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Why do older people get angry

Why do older people “get angry”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the elderly are weak in righteousness, and various diseases easily invade the body.
Elderly people are prone to yin deficiency, yin deficiency is hot, and the fire is rising.
  Elderly people often have red eyes, swelling and pain, sore throat, swollen gums, mouth ulcers, and erosion of the tongue tip.
The medicine of the motherland is called “flaming inflammation”, and it is given different names according to different clinical manifestations.
For example, redness and pain in the eyes are called “liver fire”, sore throat and pain in the throat are called “lung fire”, gingival swelling and pain are called “stomach fire”, sore tongue is called “heart fire”, and so on.
  Why do older people “get angry” easily?
The motherland medicine believes that the physical reason is the first.
The elderly are weak in righteousness, and various diseases easily invade the body.
Second, the elderly are prone to yin deficiency, yin deficiency and fire, and the fire rises.
Therefore, the “fire” of the elderly is often caused by “virtual fire” and “real fire”, which affect each other, cause each other to cause and effect, form a vicious circle, and the treatment is quite difficult.
Third, the reasons for eating and living habits, such as the poor taste of the elderly, like to eat fried, scorched or spicy food, and these foods stagnate in the gastrointestinal tract, easy to heat the fire.
In addition, the teeth of the elderly have poor chewing function, prefer to eat fine foods, and consume too little fiber: coupled with the intestinal peristalsis of the elderly, the secretion of glands is reduced, which can easily lead to constipation.Deficiency of virtual fluid, “waterless boating”, is a common manifestation of dryness in virtual fire.
  The elderly must insist on appropriate physical exercise to strengthen their physique and improve their immunity and resistance. This is the key to preventing “getting angry”.
At the same time, we must pay attention to personal hygiene, develop good living hygiene habits, and reduce the chance of various infections.
If you do not rub your eyes with your hands, actively prevent trachoma; those with dental problems should pay attention to oral cleanliness, insist on brushing their teeth sooner or later, and gargle after meals.
Eat a light diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and less fried, grilled and smoked foods. Try to avoid excessive use of spicy and thick condiments such as ginger, shallots, peppers, peppers, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, etc.Wait.
Tofu can clear fire and is easy to digest, so you can eat more.
Elderly people who are prone to constipation should eat more fiber-rich foods, adhere to abdominal breathing exercises or abdominal massage, and develop the habit of regular bowel movements. If necessary, they can take Chinese medicine such as honey or hemp for a short time.
  Most of the elderly are yin deficiency and fire, and under the guidance of a doctor, they can take some Chinese medicines such as Liuwei Dihuang Wan and Zhibai Dihuang Pills, which have a certain effect on preventing the elderly from getting angry.

Miraculous Yoga makes women reshape the golden body line

Miraculous Yoga makes women reshape the golden body line

Recipes for waist, chest, and ankle weight loss: 1.

Spread your legs horizontally, slightly apart from the longer width.


Turn left foot 90 degrees and right foot about 30 degrees.


Spread the two plains aside.


Inhale, exhale, and slowly lean to the left.


The two bones and the retina are in a straight line, eyes looking at the thumb.

  Function: Strengthen the function of liver and gallbladder, and correct skewed spine and tibia, pelvis and other parts.

Can effectively remove excess meat on the waist, chest, calf, toes.

  Abdominal Weight Loss Recipe Practice: 1.

With your legs forward, your big toes should come together.


Straighten your waist, inhale, and both stretch forward.


Exhale and bend your upper body forward so that your forehead or jaw rests on your leg, holding your toes with both hands.

  Role: Extend the back end, shrink the abdomen, and reduce excess meat.

  Weight loss recipes to eliminate puffiness and lower limb obesity: 1.

Sit on the ground, bending and bending your feet toward your body.


Open your thighs and press the soles of your two feet together.


Hold your hands together and hold your feet tightly to erect your spine.


Exhale and slowly bend your upper body forward.


Inhale, gradually lift the upper body in order of head, chest, and abdomen.

  Role: Stimulate the pelvis, abdomen, and maintain the health of the kidneys, prostate, and bladder. It can relieve pain for patients with urinary system.

It can treat sciatica and also help to regulate the periodic phenomenon of women’s physiological cycle.

Simple body shaping exercise

Simple body shaping exercise

Everyone understands that movement is effective only if it is persisted, but it is not easy for those who are involved in official affairs and busy at work.

The author deliberately gathered a pair of exercises that are not very demanding on the sports field and the movement is not difficult. The most convenient exercise is to allow your bodybuilding exercise to be performed anytime and anywhere.

  TOP1 Waking up in the morning with the pillow resting on your back, stretching your hands back and squeezing your body.

This action is a bit like lazy waist extension. It can make the human body naturally form a posture of raising hands, ribs pulling up, chest expansion, deep breathing posture, which leads to strengthening of diaphragm muscle activity, triggering a lot of muscle contraction of the body, thereby achieving the purpose of accelerating blood circulation and clearing the mind.

