.



Sunlight can improve the condition of depressed patients.


Eat bananas.

Banana contains a substance that helps the human brain produce serotonin, which reduces the secretion of undesirable hormones, making people quiet and happy.


Cry out loud.

Find a place to hide and cry, crying out loud and full.

Japanese psychologists have found that such crying can suppress psychological access to alternative catharsis, while toxins produced by bad emotions can also “cry out”.


Sleep well.

Sleep helps to overcome bad emotions and calm down.

When I wake up, my mood will be much better.


listen to music.

Music can make the brain produce a substance that calms and calms the nerves, but pay attention to choosing the music of the “right way.”


Enjoy the flowers and plants.

The color and smell of flowers and plants have the effect of mediating people’s emotions.


View the mountains and waters.

Green mountains and green waters, Yingge Yan dance, transforming you into a beautiful situation, the mood will be “quickly activated.”


Playing puppets.

Put the puppet on the name or event name of the person who is not comfortable, and then hit it hard.

After that, people are no longer depressed, and the mood will naturally be better.



Showering in the bath can produce a kind of active molecule that calms the nerves. When you are not happy, you may want to wash the shower. After that, you will be relaxed.

10 longevity traits

10 longevity traits

People want to live longer and what are the conditions for longevity?

There are requirements in all aspects of life, diet and psychology. Here, we have specially compiled the top 10 elements of longevity, which is very useful for the elderly.


I feel that I am 13 years younger than my actual age.

  A survey of 500 elderly people over the age of 70 shows that feeling 13 years younger than the actual age is an important factor in longevity.

Jacques Smith, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, said: “Self-feeling young and healthy, will enhance optimism and confidence to overcome difficulties, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the risk of illness.


Keep up with fashion.

  According to a US survey, many centenarians send e-mails, lose friends through Google search, and even date online.

Researchers have pointed out that the latest technology is enough to help the elderly remain intellectually active and contribute to social empowerment.


Menopause begins after the age of 52.

  Multiple studies have shown that menopause naturally means an increase in life expectancy.


Daily intake is low.

  US researchers have found that daily migration is limited to 1400 kcal?
People with 2000 kcal have the same heart function as those younger than 15 years old.


The pulse is 15 seconds 15 times.

  Adult resting heart rate is 60 per minute?
100 times, the less the number of heartbeats, the healthier the body.

Dr. Leslie Cao, director of the Women’s Cardiovascular Center at the Cleveland Clinic, said that a slower heart rate means that the heart does not have to work too hard to complete the task of delivering blood.


Do not fight.

  A 18-year study found that normal people have three times the life expectancy of patients with severe sleep apnea syndrome.


Abdominal diabetes after menopause.

  According to a study by the American Institute of Aging, women with excessive waists are at a 20% higher risk of death than the average person.


High levels of vitamin D in the blood.

  The vitamin D content per milliliter of blood should be kept at least 30 micrograms.

Vitamin D not only reduces osteoporosis, but also reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and infectious diseases.


Run for 40 minutes a day.

  Tracking by California scientists after a 21-year follow-up survey of runners and non-runners: middle-aged people have 40 minutes of life and a shorter cognitive life.


Cheerful personality.

  A recent Swedish study shows that people with a cheerful personality are about 50% less likely to suffer from dementia and are less susceptible to external stress.

This is related to the low level of cortisol in their brains.
There are a variety of measures to reduce the level of leather alcohol, such as regular meditation, drinking black tea, taking a nap.

Don’t worry about liver disease, insist on doing a simple movement every day, the liver can repair itself!

Don’t worry about liver disease, insist on doing a simple movement every day, the liver can repair itself!

Don’t worry about liver disease, insist on doing a simple movement every day, the liver can repair itself!
Rotating the eyeball The liver and the eye are connected. The liver is the main blood collector and the liver is the main subject. Therefore, the liver can be raised first.

A large object can be fixed in the distance as a target.

From left to top to right and then back to the left, complete a big circle.

Remember to keep your head in the eye and move it 10 times, then turn it 10 times in the opposite direction to effectively clear your eyes and improve your eyesight.

