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Out of the maze of too soft

Out of the maze of “too soft”

Ms. Ma is enthusiastic and helpful, and is even more happy with her husband.
However, in recent years, her husband has been suffering from alcoholism and is often drunk. Sometimes, she even speaks ill of her, even adding fists.
Friends and family advised her to divorce, but she was always unable to make up her mind because she was “too soft”.
Even so, the husband did not have the slightest intention of repentance, and his bad habits remained the same.
She said that she was suffering and had suicidal heart.
  Zhang Lin has many younger siblings, and some are still in the countryside.
For his brother and sister, he had to postpone the marriage period again and again, until several brothers and sisters’ work and study were “properly” resolved with his help.
However, the younger brothers and sisters still looked for him for three days and two days. Today, he said that the job is not suitable, and I hope to help find another ideal job. Tomorrow, he said that the teaching method in the school is not suitable for him, and he asked him to help change the school.
This life caused his wife’s dissatisfaction, saying that he always liked to be the protector of his brother and sister, so that his brother and sister gradually developed the habit of dependence.
For this reason, he often quarrels with his wife. He is confused and says, “In addition to my family who can help them, who else can help them, do I just stop helping my siblings?
Psychological needs of those with “soft hearts” There are many similarities between these two people: those who are considered by others or themselves to be “soft hearts” are often roles that people need.
They cannot realize that they are caring for their psychological needs with the love and care given to others, and are proud of all their “dedication”.
Therefore, when they are not grateful or accused by others afterwards, they will complain in their hearts that the serious ones will even murder the objects (such as lovers or husbands and wives) who are most engaged in their emotions and cannot continue to manipulate them.
If they suppress this resentment for a long time, they will most likely become patients with physical and mental illness.
  Many psychological experts at home and abroad have analyzed the mentality of “too soft-hearted” people, thinking that they have an excessive tendency to rely on personality, but they always think that they are the object of others’ dependence.
People with this personality tendency are usually related to childhood life experiences.
In childhood, they are often the boss of the family, and they always play the role of “little father” or “little mother” among many siblings.
Therefore, in their young minds, only with this kind of care and help for their siblings and behaviors can they adapt to their family environment and get praise from their parents.
Their basic desire is to be loved, and the most basic fear is to be afraid of being rejected.
Therefore, they often feel that “I always care about others and try my best to love others, but often I don’t get the understanding and love of others.
弱 Weakness of character of “too soft” Weakness of character of emotional dependence is most easily manifested in intimate relationships.
They often choose their spouses carelessly and fall in love with people who are “not so well matched”. Despite their dissatisfaction, they still cannot extricate themselves, and believe that they are “infatuated” and “too soft”.
  Because their personality tends to be emotionally dependent, they usually regard their “love” as the highest realm of life, manifested as overzealous, overly friendly, and full of goodwill in everything.
Always pay great attention and approval to others, even flattery.
They want to get people to rely on them and feel they are indispensable.
They do things for others, they don’t care what is the most beneficial to others, and often make others feel a sense of debt.
They will create other people’s various needs for them, and they will overwhelm the needs and needs of others. They will rely on others to feel attached to their own debt.
Therefore, their pain is caused by excessive care and care for others.
  Some people who are “too soft-hearted” gradually become depressed and angry when they do not get the expected return, and eventually make themselves victims of physical and mental illness.
Although they have undergone various tests, the results are not harmful, but they will insist that they are seriously ill and seek medical treatments everywhere. In the subconscious, they always want to see others to pay attention to themselves and get more love in return.
  In marital relationships, people who have a tendency to become emotionally dependent often become “sacrifice” and take care of their spouses as pets, resulting in excessive dependence on spouse life.
But sometimes, they also become angry because of the overreliance of each other, causing conflicts between spouses.
In the parent-child relationship, they take too much care and doting of their children, even autocracy, do not allow children to have their own opinions, adversely affect the child’s personality development, and often cultivate children with poor independent living skills and children with dependent personality disorders.
  Improve your insights and defeat yourself Some love can be suffocating.
Therefore, “love” sometimes causes harm.
Many marriage troubles and pains are caused by ignorance of others or of themselves.
Although our subconscious is affected by childhood life experience and genetic factors, we can explore ways of psychological behavior to avoid being harmed by inappropriate behavior due to lack of self-awareness.
Therefore, when you are in a psychological conflict or have a feeling of resentment, you need to be aware of your motives consciously, and understand whether your motives are mixed with some psychological factors that are not easy to detect.Although your starting point in consciousness is usually well-intentioned, you may still hide different needs and ego deep in your heart.