  TOP2 chest extension exercise during dressing.

Hold your hands behind your back, straighten your chest while straightening.

This action has the effect of contracting and expanding the chest and softening the rear end.

This has special effects on preventing breast cancer from sagging.

If you are a middle-aged woman and have the heart to improve your body shape, you should always do this exercise to strengthen the humerus.

  TOP3 Tooth movement when you go to the toilet. At this time, you are also idle. It is better to do tooth movement to change the dilatation of blood vessels in the periodontal ligament, improve local blood circulation, thereby fixing the gums and reducing the possibility of dental diseases.

At the same time, cavities increase oral saliva secretion and help digestion.

Long-term adherence can make your body better.

  TOP4 Anal Lifting Exercises When Brushing Teeth Every morning and evening, stick to anal lifting exercises.

The specific method is: lift the anus during inhalation, close the abdomen like a stool, and slowly relax the anus during exhalation, and do it 20-30 times.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that anal levitation exercises can enhance qi and lift viscera, thereby strengthening qi and blood yin and yang. In addition to preventing constipation and hemorrhoids, it can have effects on improving visceral sagging and using functional disorders.

  TOP5 Do not sit on a stool while bending your knees when you go out. Instead, bend your knees and wear shoes and laces while squatting.

Although this action is small, it can stimulate the movement of the calf and foot replacement.

This way you will feel the leg muscles working hard.

If you consciously do more knees and squats, you can also increase the vitality of the heart and improve the dizziness caused by changes in body position.

  TOP6 flapping the body in the office during leisure. When sitting in the office for a long time, don’t forget to get up and flap the body.

If you’re too lazy to sit on a chair in your office and don’t even want to stand up, consider throwing your hands in place and slapping parts of your body.

Tap is a good self-massage, which can vibrate the meridians and organs inside the body, relax it and avoid cervical and lumbar spine diseases caused by stiffness and numbness of the limbs.

  TOP7 When you watch the TV, you can turn your eyeballs. When you watch TV commercials, you can seize the time to do eyeball movements.

Exercise should pay attention to details, including movement to your eyes. During the day, we must pay attention to the computer work. At night, staring at the TV, your eyes have not rested.

Let your eyes do 10 minutes of exercise while advertising time. Roll your eyes a few times to relax your eye muscles and relieve fatigue.

The Twelve Principles of Yoga Meditation

The Twelve Principles of Yoga Meditation

Yoga is not just “thinking” in one place, but requires “principle”.
Here are a brief introduction to the twelve principles and precautions of yoga meditation.
Choose a special place to practice, this will help you find a sense of tranquility and easy access to yoga meditation.
Choose a fixed time-early morning and evening is ideal.
Use the same time and place to relax and calm down faster.
After sitting down, keep your back, neck and head on the same line, facing north or east.
Keep your body warm during meditation (you can wrap your body in blankets when it’s cold) and guide your consciousness to stay calm.
Keep your breathing on a regular basis-take a deep breath for 5 minutes, then let your breath calm down.
Create a rhythmic breathing structure-inhale 3 copies and exhale 3 seconds.
When your consciousness begins to drift, don’t care too much and don’t force yourself to settle down.
After calming down, let the consciousness rest on a fixed target, either on the eyebrow or the heart.
Use your chosen meditation technique to get into meditation.
Until a very pure state of meditation arrives, do not force and let the free state continue to exist naturally.
After a period of practice, the free state of mind will slowly spread and eventually enter pure Samadhi (the state of highest consciousness).
  Before entering the formal meditation phase, you should also pay attention to the following points: Choose a posture that you feel comfortable and relaxed to practice, if possible, use the lotus position; but if you cannot do this, you can choose simpleSit and practice.
Correct and stable sitting is the key to the success of meditation, because unstable posture can make the mind and consciousness unstable.
  Try not to eat before meditating, as this will affect your concentration.
  Start by trying to meditate once a day, but you can increase it to twice a day later.
Meditation time slowly increases from 5 minutes to 20 minutes or longer, but don’t force yourself to sit still for a long time.
  If you feel uncomfortable practicing a few times with one meditation method, then you can give up this method and choose another method that is more suitable for you.
  Don’t rush into success, don’t expect to achieve the desired results in a short time.

Poor breathability of boots is prone to beriberi

Poor breathability of boots is prone to beriberi

The boots were poorly permeable and easily infected with athlete’s foot. After the weather became cold, Xiaoling almost stayed with her boots every day. Until recently, her feet peeled and itching was uncomfortable. She went to the hospital’s dermatologist to see a doctor. The doctor said she had beriberi.

The doctor explained that athlete’s foot is a prevention of infection, and fungi like a warm, targeted environment.

However, high boots have poor air permeability, and the water emitted from the feet cannot be dissipated in time after walking, thereby providing a good growth and reproduction environment for anaerobic bacteria and molds, which is prone to beriberi.

