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C Ronaldo’s goal roar can cure the disease last November, evoking 14-year-old comatose fans

C Ronaldo’s goal roar can cure the disease last November, evoking 14-year-old comatose fans
According to reports, one of the “Marca” reported yesterday that in the first round of the quarter-finals of the Champions League quarter-final Real Madrid defeated Dortmund in the first round, the Bernabeu Stadium ushered in aSpecial guest, this is a little fan who has a special relationship with Ronaldo and has created a miracle of life.  The little fan’s name is Pavalakski and is 14 years old this year.From the age of 10, he was obsessed with Real Madrid.In mid-August last year, when Pavalakski returned to his home from a friend’s home by bicycle, unfortunately, there was a car accident, which caused a serious accident that caused Pavalakski to be seriously injured and comatose, and fell into an unconscious situation.The whole family is surrounded by grief.  In order to be able to awaken Pavalaksky, during his bed coma, his parents replaced all bed sheets and quilts in the ward with Real Madrid-themed objects.In addition, in order to awaken Pavalaxki, whenever there is a Real Madrid game, the father will put headphones on his son’s head, so that the son can overcome Real Madrid’s breakthrough game, this lasted for more than 3 months.  At first, such a “treatment method” did not take effect. Until November 18, 2013, the miracle finally came.On that day, his father put a video of Real Madrid’s match to Pavalaski. When he heard Ronaldo’s roar after scoring, Pavalaski suddenly opened his eyes to wake up.After regaining consciousness, Pavalaxki was taken out of the hospital by his parents after a month of treatment.  A Polish media learned of this exciting story and immediately contacted Ronaldo, the “magic doctor”.Ronaldo has always been very caring and invited his family to watch the game in Bernabeu.

China Mobile Annual Report: As of the end of February, 5G customers have reached 15.4 million

China Mobile Annual Report: As of the end of February, 5G customers have reached 15.4 million
At noon on March 19, China Mobile released its 2019 annual results announcement.The announcement announced that as of the end of February 2020, 5G package customers had reached 15.4 million, maintaining industry leadership.  China Mobile said that in the public market, the company has launched 5G customer-specific packages and special services such as ultra-high-definition video, cloud games, and full-screen video ring back tones; in the vertical field, the company has deeply explored the combination of 5G and AICDE capabilities, and joint industry partnersIn-depth typical production scenarios, creating 5G smart manufacturing, 5G telemedicine, 5G unmanned mines and many other developing countries, first to achieve the implementation of 50 group-level application demonstration projects.  In fact, China Mobile is also accelerating the landing of “5G +”.Promote the coordinated development of 5G + 4G, build more than 50,000 5G base stations, provide 5G business services in 50 cities; promote 5G + AICDE6 integration innovation, integrate more than 200 key capabilities, and achieve breakthroughs in more than 100 5G joint venture projects; promote5G + Eco ecological co-construction, 5G co-creation center, industrial digital alliance aggregated more than 1900 partners, set up “China Mobile 5G terminal pioneer alliance”, guide manufacturers to launch 32 5G terminals, promote 2.6GHz industry chain and 3.The maturity of the 5GHz industry chain is basically flat.  China Mobile stated that the company will continue to systematically plan and steadily implement the “5G +” plan to accelerate technological upgrades, network upgrades, application upgrades, operational upgrades and ecological upgrades, build industrial upgrade accelerators through technology integration, and build strong social information flows through data integrationAorta, consolidate the new cornerstone of digital society construction with management and wisdom, promote the application of 5G in a wider range and in more fields, and create greater comprehensive benefits and social value.The reporter promised to edit Sun Yong to proofread Wang Xin

ST Ai Xu (600732): Battery planning big 210 steamed bun soup

ST Ai Xu (600732): Battery planning big 210 steamed bun soup

Performance increased by 60.

55% -80.

26%, in line with expectations: The company foresees a 2019 performance of 5.


2.2 billion, an annual increase of 60.

55% -80.

26%; net profit after deduction to mother 4.


