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Want to work out?

A new way of walking

Want to work out?
A new way of walking

Many people develop the habit of walking for fitness, but because some people walk at ordinary paces and pose too casually, only 6% of them can really achieve fitness.

So how can we play a short time and improve the effect of exercise?

  Su Ke, an expert in sports medicine in California, USA, provides a method of walking-“lifting the shirt method”: put it on the front of the waist and then slowly lift it to the chin, as if taking off a pullover shirt, then straighten the topAfter reaching the end position, slowly lower your arm to reset the top.

This action can stretch the spine and prevent a hunched posture.

  Yokoyama Masayoshi, MD, of the Japanese Sugimoto Speed Walking Association, believes that walking fitness does not prevent starting from increasing weight, which can double consumption.

He suggested that everyone walk with a dumbbell, 0.

5-1 kg dumbbells are suitable for both men and women.

At first you can slow down a little bit, but you still have to be in the correct position, so as not to make you feel burdened.

Three ways to relax your yoga

Three ways to relax your yoga

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the stress of urban people is also OK. Three methods of yoga teach you to relax (1) training method: called relaxation training or relaxation training.

  Consciously control autopsychological and physiological activities, reduce the level of arousal, improve the training of the body’s distortion function, and relax the spirit.

The main method is to achieve a relaxed, quiet, and natural state of relaxation through yoga’s adjustment of posture (adjusting body), breathing (adjusting breath), and mind (adjusting heart).

Modern scientific research shows that yoga relaxation reduces the level of cerebral cortex in the relaxed state, reduces the excitability of the sympathetic nervous system, reduces energy consumption, increases blood oxygen saturation, increases hemoglobin content and oxygen carrying capacity, improves digestive function, andMyoelectricity, skin electricity, and skin temperature promote a series of nutritional responses, which can greatly improve the function of the body, prevent and treat diseases, and prolong life. It can also improve perception, memory, thinking, mood, personality and other psychological qualities.

  (2) Sleep-inducing method: it is called relaxation hypnosis or relaxation-inducing method.

  The relaxation instruction was given to make the subject lie still and slightly closed his eyes, take a deep breath, inhale slowly, calm down, pay attention to the breathing rhythm; designate whole body relaxation, and experience the weakness and comfort after the whole body muscles relax.

At the same time, it implied: “After the whole body muscles relax, the spirit is fully relaxed, the limbs can no longer move, the eyes can’t open, and the brain doesn’t want to sleep anymore, let’s sleep!

Go to sleep

I fell asleep, completely relaxed and relieved .

“(3) Artistic conception: It is called mental relaxation or imaginative relaxation.

  Like lying down, self-impression imagination: a silhouette appears in my heart, Pinghu is like a mirror, clear and peaceful; a beautiful swan floats over the lake, and the white snowflakes in the sky gently fall; beautiful, golden sunriseA farmer is plowing the field, a horse is driving a car; a cow is standing peacefully, a peacock is opening the screen; the waves are rising on the ocean, and the children are playing; clear blue sky with white clouds floating on their headsPass; I feel relaxed and comfortable in this poetic painting, I feel extra relaxed, comfortable and happy; I am intoxicated, and my heart is very quiet.

Guangzhou Yoga Walker: Ye Weijian

Guangzhou Yoga Walker: Ye Weijian

Has long been engaged in yoga teaching and promotion work, with yoga, fitness coaching, applied nutrition and weight management, health ball, running and other professional qualifications.

 With yoga, fitness coaching, applied nutrition and weight management, health ball fitness, running and other professional qualifications, transformation physiology, sports medicine, fitness, food nutrition, combined with yoga teaching, forming a set of modern sports scienceYoga system.

He has been engaged in yoga teaching and promotion for a long time. He has been a training instructor at the Australian Institute of Physical Fitness Professional Coaching and the International Institute of Physical Education and Professional Training. He is responsible for curriculum design, textbook writing and assessment. He has strong yoga theory and practice.Committed to the development of yoga.

