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How to cultivate your leadership qualities

How to cultivate your leadership qualities

A productivity-oriented economy requires everyone in the workplace to have extraordinary leadership and good coordination.

More and more people are paying attention to how to establish their authority image in the group and how to cultivate their “leader temperament”.

However, establishing an image of authority and cultivating leadership temperament does not happen overnight. If we can notice the following points in our daily work, it will lay a good foundation for the cultivation of your leadership temperament.

  What is leadership temperament?

  Have you ever had such confusion, why the same suggestion, speaking in your mouth and speaking in his mouth, have two distinct effects?

In some cases, why can’t you, who has a better talent than him, not be recognized by the group as he is?

Do you have some kind of phenomenon that has some influence on your career advancement?

  In any group, there is always an individual who plays a central role. His words and deeds can be recognized by the group and guide the decisions and actions of the group.

We can call this kind of personality charm: “leadership”.

It is not necessarily a high-level manager who has this leadership temperament. In any group, as small as an office composed of several people and as large as a group, there will always be a person with the ability to persuade others and guide others.

To a certain extent, “leadership” can also be considered as part of personality charm.

  Honest and trustworthy, this market-oriented society is flooded with all kinds of desires such as power and money.

“Honesty” has become synonymous with “honesty”, and “honesty” has become a sign of “incompetence”.

As a result, the scholars who just came out of the campus will also perform a farce in which three presidents of the student union of the same university appear on their resumes in order to find an ideal job.

But this kind of deception only hinders one’s future.

  Imagine that a person who is fraudulent and not creditworthy can even make a person doubt that it is possible to establish an authoritative image in the hearts of others.

Therefore, honesty and trustworthiness are the basic conditions for cultivating “leader temperament”.

  Learning to listen is a very important thing in the workplace.

Many people think that “speaking” is more self-explanatory than “listening”.

This is not wrong, but have you ever wondered if what you said is acceptable to the group?

  In daily life, some people are sitting quietly on the side while talking nonsense, and listening carefully to the alternatives of others.

In the end, he will stand up decisively to express his opinion.

Because “listening” is first and foremost a respect for others, it can also help you understand the thoughts of others, understand the needs of others, understand the differences between yourself and others, and know your strengths and weaknesses. When you have all the information, youThe opinions presented will stand at a new starting point, from a group perspective.

So the final waste is at some point, because with more information, the insights are deeper and more authoritative.

If your opinion is relatively correct every time, then naturally establish an authority image in the hearts of others.

  Prove everyone around you-start by remembering someone else’s name!

  If you want to let others know you and build your authority image, you must learn to know others.

In modern society, the pace of life is accelerating, and communication is increasing. You can meet a new friend with the click of “Hi”.

Maybe it’s not easy for you to remember each new face, so the embarrassing scenes of meeting again but not remembering someone else’s name will often happen to us.

But does anyone admit that this is actually a view and disrespect for others?

Psychologists have found that when many people are sitting together discussing a problem, if you mention the names of multiple colleagues and what they have said in your term, then those mentioned colleagues will be rightYour predictions are reasonable and easy to accept.

Why does a title cause so much magic?

That’s what “seeing” is driving.

So let’s start by remembering the names of others and knowing everyone around us.

To get the attention and respect of others.

  Starting from the interests of the overall situation, if one treats others with their lives, it is impossible to get approval from the group if they only proceed from their own interests, let alone to establish their authority image in the eyes of others.

  Xiao Hu works in the marketing department of a group company. At the beginning of each month, each department will invite regional supervisors to hold a pricing meeting. However, I don’t know why, the pricing proposed by Xiao Hu is always not approved, and even received the approval of colleagues in other regions.Occupied, he felt very distressed.

Later, at an accidental opportunity, the director of another area vomited bitter water to him, and he found out why.The thing is simple, because Xiao Hu’s area is selling well, and there is little concomitant. Relatively speaking, you can set a higher price.

However, the major strength expansion in other regions and the market are not very large. If the sales price is set high, it will be impossible to achieve the sales target.