10 ppm, an increase of 88 in ten years.

51% -100.


2019Q4 performance is 0.


24 ppm, net profit after deduction is 0.


8 billion.

Battery prices rebounded, and single-watt profits stabilised: Q4 was affected by the start of domestic market demand, and the industry’s demand boom rose. Battery prices steadily rose from the end of the third quarter.

Measure the Q4 battery export 2.

About 2GW, contributes 17-20 billion in revenue and 0 net profit.


2.4 billion, single tile profit of about 3-5 cents.

Preliminary sales forecast 6.

About 6GW, single W net profit is 0.


094 yuan, mainly due to the high profit of PERC in the first half.

Q1 rush installation demand continues, 20 years is expected to be high: the slowdown of domestic policies in 2019, reducing the start point of demand, it is expected that some bidding projects will be postponed to 2020, short-term from the more concentrated photovoltaic auxiliary materials and their component companiesFrom the perspective of production scheduling, the prosperity of demand is still high and continues to exceed expectations.

The Chinese market is expected to resume growth in 2020, and global photovoltaic demand will reach 150GW, an increase of 30% over 2019.

The company’s high-efficiency batteries will benefit from the high boom in domestic demand.

Large-scale battery planning, 210 steamed bun soup: After the smooth production of the Tianjin Phase I and Yiwu Phase II projects, the company launched new products of 166mm and 210mm high-efficiency batteries. The 5GW 210mm battery capacity is the first large-size battery capacity in the industry.

The company will steadily promote the expansion of the capacity of crystalline silicon solar cells,北京男士spa会所 continue to promote technological innovation and reduce production costs, so that the strong demand for high-efficiency solar cell products.

The company plans to produce 22 GW of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells by the end of 2020, 32 GW by the end of 2021, and 45 GW by the end of 2022, further consolidating the leading position of professional manufacturers of high-efficiency solar cells.

Profit forecast and investment grade: It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the parent company from 2019 to 2021 will be 5 respectively.

80, 10.

11, 14.

100,000 yuan, EPS is 0.

32, 0.

55, 0.

77 yuan.Target price 11.

0 yuan, corresponding to 20 times PE in 2020, maintain BUY rating.

Risk warning: policies are not up to expectations, and competition is intensifying.

Dubai Skyscraper fired twice in two and a half years

Dubai Skyscraper fired twice in two and a half years
A fire broke out on the torch 北京夜生活网 tower of an 86-storey apartment building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and residents were evacuated.The Civil Defense Department said that the fire was put out about 2 hours later and no casualties were reported.  Residents of the apartment building said that the fire occurred at about 1 am local time on the 4th.Police in Dubai say a fire broke out on the 9th floor of the building and spread to other floors.An Associated Press reporter near the scene of the fire said the fire occurred on one side of the apartment building and was surrounded by flames over 40 floors.The cause of the fire is unknown.  A video circulating on social networking sites showed a flame on one side of the apartment building and a large number of burning debris falling.Witnesses Samer Fasala told CNN that the burning debris caused two cars parked nearby to 杭州夜网 catch fire.  After the fire, the Dubai Civil Defense Department’s fire brigade rushed to the scene for fire fighting and rescue.A cordon was drawn around the building to prevent falling objects, and the police did not allow people to approach the building.  At about 3.30 am, the civil defense department announced that the fire was under control and firefighters were cooling down.There are currently no reports of casualties about the ‘Torch Tower’ fire. The Dubai government said on a social networking site that the Dubai Civil Defence Department has successfully evacuated people and controlled the fire.  The Torch Tower is a luxury apartment building located in Dubai Marina, the most densely populated area in Dubai. It is 336 meters high and has 86 floors and 79 floors above ground. It was completed in 2011 and was the tallest apartment building in the world.  This is not the first time a fire has occurred in the torch tower.In February 2015, a sudden fire broke out in the early hours of the torch tower, spread to multiple floors of this luxury apartment building, and was extinguished after about 3 hours.Hundreds of residents were evacuated without any casualties.  The safety of high-rise buildings has attracted attention after the Glenfer building fire that killed 80 people in the British capital, London, on June 14.A fire-fighting consulting company in Dubai said that in recent years, fires have occurred in multiple skyscrapers in Dubai. The rapid spread of fire has been related to flammable exterior wall materials, including the 2015 torch tower fire.  It is worth noting that the fires in Dubai did not kill anyone because of the unique architectural design, which enables firefighters to extinguish fires quickly, and trapped people can be evacuated outside the building through smoke-free and fire-free isolation areas.(Reporter Liu Xi, Xinhua International Client reported) Original title: Dubai Skyscraper fired twice in two and a half years, and more than 40 floors were surrounded by flames