Therefore, looking back on yourself, the love that is usually given to others is still suitable for others, is it the real needs of others, or I hope that others always have a grateful heart for themselves, and want to get more attention and love from them.

Otherwise, you become a controller who both loves and hates, and no one is willing to live in your control forever.

  If the love in your heart is sincere, believe that true love will never run out.

True love involves knowing how to keep others independent, preventing unconscious control of others’ behaviors, and giving others the opportunity to express their opinions.

In this way, you and his talents may show true self.

  By understanding the causes of your own desires, fears, and even anger, and exploring the true meaning behind your own behavior, you will be able to perceive some alternative psychological factors in your personality, avoid conflicts with others or your own heart, and consciously cause distress, renewedRebuilding a healthy self.

Not easy to sunburn in the morning after sun


Not easy to sunburn in the morning after sun

In summer, girls who are afraid of hurting their skin have prepared umbrellas, sunglasses, and sunscreen as early as possible.

Absolutely in the morning, in the evening, or in rainy or cloudy days, in order not to be sunburned, sternly arm yourself to the end.

However, the reporter recently learned from the Department of Dermatology of Beijing Hospital that in the cloudy and intensified ultraviolet radiation, the sun in the morning and evening has a positive meaning for people’s skin health.

  The most appropriate time is early in the morning and in the evening, experts suggest that strengthening the skin’s tolerance to sunlight is an important measure to protect skin health.

Choosing a moderate amount of sunlight in the morning and evening when the sunlight is not too strong can not only enhance the skin’s adaptability, but also prevent the skin from getting excessive sunburn and tanning in summer.

  Some people don’t even get out of the door when they hear that ultraviolet rays are also present in the rainy sky.

Will skin be healthy by hiding in the room?

According to Dr. Feng Heping from the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Hospital, summer solar dermatitis caused by poor skin tolerance to light is common.

At present, many people spend much more time working in office buildings than outdoor activities, and their skin’s ability to withstand sunlight is correspondingly weakened, which is why some fair-skinned people are particularly vulnerable to sunburn.

  Therefore, strengthening the skin’s tolerance to sunlight is an important issue in shaping healthy skin.

And if you want to enhance the skin’s ability to adapt, and prevent the skin from sunburn and tan in the summer, you should choose the appropriate time.

Most suitable are those in the early morning and evening when the sun is not too strong.

  Prolonged sun exposure The skin is dry, but prolonged unprotected sunlight can also cause chronic skin damage.

For example, the skin of seafarers, geological survey workers, farmers, athletes, etc. in long-term sun exposure areas, such as the face, neck, thoracic triangle area, exposed parts of the limbs, etc., is often significantly dry, rough, desquamation, pigmentation, atrophy, shrinkage, wrinklesIncrease and lose elasticity.

Some people have hypertrophic skin at the back of the neck, with deep skin lines that form diamond-shaped skin at the neck.

Prolonged intense sun exposure will cause diffuse erythema on the exposed skin.

It is bright red at first and gradually dark red later, and may have burning or stinging sensation.

Lighter 2 to 3 short-term desquamation, leaving brown pigment calm and healed.

Severe skin swelling or blisters may occur.

Therefore, care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight in the sun and from 10 am to 4 pm.

  Externally applied fruits and vegetables are not as effective as nutrition. Today, nutrients and externally applied fruits and vegetables are popular. Girls who love beauty must think that these have a great effect on sun protection and blackening. In fact, their effects are not as obvious as they thought.

According to Dr. Feng, the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from the outside is not very strong. From a health perspective, eat less stimulating food, eat more light food, maintain good rest habits, ensure sleep, and clean the skin.Skin care is more important.

  In summer, due to the hot weather, the metabolism in the human body is stronger than usual, causing a lot of perspiration in the human body, so the skin’s oil secretion will be more, which is very detrimental to skin health, and some skin diseases occur.

At this time, in addition to maintaining the necessary amount of drinking water every day, you should also wash frequently. After the skin is burned by the sun, you should not use hot water for showering, but you should wash it with warm and cold water.

  Diet should pay attention to avoid spicy food, but to add fresh, light food.

Citrus, tomatoes, gherkins are all excellent beauty foods.