Xiao Hu only considered the situation in his own area and did not consider the overall situation. The pricing he replaced naturally did not get everyone’s approval.

In fact, this often happens in our lives and work.

Because people always think or deal with work from their own perspective, consciously or unconsciously, if you learn to put yourself in the shoes of others, you can get everyone’s trust.

  Give your opinion decisively If you have done the above several times, then I believe that you have gained everyone’s trust and respect.

But how do you show your authority?

You must achieve your bottom line in your usual performance and speak resolutely.

  Some people have their own opinions when faced with certain problems at work, but hesitated before thinking about it, and then regretted it when other colleagues raised it.

Missing it again and again causes you to lose a lot of opportunities for performance; there are still some people who always speak ambiguous and clearly a correct opinion, but they make others feel vague, which will also make others authority over youBe suspicious.

  So when you think about it, please decisively give your opinion.

Swallowing a drug of medicine, leaking mental illness

Swallowing a “drug of medicine”, leaking mental illness

Ms. Wang, a 15-year-old daughter in Guangzhou who was addicted to playing games online during the summer vacation, repeatedly persuaded her to swallow a bag of mouse medicine.
This matter is now raging. Why did Ms. Wang take such a stupid act?
In this connection, the author interviewed Yu Huihui, a psychologist at the 12355 Youth Help Desk of the Guangzhou Communist Youth League.
  The extreme behavior reflects the mother’s “control desire” for her daughter. Yuhui Hui said that Ms. Wang chose to swallow the “drug pill” in an attempt to “wake up” the daughter who is addicted to the Internet. This behavior is inherently problematic. All she wants is to get”Control” of her daughter.
In fact, this kind of self-harm behavior is impossible to “control” this adolescent daughter.
What she could achieve was nothing more than to arouse her daughter and husband’s attention to her.
  This kind of behavior often happens, and the root cause is often very different from the appearance. Some are because the relationship between the couple is rigid. The parties want to control the child through extreme behaviors and reach a “united front” with the child to “counter” the spouse.The root cause of growth is that everything wants to achieve its own purpose through “self-harm”; some come from the psychological vent of the client’s long-term “non-achievement” depression.
  Similar incidents are diverse, but the commonality is the poor family relationship or the psychological problems of the parties.
Yu Huihui suggested that every member of the family should have psychological intervention as early as possible to understand their family relationships in depth and solve the problem from the root through family arrangement, psychological treatment and individual psychological counseling.
  成人爱走“极端”是一种病态心理  心理学认为“极端心理”是一个人的心理失去了常态的行为,表现为容易走极端,或者极其脆弱,消极悲观;要或者极其强烈,疯狂冲动;Either extremely indifferent and indifferent; or extreme excitement.
The reasons for the formation of extreme psychology are very complex, but generally speaking, if the parties do not pay attention to psychological counseling and are not good at resolving contradictions, they will induce and intensify extreme psychology.
  Psychoanalysis refers to the dual nature of man as life instinct and death instinct. Life instinct is a source of one’s strength. It strongly defends life and everything that represents life, often manifested as happiness, hope, sympathy, and love.
Death instinct refers to an instinctive urge to destroy and aggression in everyone, which urges individuals to die, because only there can be true calmness in death, and tension and struggle can be completely relieved.
This self-destructive impulse is weakened or changed direction by the instinct of life. If the power of life instinct is not enough to suppress or guide it, then the death instinct may be manifested by extreme means of “suicide” or “self-harm”.
  When responding to reporters’ questions, Ms. Wang exposed her style of thinking and educating children from her “parent center”. She has been forcing her children to behave according to subjective requirements.
She is also anxious about the child’s online use, but has not been able to change it. Although she has also blamed the child, in return, the child has intensified resistance.
She was afraid that the child would not learn well and that she would be cheated.
It is not a scientific guide for children to go online, and I never thought of asking for help from experts.
Regarding interpersonal relationships, as her husband puts it, “Introverted and strong, as long as you give something, you will get nothing.”
These actions reflect Ms. Wang’s mental illness and ignorance of family education.
  ”Menopause” mothers must learn to get along with adolescent children. On the other hand, Ms. Wang is entering middle age and her daughter is in adolescence. Women in these two age groups are the most likely to have problems.
For various reasons, most menopausal mothers pay too much attention to their children. This is exactly the opposite of the child’s rebellious mentality, which makes the contradiction even worse.
  Yu Huihui said: When a menopausal mother encounters an adolescent daughter, what they need most is mutual understanding and understanding. The simple method of stubbornness will certainly not achieve good results. “Waking up” the child by means of self-harm will only cause tragedy.
Menopausal mothers should learn to take advantage of the situation, ease their anxiety, use love to resolve these conflicts and confrontations, and focus on creating close mother-daughter relationships.
At the same time, the father should play a good bridge role and care more about his wife and children.
  She suggested that parents should not blindly demand adolescent children according to their own wishes. Instead, they should think more about their children and be friends with their children in order to build a harmonious family relationship and parent-child relationship.
Educate children to pay attention to science. If parents feel at a loss, they should consult a psychologist for the first time, instead of blindly “harm” and avoid making people such as “women addicted to the Internet, mother anger swallowing drugs” and so on.Crying event.