Jianlang Hardware (002791): Construction hardware expert channel layout gradually enters the harvest period

Jianlang Hardware (002791): Construction hardware expert channel layout gradually enters the harvest period

The construction hardware market has a large space and scattered competition. High-quality companies are expected to continue to grow rapidly. Construction hardware is widely used. It is a key component of modern construction. According to the current annual new construction and repair of existing buildings, energy-saving transformation and other data, only door and window hardware are considered.The two categories of Hedian Support Glass Curtain Wall Structures can provide an annual demand scale of more than 50 billion U.S. dollars; there are more than 10,000 existing construction hardware companies, and the total market share of the top 10 companies is less than 10% of the national market, and the industry concentration is extremely low.Industry integration will become the main trend of future development. Large enterprises will overcome their own technology, personnel, equipment and financial strength, and will expand their advantages in brand, channel, management and scale, and continue to achieve high growth.

Jianlang, a construction hardware expert positioned in the mid-to-high-end market. As a leading company in the field of domestic construction hardware, the company has strong R & D and innovation capabilities, and has long been in the forefront of the industry. It has 四川耍耍网 independently developed many hundreds of new products each year. Until the first half of 2018,A total of more than 700 patents have been obtained, including more than 60 incremental invention patents.

At present, the company has more than 10,000 kinds of products, exported to more than 100 countries and regions, widely distributed in Dubai Tower, Bird’s Nest, National Theatre and other large landmark buildings at home and abroad, high brand awareness, the industry is widely recognized by the market.

The advantages of product integration have gradually emerged, and the channel layout has gradually entered the harvest period. The company adopts a direct sales model and continuously expands the development of its marketing network. In addition to domestic channels, the company also actively lays out overseas marketing networks. It has been established in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand, Philippines and other countries completed the establishment of subsidiaries.

At present, the company has established 391 domestic and foreign sales contact points, which basically cover important prefecture-level cities, county-level cities, and key overseas regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and India. The sales staff has also increased from 1286 in 2012 to 3829 in 2017.
At this stage, the company’s channel expansion has begun. The strategy of brand building and product variety has also achieved initial results. The results are expected to be accumulated. Starting from the third quarter of 2018, the company’s statement profit has now improved quarter by quarter and future performance will be better.

Investment suggestion: excellent size, full potential, first coverage, given “buy” rating company’s existing revenue scale is less than 4 billion, and the international integrated hardware leading companies have annual revenue scale exceeding 50 billion, so it can be cut in the construction hardware industry.Potential growth potential for outstanding companies.

EPS are expected to be 0 in 18-20 years.



10 yuan / share, PE is 26.



9x, we estimate the company’s reasonable value to be 17.


Between 0 yuan, there is 22% -61% premium space relative to the present.

The company has excellent flexibility, clear strategy and steady progress, and expects sustained high growth.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: ① Macroeconomic stall ② The effect of the company’s channel layout exceeds expectations ③ Other uncontrollable risks

Huaxing Yuanchuang (688001): a leader in flat panel display equipment, expanding the field of semiconductors

Huaxing Yuanchuang (688001): a leader in flat panel display equipment, expanding the field of semiconductors

This article details the development history and basic business of Huaxing Yuanchuang.