At the same time, crude fiber food can help the body eliminate waste, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the human body, and the transformation does not produce transformation and traces.

  People with white and dry skin are more sensitive to sunlight. Doctor Feng from Beijing Hospital’s Dermatology Department said that people with white and dry skin are more sensitive to sunlight than people with oily and dark skin.

In addition, certain diseases cause or worsen the condition after sun exposure.

The most obvious is lupus erythematosus.

30% of patients with lupus erythematosus are sensitive to sunlight.

These patients should avoid the sun as much as possible. They should use sunscreen, umbrellas or wide-brimmed hats, wear light-colored long-sleeved tops and trousers when going out, and avoid taking photosensitivity drugs.

  According to reports, the principle of sunscreen products is very simple, generally divided into two types of chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen.

Chemical sunscreen uses the characteristics of its molecule to absorb ultraviolet light, and most sunscreen products fall into this category.

Physical sun protection uses opaque powder to cover the skin to form a protective film, so that ultraviolet rays are scattered or reflected.

Multiple sun protection works better, you can use sun umbrella and sunscreen at the same time, which is more secure and safe.

  Oily skin should choose penetrating skin sunscreen; dry skin should choose cream-like sunscreen; neutral skin is generally not strictly regulated, and emulsion sunscreen is suitable for various skins.

Chemical sunscreen is more refreshing, but it may cause skin irritation; physical sunscreen products become mild, but dense.People with oily skin should use chemical sunscreens, and those with sensitive skin should use physical sunscreens.

Three foods detoxify the skin every week_1

Three foods detoxify the skin every week

The pace of life is accelerating, air pollution is serious, and there is not enough rest. You are not facing the problem of dull complexion and lack of luster. Today I will teach you a few tricks to let you get rid of the dull complexion.

  The salt honey detoxification method is becoming more and more serious through environmental pollution, and modern people are becoming more and more healthy.

Experts point out that only by removing harmful substances and excess nutrients in the body and keeping the internal organs and the body clean, can the body be kept fit.

Here we recommend you natural and economical detox food.

  Table salt has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. In fact, its detoxifying effect is also unique.

  If you have oily skin poisoning, try mixing a small spoon of salt with honey, apply it on your face and gently massage for five minutes, then wash it off with water.

Salt has a deep cleansing effect on the skin’s pores, while honey water can replenish skin nutrition in a timely manner, once a day in the morning and evening, to help remove skin toxins.

  Cucumber has obvious heat-relief and detoxification effects, and has the functions of refreshing and quenching thirst, and is also known as cucumber, courgette, and prickly pear. It is native to India.

Modern medicine believes that cucumber is rich in protein, sugars, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. At the same time, cucumber also contains propionate, cucurbitacin, softFine fiber and other ingredients are rare detox foods.

  The citric acid contained in cucumber can promote the body’s metabolism and expel toxins.

The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon, which can whiten the skin, maintain skin elasticity, and inhibit the formation of melanin.

Cucumber also inhibits the conversion of sugars into feces, which is very beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system.

In summer, it is easy to get irritable, thirsty, sore throat or phlegm. Eating cucumber can help resolve fermentation.

  Litchi is warm and fragrant, refreshing and nourishing, filling essence and filling liquid, removing odor and pain, sweetness, sourness, warming the spleen and liver, replenishing spleen and thirst, detoxifying and reducing diarrhea.

Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Eat lychee, supplementing brain fitness .” “Portable Diet Chart” records: “Litchi is sweet and warm, sacred and nourishing, filling essence and filling liquid, eliminating odor and pain, and nourishesCamp, nourishing liver and blood, fruit in China and the United States, fresh ones are particularly preferred.

“Modern medicine believes that litchi contains vitamins A, B1, and C, as well as pectin, free amino acids, proteins, and iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Modern medical research proves that lychee has the effect of nourishing the kidney, improving liver function, accelerating the elimination of toxins, promoting the generation of cells, and making the skin tender and so on. It is an ideal fruit for detoxification and beauty.

Women eat blood to eat more black beans

Women eat blood to eat more black beans

Studies suggest that black beans have high protein and low conversion characteristics.

The protein content of black beans is as high as 36% -40%, which is equivalent to 2 times that of meat, 3 times that of eggs, and 12 times that of milk; black beans contain 18 amino acids, especially 8 amino acids essential for humans.