Tips to teach you five types of men

Tips to teach you five types of men

Rich man If you have been dreaming of meeting a rich prince, and you have changed from Cinderella to a princess, and you happen to meet such a man, then you must not reveal how much you desire for money.

  Most of these men treat women as they treat the food on the dinner plate, enjoy it according to their own intentions, drink a glass of red wine, and forget the deliciousness just checked out.

Because he thinks that money can buy everything, including beauty and love.

  The way you beat him back to his original form is to accept love but not his penny, even if you walk back to your place of residence.

At this time, he will find that he has nothing but money, but you are such a respectable woman.

Well, your love really started at this time . A man like a man with layers and careers is not suitable for you to truly fall in love. He generally needs two women: a gentle wife and a beautiful wife at home, and a beautiful woman.And a bold red face.

Either you spend his money with one eye closed, and slowly grow old in the rich loneliness, or you have a beautiful scenery with him, but you will slowly grow old in the night you look forward to.

  Such men, women are actually the most tired.

A man who focuses on himself no longer knows what love is.

Therefore, you must not get caught in it, just be indifferent.

  Flowery man If you fall in love with such a man, then congratulations, you can fall asleep listening to love songs every day.

Such a man, don’t expect him to keep his affection for you until next week.

If you tell him sincerely and painfully how much you love him, you’re in the middle.

  The best way to deal with this kind of man is that if you leave him, don’t show so much love, no matter how much you love him, when you talk to him, you should look at the other man erratically.

When his eyes start staring at you nervously, your love is coming.

  The best way for a melancholy man to impress such a man is to melancholy remember the past with him.

You walk into his heart and your love comes.

  A gentle man meets such a man, congratulations, you should be happy.

He will love you with concentration, maybe he is not very rich, but he will run the marriage seriously.

Such a man, you better love him seriously, if you hurt him, he will never get back to the original point.

Recommended way to eat cold breakfast in late autumn and early winter

Recommended way to eat cold breakfast in late autumn and early winter

In the morning of late autumn and early winter, warm care is especially needed.

Eating hot food can protect the stomach qi and enhance the body’s cold resistance and resistance.

Nut-based oatmeal provides high energy and high nutrition.

Minerals and natural antioxidants such as potassium, calcium, zinc in nuts, and rich B vitamins.

Too many natural antioxidants are essential for beauty and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. They are the first choice for winter breakfast ingredients.

Silverfish custard brings a lot of protein to the body, and pickled cucumbers give you a good appetite for breakfast.

  Materials: 50 grams of oatmeal, 4 almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts each, a small amount of silver fish, 1 egg, an amount of pickled cucumbers, 1 apple.

  Practice: 1.

Soak the silverfish the night before, and crush the almonds, walnuts, cashews, and peanuts with a grinder.