Huaxing Yuanchuang has many years of experience in the field of flat panel display testing equipment and is a leader in the localization of OLED testing equipment. The company has invested heavily in expanding semiconductor testing equipment since 17 years. It has adopted years of testing technology and process accumulation. At present, products have covered Soc, simulationIn the field of testing such as chips, semiconductor equipment revenue will increase significantly in 19 years.

We predict company 2019/2020 EPS 0.


91 yuan, according to the current A-share 3C, semiconductor equipment company’s estimated level, it is recommended to inquire at 30-36 times PE in 19 years, the corresponding quoted price is 21-25.

2 yuan.

The leader in flat panel testing equipment.

The company is one of the domestic leading flat-panel display testing equipment companies. Over 18% comes from the flat-panel display industry. It has been recognized by well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Samsung, Apple, etc., and is basically an import substitute.

In the future, the demand for OLED inspection equipment will continue to grow. The company has cultivated for many years in the field of flat panels, and it is expected to become a solid product quality, which will gradually extend from the module end to the middle and front stages to realize the import substitution of Japanese and Korean equipment.

High R & D investment to expand semiconductor inspection and other fields.

The global semiconductor testing equipment market space exceeds 5 billion US dollars each year, and the demand for testing continues to increase after technological progress. The current testing equipment market is monopolized by foreign companies such as Teradyne.

The company set up a semiconductor equipment division in early 2017. It continues to have high R & D expenditures. At present, semiconductor products have covered Soc, analog chips and other fields, and have entered the final verification stage. It is expected that semiconductor equipment revenue will increase significantly in 19 years.

Raise investment 6.

6 million US dollars to build flat panel, semiconductor testing equipment projects.

The company plans to raise 10.

1 trillion, of which 4 trillion is used for flat-panel display production base construction projects, 2.

6 million USD semiconductor business unit construction project, the remaining 3.

$ 500 million to supplement working capital.

In the future, the company will go hand in hand in the field of flat panel inspection and semiconductor inspection equipment, and maintain the leading role of internal inspection equipment.

Profit forecast and inquiry advice.

Projected revenue for 19/2011.

5 / 1.4 billion, net profit attributable to mother 2.


6.5 billion yuan, corresponding to an EPS of 0 after issuing new shares.


91 yuan, according to the current A-share 3C, semiconductor equipment company’s estimated level, we recommend 30-36 times PE for 19 years, corresponding to the inquiry price of 21-25.

2 yuan.

Risk reminders: The sluggish mobile phone sales have reduced the capital expenditure of downstream terminal tablet customers; the semiconductor continues to be sluggish, and product expansion has gradually exceeded expectations; the price of raw 厦门夜网 materials has risen or it has encountered a supply crisis.

Guolian shares (603613) new shares inquiry pricing report

Guolian shares (603613) new shares inquiry pricing report

Company profile The company focuses on B2B e-commerce business.

The company is positioned on a B2B integrated service platform, based on industrial e-commerce and supported by Internet data, to provide customers in related industries with online product trading of industrial products and raw materials, business information services and Internet technology services.

The company’s main business sectors: B2B information service platform-Guolian Resources Network; B2B vertical e-commerce platform-Tuduodu, Weiduodu, Bodutou; “Internet +” technology service providers-Guolian full network, Southwest e-commerce, petty birdThere is a value interaction and synergy between each other.

Company highlights (1) The company has been selected as a national supply chain innovation and application pilot enterprise.

Since its establishment, the company has developed members through its own channels and through cooperation with industry associations and industry associations. At present, Guolian Resources Network has become the industry’s internal professional data, number of customers, visits, registration fee membership rate, online and offline service capabilities.As an information service platform with expected influence, Tu Duoduo has also rapidly grown into a vertical industry-leading e-commerce platform.

The growing number of members is the company’s sustainable mining of gold in the future. Through the online and offline integrated business model, the company can serve its members 北京桑拿洗浴保健 through multiple channels.

At the same time, the category data provided by members also helps the company understand the industry and provide support for a variety of businesses including the company’s business information services, Internet technology services, and online commodity trading services.