Experts believe that the best way is to give your boots more sun.

Wear cotton socks with good sweat absorption function to reduce the accumulation of sweat on the soles and toes, so as not to give the powder a chance to breed.

Once infected, you can choose to apply the ointment for the infection under the guidance of a doctor.

Boots that are too tight are prone to frostbite. Frostbite occurs in people who are in a low temperature environment for a long period of time. People with poor peripheral blood circulation, especially children, young women and the catering service industry, are particularly vulnerable to frostbite.

Women, especially young women, have relatively poor blood circulation. In winter, they like to wear short skirts, boots and tights, and some beautiful women are willing to match breeches, leggings, jeans, etc., worsening poor blood circulation, the entire legThe ministry is more sensitive to cold responses, so the vicious cycle continues, and it becomes a high-risk group favored by frostbite.

For those with sweaty feet, wearing boots should be more airy and airy than other types of shoes.

Boots should not be worn for long. Changing ordinary winter shoes for about two days can improve blood circulation in the legs and prevent frostbite.

Coping style 1 of wearing boots. If some women are prone to athlete’s foot, they should refuse to wear boots and choose suitable shoes. Don’t wear too small or too tight.

Before going to bed at night, wash your feet with hot water and massage appropriately to promote blood circulation and fully prevent beriberi.

2. When there is numbness and pain in the feet, you should put on comfortable shoes in time, try not to wear boots for one to two weeks, and generally recover by yourself.

If symptoms persist, you can choose to go to the hospital for some treatment.

3. Many boots are high-heeled, which can cause eversion of the big toe.

In the early days, self-traction or tools can be used to help recovery. Correction of toe correction equipment at night will have a certain effect.

4, some women will cause frostbite because of wearing boots, at this time should avoid wearing long boots.

If you have to wear it, you should replace ordinary shoes in about two days to improve blood circulation on your feet and effectively prevent frostbite.


Shebin shapes S-type youth for himself

Shebin shapes S-type youth for himself

No matter what age you are, you will never refuse to be beautiful, but the years are ruthless, you can only open your eyes in front of the mirror and watch the youthful torso body disappear every day: the legs are not straight, the lower abdomen is protruding, and the waist is thickNow, the back is also camel, hey!

Before “Shebin”, we could only lament the change of face. Now with “Shebin”, we can let our youth go slowly.

  What is Shebin?

Shebin, or shaping, translated into Chinese as “physical sculpture”, or “physical movement”, is the result of joint research by former Soviet sports experts with many scientific (such as computer, nutrition, aesthetics, and beauty) experts and dance artists.

  Woman asks Shebin for beauty.

At Shebin Gym, you will get scientific training.

The first is physical computer evaluation, and find the differences between the best models in your category, then train and nurse under the guidance of the coach, and finally reach the perfect state of health, confidence and elegance.

  Coach Shebin introduces you to the shaping method of legs, waist, lower abdomen and back: 1 lying on the front side of the thigh on the mat, keeping the body straight, standing waist, lifting the left leg to bend, thigh and calf 90 degrees, straight legfall.

Raise the knees and knees straight for the second time, stretch your toes, and make your legs perpendicular to the ground. This action needs to be repeated continuously.

  2 The back of the thigh is supported on the pad, the arms and legs are perpendicular to the ground, the left leg is raised parallel to the tibia, and the lower leg of the bent leg is not moved, so that the heel kicks into the tibia.

  3 Bend the thighs to lie on the side to keep the body in a straight line, stand up waist, bend the left leg to the back of the right leg, and straighten the right leg upside down.

  4 On the lateral side of the thigh, the arm supports the head, keeps the body straight, lifts the legs, pay attention to the leg joints, and the toes are higher than the knee joints.

  5 chests 1.

Kneeling on the pad, arms and legs are perpendicular to the ground, bent legs swing up and down at 90 degrees.


Support your elbows and knees on the ground, lift your legs to align, and drop your straight legs.

2 The action is repeated several times.

  6 side waist extension, feet separated with shoulder width, holding sticks on the shoulders with both hands, straight out the right leg point, while leaning the right shoulder downwards, repeating lines.

  7 Back waist extension, feet separated with shoulder width, holding the stick on the shoulders with both hands, when the right leg is bent, the upper body rotates to the right to replace, and repeats.

  8 The upper abdomen body lies on a flat mat with curved legs, hands under the head, the upper body is lifted above the shoulder blades to leave the ground, and the upper body is restored to the ground.

Repeat 2 times.

  9 The lower abdomen supports the upper body with the forearm. The bent leg raises the left leg to 90 degrees. The right leg straightens away from the ground. The legs swing up and down alternately.

  10 Hold the 2-pound dumbbell with one hand straight behind the upper arm, extend the palm, bend the elbow to extend the shoulder, and repeat several times.

  11 Upper limbs extended, feet separated by shoulder width, holding dumbbells in both hands, arms straight on both sides of ears, bent arms forced downwards, clamped forward and inward.