Boil water in a steamer, break up the eggs, slowly add warm water and stir while adding, then pour the silverfish prepared in advance into the eggs, add a little salt, stir until a small layer of foam forms on the surface of the egg liquid, andPut the beaten eggs on the steamer for about 8 minutes. After steaming, put some soy sauce and sesame oil.


While steaming the custard, cook the oatmeal with water, add the broken nuts, and the broken nut oatmeal is ready.


Pickled cucumbers are sold in supermarkets, and apples can be taken away and eaten.

Teach you 3 economical and practical beauty acne salt methods

Teach you 3 economical and practical beauty acne salt methods

Sometimes beauty can be an inexpensive thing, and its cost may be minimized, just like the ordinary fine salt we usually eat. It is a beauty recipe that is very popular now. Let the beautiful lady Lin Zhiling teach you 3Kind of salt beauty method: First, after washing the face with salt, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water, then use your fingers to stir the salt and water evenly, and then apply the salt water from the foreheadMassage under the pimple, while doing a ring-opening massage.

  After a few minutes, when the dry hay is dry and becomes white powder, wash your face with warm water, apply a moisturizing lotion or continue the normal skin care steps.

Keep going, once every morning and evening after washing your face.

  This has a good cleaning and decontamination effect, and can remove oil, acne, and even “blackheads” that accumulate in the pores.

However, avoid skin around the eyes during massage, and be careful with sensitive skin.

  Second, after the salt is cleaned normally, hit half a bowl of warm water, sprinkle a small amount of salt to melt it, soak your face in fresh salt water, open your eyes in the water, and move your eyeballs up, down, left and right to wash your eyes with fresh water.effect.

  In less than two Wednesdays, you will find your eyes become brighter and brighter, this is the veritable “Electric Eye Beauty”.

Do not get the salt water into your eyes to avoid damage to the conjunctiva.

  Third, the salt war acne is actually also useful for the “stubborn disease” with acne behind.

After bathing, let your body be warm enough. After the pores are opened, apply more salt to the back, and apply it to all corners.

Massage with a bath brush for 1 minute, don’t use too much force, just let the salt between the skin and the brush move, then dip the sponge in light saline, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, and wash it with water.

  Wash it again and see, the acne on the back was slowly captured.

How often exercise is better for your health

How often exercise is better for your health

If you want to be free of excess meat and refreshed, doing aerobic exercise three times a week is enough.

There is no certain standard for the amount of exercise. It can achieve the purpose of burning adults, fitness, and strength.

But if you have a long way to go now, there are a lot of misfortunes to burn, and cardiopulmonary function needs to be strengthened . Then aerobic exercise five or six times a week is necessary.

  In fact, this is not difficult. At the beginning, according to your physical strength, six aerobic exercises every Friday make your body change from the inside, and slowly change the appearance.

Then maybe aerobic exercise three times a week is enough.

  When you continue to exercise for several years, your physical condition is improving day by day. Compared with a few years ago, you ca n’t help but feel like a world. Looking back at this pediatric way of aerobic exercise three times a week may make you funnyWhat about the amount of exercise to match the physical condition? How to keep a slight burn when the physical condition is poor?

This can also be “adjusted” so that the amount of exercise conforms to the physical conditions described above.

  Every sport we engage in in the pursuit of health actually points to a goal, which may be different from time to time-today you may only want to be a tame little sheep, and tomorrow or you want to become a Superwoman;At the same time, we are also limited by our physical condition.

  In short, there must be a correct way, step by step, can not ignore the physical condition, blindly aggressive.

You should adjust in order according to your physical strength at that time, or increase or decrease the amount of exercise, so that you can easily go, do not treat yourself as a female blue wave, making you nervous all day.

  In addition to enhancing physical fitness and improving cardiopulmonary function, exercise is also useful for relieving emotions.

After exercise, the muscles may be tired, but the mood should be extra relaxed; but if you just think about today’s “goal” has not been achieved after exercise, you may want to consider whether this goal is too harsh?