  Black beans also contain 19 kinds of oleic acid, whose unsaturated fatty acid content is 80%, and the absorption rate is over 95%. In addition to meeting the needs of the body for aunts, it also has a role in lowering blood cholesterol.

  Black beans basically don’t give up cholesterol. They only contain phytosterols, but phytosterols are not absorbed and used by the human body, and they also have the effect of inhibiting the absorption of the human body and reducing the cholesterol content in the blood.

Therefore, regular consumption of black beans can soften blood vessels, moisturize the skin, and delay aging.

It is especially beneficial for patients with hypertension and hypertension.

  The content of trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and fluorine in black beans is very high, and these trace elements are very important to delay human aging and reduce blood viscosity.

The content of crude fiber in black beans is as high as 4%, and regular consumption of black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion, and prevent constipation.

  Many female friends have anemia, and blood-supply food is generally warm, so many people are afraid to eat it.

Now it’s winter, and you can safely replenish blood.

  Here we recommend a recipe for nourishing blood, that is, use black beans, red dates, 30 grams each and 100 grams of glutinous rice to cook porridge together, it is best to add some brown sugar, and finish serving one day.

Chinese medicine believes that black beans with red dates have the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, and this prescription is particularly suitable for those with iron deficiency anemia.

In addition, lamb liver and spinach soup, and spinach and egg soup are also good iron supplements.

Because iron deficiency anemia patients often have picky eating habits, partial eating habits and other habits, it is also important to correct unreasonable eating habits.

What is going on with drooling, the original is that they are at work!

What is going on with drooling, the original is that they are at work!

With the increase of life pressure and the accelerated pace of social life, the quality of sleep for many people is not guaranteed.

Many people have found a lot of saliva after waking up because of sleeping posture, etc., but the problem of drooling and sleeping at the same time may be caused by other factors.

Reasons for sleeping drooling 1. Excessive excitement = Sometimes physical fatigue or excessive brain use may cause neurological disorders for these reasons, so the brain may make mistakes during sleep, causing excessive saliva and drooling.

The situation should start from adjusting the life and eating habits, avoid overeating or peristalsis, and pay attention to rest.

Usually you can eat more glutinous rice, lotus seeds, yam, lentils, carrots, mushrooms, jujube and so on.

2, poor oral hygiene If the teeth and the surface of the teeth have food residue or carbohydrate accumulation, it is easy to cause bacteria to breed in the mouth, thereby stimulating saliva secretion, causing sleep drooling, causing bad breath, so click on the blue word to understand bad breath treatment: Mouth is bad, always smell bad breath, how to do 4 big tricks to help you to eliminate bad breath 3, tooth deformity = front teeth protruding more prominently, the lips are difficult to completely cover the front teeth when sleeping, often open lips and teeth,Easy to sleep drooling.

4 sleeping posture is not the reason for sleeping drooling may also be caused by the sleeping posture is not right, lying on the table to sleep or sleep on the side and other reasons.

5, drug factors In addition, one of the side effects of taking some anti-epileptic drugs is drooling, you need to pay attention when choosing drugs.

6, the regulation of salivary secretion of neuromodulation disorders is completely neuroreflexive, neuromodulation disorders, the head of the brain sends out an error signal, causing increased salivary secretion.

In addition, the ankle is easily compressed due to an incorrect sleeping position, and it is easy to drool when the lips cannot be closed.

Preventing drooling by keeping your mouth clean should develop the habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening. Pay attention to mouthwash after meals to ensure the cleanliness of the mouth, prevent the accumulation of food residues in the mouth, increase the secretion of saliva, and cause sleep flow.Saliva.
For the treatment of oral diseases, whether it has dental caries, periodontitis, gingivitis, herpetic stomatitis, oral ulcers and other oral diseases, it is necessary to actively go to the dental hospital for examination and treatment to eliminate oral diseases and relieve the symptoms of drooling.

Keep a good sleeping position While sleeping, try not to sleep, try to lie as much as possible, maintain a good sleeping position, minimize the bad stimulation to the mouth, and ease the occurrence of drooling.

Pay attention to scientific and reasonable diet, pay attention to not to fall asleep immediately after eating, to have proper activities after meals, and then go to bed.

Pay attention to prevent and control the food intake of dinner, do not eat too much, and try to eat less greasy, non-digestible food.

In fact, sleeping drooling is something that everyone has experienced, but if you slumber often, it still has a little impact. If you want to solve this problem, don’t hinder the above method!