(2) Duoduo E-commerce is an issuer that relies on more than 10 years of professional experience in commercial information services and customer accumulation in the coating chemical, glass, and sanitary products industries. Based on the needs of downstream customers, it accurately locates and establishes high verticality and high differences.Vertical e-commerce platform for segmented industries.

Toto e-commerce has quickly formed a high cohesive market share and formed a first-mover advantage through its own operation strategy, single product breakthrough strategy, collective procurement strategy, category resale strategy, core supplier strategy, and supply chain upstream and downstream extension strategies.

The issuer has the technology accumulation and platform system research and development capabilities that deeply combine the characteristics of the industry, and provides customers with cloud ERP, logistics sharing system, electronic contract and other transaction information services, forming a significant technical advantage.

How to cultivate your leadership qualities

How to cultivate your leadership qualities

A productivity-oriented economy requires everyone in the workplace to have extraordinary leadership and good coordination.

More and more people are paying attention to how to establish their authority image in the group and how to cultivate their “leader temperament”.

However, establishing an image of authority and cultivating leadership temperament does not happen overnight. If we can notice the following points in our daily work, it will lay a good foundation for the cultivation of your leadership temperament.

  What is leadership temperament?

  Have you ever had such confusion, why the same suggestion, speaking in your mouth and speaking in his mouth, have two distinct effects?

In some cases, why can’t you, who has a better talent than him, not be recognized by the group as he is?

Do you have some kind of phenomenon that has some influence on your career advancement?

  In any group, there is always an individual who plays a central role. His words and deeds can be recognized by the group and guide the decisions and actions of the group.

We can call this kind of personality charm: “leadership”.

It is not necessarily a high-level manager who has this leadership temperament. In any group, as small as an office composed of several people and as large as a group, there will always be a person with the ability to persuade others and guide others.

To a certain extent, “leadership” can also be considered as part of personality charm.

  Honest and trustworthy, this market-oriented society is flooded with all kinds of desires such as power and money.

“Honesty” has become synonymous with “honesty”, and “honesty” has become a sign of “incompetence”.

As a result, the scholars who just came out of the campus will also perform a farce in which three presidents of the student union of the same university appear on their resumes in order to find an ideal job.

But this kind of deception only hinders one’s future.

  Imagine that a person who is fraudulent and not creditworthy can even make a person doubt that it is possible to establish an authoritative image in the hearts of others.

Therefore, honesty and trustworthiness are the basic conditions for cultivating “leader temperament”.

  Learning to listen is a very important thing in the workplace.

Many people think that “speaking” is more self-explanatory than “listening”.

This is not wrong, but have you ever wondered if what you said is acceptable to the group?

  In daily life, some people are sitting quietly on the side while talking nonsense, and listening carefully to the alternatives of others.

In the end, he will stand up decisively to express his opinion.

Because “listening” is first and foremost a respect for others, it can also help you understand the thoughts of others, understand the needs of others, understand the differences between yourself and others, and know your strengths and weaknesses. When you have all the information, youThe opinions presented will stand at a new starting point, from a group perspective.

So the final waste is at some point, because with more information, the insights are deeper and more authoritative.

If your opinion is relatively correct every time, then naturally establish an authority image in the hearts of others.

  Prove everyone around you-start by remembering someone else’s name!

  If you want to let others know you and build your authority image, you must learn to know others.

In modern society, the pace of life is accelerating, and communication is increasing. You can meet a new friend with the click of “Hi”.

Maybe it’s not easy for you to remember each new face, so the embarrassing scenes of meeting again but not remembering someone else’s name will often happen to us.

But does anyone admit that this is actually a view and disrespect for others?

Psychologists have found that when many people are sitting together discussing a problem, if you mention the names of multiple colleagues and what they have said in your term, then those mentioned colleagues will be rightYour predictions are reasonable and easy to accept.

Why does a title cause so much magic?

That’s what “seeing” is driving.