  Professional qualifications: “Hong Kong Yoga Association” recognized yoga instructor; “International Fitness Institute Private” yoga instructor training class lecturer; “Australian Physical Fitness Professional Coaching Academy” yoga instructor training class lecturer; “Australian Physical Fitness Professional Coaching Academy”Certificate of Yoga Instructor; Private Health Trainer of “International Institute of Physical Education and Professional Training”; Certificate of Health Ball Instructor of “Australian Institute of Physical Fitness Professional Coaching”; Certificate of Weight Control and Applied Nutrition Course of “Hong Kong Mischro Nutrition Center”

Holidays: Don’t Take Killer Toys Home

Holidays: Don’t Take “Killer” Toys Home

The holidays are coming again, the shopping mall promotion war begins, and toys are also being discounted. Parents will give toys to children as gifts.
Toys are “children’s closest partners”, and some dangerous toys with hidden safety hazards will become “killers” that cause accidental harm to children and threaten their health.
  Plush toys: easy to cause asthma Plush toys are a favorite toy for almost all girls. As everyone knows, prolonged contact with this toy is prone to asthma.
According to a pediatrician at the Chengdu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, more and more children are suffering from respiratory diseases due to plush toys.
Plush toys are an unexpected source of allergies. Children with allergies can easily cause allergic diseases, but they are often overlooked.
More than 90% of the plush toys in children’s hands now have moderate or severe germ contamination.
And compared with plastic toys, stuffed toys are relatively difficult to sterilize, and they are extremely vulnerable to re-contamination.
  涂漆玩具:易致铅中毒   现在许多玩具基本上都要用到喷漆,如金属玩具、涂有油漆等彩色颜料的积木、注塑玩具、带图案的气球、图书画册等,即便是毛绒玩具,The eyes and lips of the doll or small animal are also spray-painted, and the paint must contain lead.
Children holding toys to sleep, kissing toys and eating without washing their hands can easily lead to lead poisoning.
  ”Noise” toys: easy to cause headaches With the emergence of a lot of novel toys, especially sound and light toys, the hearing damage to infants and children is getting greater and greater.
Children’s sensitivity to sound is more sensitive than adults. Many toys emit various sounds, and the noise is as high as 120 decibels or more. In the long term, children’s hearing is greatly damaged, such as headache, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional tension, memoryDecreased symptoms.
The healthy growth of infants and young children requires a quiet and comfortable environment. If they are stimulated by noise for a long time, they will become prone to agitation, lack of tolerance, lack of sleep, and lack of concentration.

The seven kinds of food women who are the most women depend on them.

The seven kinds of food women who are the most women depend on them.

When a woman is like a flower, she is always dying, and every woman is eager to be treated with time.

The best way for women to love themselves is not to buy expensive skin care products, or to choose the right food, to resist the erosion of the years from the inside out.

1, nourishing Qi and blood, the ancients commonly used “face like peach” to describe the beauty of a woman, the color of the face reflects the degree of filling of its internal blood.

A woman with good looks will have a super-dusty temperament even if she doesn’t wear makeup. From the beauty of the inside and the table, the woman will bloom for a long time like a flower.

Star food: date.

Sexual warmth, spleen and blood, long-term consumption of facial ruddy, resident beauty.

Jujube can make porridge, make cakes, cook soup, make tea, etc.

Eat 3 at a time?
5 is appropriate, no more than 10, high blood sugar, constipation women should eat less.

Longan, oh.

Longan is the best fruit for blood and good heart, will 2?
5 longan and rice together, small fire for dozens of minutes, long-term consumption can make women rich in blood, radiant.

枸杞 can also be very tonic, 5?
8 pots of hot tea, can nourish the liver, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.

Animal liver.

Animal liver is rich in iron and is one of the most ideal blood foods.

It can be marinated, stir-fried, boiled, and recommended with green vegetables.

Young women eat 2 per week?
3 times, 10 each time?
30 grams, women over the age of 50 are best to eat less.

2, beauty anti-aging anti-aging is a woman’s life lessons, skin wrinkles, skin loss of elasticity will make the original bright and glamorous woman eclipse, eat some anti-aging food can resist the erosion of the age from the inside out, forever youth.

Star food: onions.

Selenium in onions is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals in the body and enhances cell viability and metabolism.