People with poor liver can make a cup of liver tea every day. Long-term combination can lead to good liver and liver protection.

Ingredients: cassia seed, chicory, dandelion, fresh white root, cockroach practice: take cassia, 5 grams of chicory.

The remaining 3 grams were soaked in Jianshui.

Efficacy: In this side, cassia seed clears heat and clear eyes, moisturizes bowel movement; chicory clears liver and gallbladder, stomach and digestion, diuretic swelling; dandelion detoxification, swelling and dispersing, diuretic Tonglin; fresh Rhizoma Imperata heat and fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding; 枸杞 nourishing liver and kidney, Yi Jing Mingmu.

Several materials can be used to nourish the liver and improve eyesight, prevent liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, and prevent alcohol in drinking alcohol.

Old people’s winter and winter five diseases

Old people’s winter and winter “five diseases”

The cold winter has already arrived, and the temperature is getting colder. For the elderly who have reduced body function and weakened disease resistance, if they don’t pay attention, they will relapse or add new diseases, and some may even endanger life.
Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to the prevention of the following five diseases during the winter season.
  Anti-stomach disease: In the winter season, the human body is stimulated by cold, the histamine in the blood increases, the gastric acid secretion is strong, the gastrointestinal tract is contracted, and the body’s disease resistance and adaptability are also reduced. Therefore, the elderly with stomach disease are easy in winter.The old disease recurred, and even caused serious complications such as gastric bleeding and gastric perforation.
Therefore, the elderly in winter should pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach. It is better to choose soft, light and easy to digest foods, and to eat less and eat more meals, avoid eating cold, quit smoking and alcohol, actively participate in physical exercise, and improve the stomach.Intestinal blood circulation, reducing the chance of stomach disease.
  Anti-cold: colds in the elderly are common and frequently-occurring diseases in the cold winter season. It is not a big problem to say that the disease is not serious, but if the treatment is not timely, it is easy to induce a variety of life-threatening complications such as pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease, asthma andChronic bronchitis and so on.
According to reports, the mortality rate of lung infection in the elderly is as high as 36%.
Therefore, in the cold winter season, the elderly should pay attention to strengthen cold-resistant exercise, conditioning good diet, it is best to wash your face with cold water every day, wash your feet with hot water to improve immunity, enhance disease resistance and prevent colds.
  Anti-stroke: According to the data, about 70% of stroke patients are more likely to develop in winter, so they are called “epidemic epidemics in winter” by experts.
Why is there a good stroke in winter?
This is because the winter temperature is low, the body’s capillary contraction after cold stimulation, the peripheral resistance of the blood circulation is increased, the left ventricle and brain load are aggravated, causing blood pressure to rise, promoting thrombosis, leading to stroke.
The onset of stroke is rapid, the progress is fast, and the mortality rate is high. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of prevention of stroke in the cold winter season.
Anti-stroke must first treat hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other primary diseases, followed by timely detection of aura symptoms, such as sudden dizziness, severe headache, blurred vision, limb numbness, etc.Send to the hospital for treatment.
  Anti-myocardial infarction: cold winter is the peak of myocardial infarction. This is because the human body is stimulated by cold, the blood vessels contract, the blood fibrinogen increases, the blood viscosity increases, and thrombus is easily formed, which leads to myocardial ischemia and hypoxia.Angina pectoris, severe myocardial infarction.
Therefore, the elderly should strengthen outdoor physical exercise in the cold winter season, pay attention to cold and warm, room temperature is best controlled at 15 ° C -18 ° C, to prevent cold and evil invasion, induce new diseases.
Under the guidance of a doctor, thrombolytic drugs can be used to reduce lipids, expand blood vessels, and prevent and treat myocardial ischemia and hypoxia.
  Anti-itching: Degenerative skin atrophy in the elderly, sebaceous gland function is reduced, it is easy to produce skin itching in cold and dry climate, the disease is often aggravated at night, often making it difficult for people to sleep.
Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to diet conditioning during the cold winter season, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and soy products, fasting peppers, garlic and other irritating foods, or use traditional Chinese medicine to nourish blood, moisturize and relieve itching, such as black sesame seeds., Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and Qi Di Huang Wan.