So let’s start by remembering the names of others and knowing everyone around us.

To get the attention and respect of others.

  Starting from the interests of the overall situation, if one treats others with their lives, it is impossible to get approval from the group if they only proceed from their own interests, let alone to establish their authority image in the eyes of others.

  Xiao Hu works in the marketing department of a group company. At the beginning of each month, each department will invite regional supervisors to hold a pricing meeting. However, I don’t know why, the pricing proposed by Xiao Hu is always not approved, and even received the approval of colleagues in other regions.Occupied, he felt very distressed.

Later, at an accidental opportunity, the director of another area vomited bitter water to him, and he found out why.The thing is simple, because Xiao Hu’s area is selling well, and there is little concomitant. Relatively speaking, you can set a higher price.

However, the major strength expansion in other regions and the market are not very large. If the sales price is set high, it will be impossible to achieve the sales target.

Xiao Hu only considered the situation in his own area and did not consider the overall situation. The pricing he replaced naturally did not get everyone’s approval.

In fact, this often happens in our lives and work.

Because people always think or deal with work from their own perspective, consciously or unconsciously, if you learn to put yourself in the shoes of others, you can get everyone’s trust.

  Give your opinion decisively If you have done the above several times, then I believe that you have gained everyone’s trust and respect.

But how do you show your authority?

You must achieve your bottom line in your usual performance and speak resolutely.

  Some people have their own opinions when faced with certain problems at work, but hesitated before thinking about it, and then regretted it when other colleagues raised it.

Missing it again and again causes you to lose a lot of opportunities for performance; there are still some people who always speak ambiguous and clearly a correct opinion, but they make others feel vague, which will also make others authority over youBe suspicious.

  So when you think about it, please decisively give your opinion.

Swallowing a drug of medicine, leaking mental illness

Swallowing a “drug of medicine”, leaking mental illness

Ms. Wang, a 15-year-old daughter in Guangzhou who was addicted to playing games online during the summer vacation, repeatedly persuaded her to swallow a bag of mouse medicine.
This matter is now raging. Why did Ms. Wang take such a stupid act?
In this connection, the author interviewed Yu Huihui, a psychologist at the 12355 Youth Help Desk of the Guangzhou Communist Youth League.
  The extreme behavior reflects the mother’s “control desire” for her daughter. Yuhui Hui said that Ms. Wang chose to swallow the “drug pill” in an attempt to “wake up” the daughter who is addicted to the Internet. This behavior is inherently problematic. All she wants is to get”Control” of her daughter.
In fact, this kind of self-harm behavior is impossible to “control” this adolescent daughter.
What she could achieve was nothing more than to arouse her daughter and husband’s attention to her.
  This kind of behavior often happens, and the root cause is often very different from the appearance. Some are because the relationship between the couple is rigid. The parties want to control the child through extreme behaviors and reach a “united front” with the child to “counter” the spouse.The root cause of growth is that everything wants to achieve its own purpose through “self-harm”; some come from the psychological vent of the client’s long-term “non-achievement” depression.
  Similar incidents are diverse, but the commonality is the poor family relationship or the psychological problems of the parties.
Yu Huihui suggested that every member of the family should have psychological intervention as early as possible to understand their family relationships in depth and solve the problem from the root through family arrangement, psychological treatment and individual psychological counseling.
  成人爱走“极端”是一种病态心理  心理学认为“极端心理”是一个人的心理失去了常态的行为,表现为容易走极端,或者极其脆弱,消极悲观;要或者极其强烈,疯狂冲动;Either extremely indifferent and indifferent; or extreme excitement.
The reasons for the formation of extreme psychology are very complex, but generally speaking, if the parties do not pay attention to psychological counseling and are not good at resolving contradictions, they will induce and intensify extreme psychology.
  Psychoanalysis refers to the dual nature of man as life instinct and death instinct. Life instinct is a source of one’s strength. It strongly defends life and everything that represents life, often manifested as happiness, hope, sympathy, and love.
Death instinct refers to an instinctive urge to destroy and aggression in everyone, which urges individuals to die, because only there can be true calmness in death, and tension and struggle can be completely relieved.
This self-destructive impulse is weakened or changed direction by the instinct of life. If the power of life instinct is not enough to suppress or guide it, then the death instinct may be manifested by extreme means of “suicide” or “self-harm”.
  When responding to reporters’ questions, Ms. Wang exposed her style of thinking and educating children from her “parent center”. She has been forcing her children to behave according to subjective requirements.
She is also anxious about the child’s online use, but has not been able to change it. Although she has also blamed the child, in return, the child has intensified resistance.
She was afraid that the child would not learn well and that she would be cheated.
It is not a scientific guide for children to go online, and I never thought of asking for help from experts.
Regarding interpersonal relationships, as her husband puts it, “Introverted and strong, as long as you give something, you will get nothing.”
These actions reflect Ms. Wang’s mental illness and ignorance of family education.
  ”Menopause” mothers must learn to get along with adolescent children. On the other hand, Ms. Wang is entering middle age and her daughter is in adolescence. Women in these two age groups are the most likely to have problems.
For various reasons, most menopausal mothers pay too much attention to their children. This is exactly the opposite of the child’s rebellious mentality, which makes the contradiction even worse.
  Yu Huihui said: When a menopausal mother encounters an adolescent daughter, what they need most is mutual understanding and understanding. The simple method of stubbornness will certainly not achieve good results. “Waking up” the child by means of self-harm will only cause tragedy.
Menopausal mothers should learn to take advantage of the situation, ease their anxiety, use love to resolve these conflicts and confrontations, and focus on creating close mother-daughter relationships.
At the same time, the father should play a good bridge role and care more about his wife and children.
  She suggested that parents should not blindly demand adolescent children according to their own wishes. Instead, they should think more about their children and be friends with their children in order to build a harmonious family relationship and parent-child relationship.
Educate children to pay attention to science. If parents feel at a loss, they should consult a psychologist for the first time, instead of blindly “harm” and avoid making people such as “women addicted to the Internet, mother anger swallowing drugs” and so on.Crying event.