Onion fried fungus, egg onion salad, are very good anti-aging food.


Women who are often in the office, eating an apple every afternoon helps to slow down the pace of aging.


Mature tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a powerful oxidant that helps the body delay aging and prevent cancer.

Can be used as tomato scrambled eggs, tomato soup, but the tomatoes should not be heated for too long, it is best not to exceed 30 minutes.

3, love breast breasts is a woman’s unique wealth, outside is the source of women’s charm, more fertile fertility to make a substantial contribution.

From the beginning of puberty, women should take care of their breasts carefully. After 30 years old, they should always pay attention to breast health.

Star food: soy milk.

Soy isoflavones in soy milk can regulate estrogen levels and protect the breasts.


Mushrooms contain essential amino acids, selenium and rich in vitamin D, which can enhance human immunity and protect breast health.

sweet potato.

Sweet potato is a super anti-cancer food that contains a special ingredient that can prevent cancer and delay aging.

4, calcium and bones want to become a “slim” healthy woman, calcium is essential.
But women are most prone to calcium deficiency, especially during pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

According to the survey, more than half of the women absorbed calcium in their 20s did not meet the standard.

After the age of 30, the loss of bone calcium is gradually increased, and it is more likely to suffer from diseases such as osteoporosis.

Star food: yogurt.

Yogurt is a good source of calcium, while retaining the nutrients in the milk, it also stimulates gastric acid secretion and promotes metabolism.
It is best between 30 minutes and 2 hours after a meal.


Black sesame has a higher calcium content, which is 8 times higher than milk.

Every day, the breakfast insists on eating black sesame cooked with a small fire, which can increase the absorption of calcium.


100 grams of dried kelp contains up to 625 mg of calcium, which is a double cup of milk.

The calcium of kelp is easily absorbed by the body. Women can eat more kelp and kelp ribs soup.

5, care for hair, a long black hair and bright hair can highlight the femininity.

Good hair can make a woman shine, and more successfully capture the heart of a man.

Star food: walnut kernels.

Walnut is called “longevity fruit”, it can nourish the kidney and strengthen the brain, replenish the vital energy, moisturize the skin, and black hair.

Eat 1 per day?
Two whole walnut kernels can replenish the nutrients needed for hair and promote hair growth and health.


Eggs are rich in high-quality protein that nourishes hair follicles.

Children eat 2 per day, and adults are more appropriate each day.


The effect of seaweed on moisturizing hair is not small.

Seaweed contains protein, minerals, iodine, vitamin B2, B6, etc.

Make a soup and put some seaweed, you can get a replacement without knowing it.

6, soothe the sleep to sleep well, the color is good, the body is better.

Ample sleep is especially important for women, especially for menopausal women.

Star food: bananas.

The rich magnesium in bananas can effectively relax the body and relieve insomnia.

Eating a banana before going to bed can help you fall asleep, but you must buy it thoroughly and don’t eat it on an empty stomach.

Lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds can calm and calm the nerves.

Cook soup, put one or two lotus seeds when making tea, can help sleep.

The lotus core can clear the heart and only need to be removed when it is eaten in large quantities.

Millet porridge.

Millet is rich in tryptophan, which promotes the brain to secrete a sleepy neurotransmitter.

Drink a bowl of millet porridge for dinner, and even replace sleeping pills.

7, body sculpting to lose weight, the slimming and slimming body not only makes women glamorous, but also helps women with many diseases.

In addition to hard work, slimming food can also help with weight control.

Star food: winter melon.
The content of winter melon is zero, and it can also be rich in vitamins and low in conversion.

In daily life, you can eat more winter melon seaweed soup, winter melon shrimp and so on.


Rabbit meat is a “sweet”, with a protein content of up to 70%, while aunts and cholesterol are lower than all other meats.

Regular consumption of rabbit meat can strengthen the body and control weight, and foreign women call it “beauty meat.”

Oatmeal is rich in precipitated fiber, which promotes digestion, eliminates toxins from the body, and replaces skin with luster.

Every morning, you can cook a bowl of oatmeal with milk, which can both make up calcium and keep your body.