Tips to teach you five types of men

Tips to teach you five types of men

Rich man If you have been dreaming of meeting a rich prince, and you have changed from Cinderella to a princess, and you happen to meet such a man, then you must not reveal how much you desire for money.

  Most of these men treat women as they treat the food on the dinner plate, enjoy it according to their own intentions, drink a glass of red wine, and forget the deliciousness just checked out.

Because he thinks that money can buy everything, including beauty and love.

  The way you beat him back to his original form is to accept love but not his penny, even if you walk back to your place of residence.

At this time, he will find that he has nothing but money, but you are such a respectable woman.

Well, your love really started at this time . A man like a man with layers and careers is not suitable for you to truly fall in love. He generally needs two women: a gentle wife and a beautiful wife at home, and a beautiful woman.And a bold red face.

Either you spend his money with one eye closed, and slowly grow old in the rich loneliness, or you have a beautiful scenery with him, but you will slowly grow old in the night you look forward to.

  Such men, women are actually the most tired.

A man who focuses on himself no longer knows what love is.

Therefore, you must not get caught in it, just be indifferent.

  Flowery man If you fall in love with such a man, then congratulations, you can fall asleep listening to love songs every day.

Such a man, don’t expect him to keep his affection for you until next week.

If you tell him sincerely and painfully how much you love him, you’re in the middle.

  The best way to deal with this kind of man is that if you leave him, don’t show so much love, no matter how much you love him, when you talk to him, you should look at the other man erratically.

When his eyes start staring at you nervously, your love is coming.

  The best way for a melancholy man to impress such a man is to melancholy remember the past with him.

You walk into his heart and your love comes.

  A gentle man meets such a man, congratulations, you should be happy.

He will love you with concentration, maybe he is not very rich, but he will run the marriage seriously.

Such a man, you better love him seriously, if you hurt him, he will never get back to the original point.