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From Lin Madness to Lin Team, Jeremy Lin praised his teammates

From “Lin Madness” to “Lin Team”, Jeremy Lin praised his teammates
Tonight’s CBA preseason Xining, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team defeated the Jiangsu team 89 to 68, Jeremy Lin only scored 11 points, but in the process of trying to put himself into the team, the results were very good.He said he was very happy to help the team after the game, especially Wang Xu, a younger brother on the back line.Jeremy Lin praised the performance of his teammates.Sauna, night net Liu Chen shot in the first half, except for one three-pointer, Jeremy Lin scored 7 free throws; the second half of the attack desire is not as strong as the first, he creates more opportunities for his teammates.After the game, Jeremy Lin admitted that his offensive feel was not very good, and his teammates were in better shape, so he adjusted his personal strategy.”I am also very proud to see that several players can play so well today, Zhou Yixiang, Wang Xu and Dahan are very good.Sometimes this is the case. My offense is not very good, but I can’t bow my head or defend. We won the game today through defense.”He represents:” I have a lot of different experiences in the NBA. Of course, the strongest team is teamwork. I also never like to play five people by myself.”As an experienced NBA player, Jeremy Lin said,” I played in the first year in the NBA, playing the same role, as a point guard is to improve the performance of teammates.I think I am more patient today and I can learn a lot from this game.”Liu Xiaoyu retreated from the last injury, and Fang Shuo continued the truce. Tonight, it was Wang Xu who partnered with Jeremy Lin in the backcourt.He shot 3 of 4 from the outside and scored 14 points and 5 rebounds.In the fourth quarter, when he saw the highlight of the little brother off the court, Jeremy Lin frequently applauded or got up and clenched his fist to encourage.”We are all a family. When a teammate plays well, we must encourage him.I do n’t always have the best performance in every game. He performed much better than me today. I think this is all about playing on the team.He worked very hard, sometimes he did n’t know if he wanted to vote, but he played very confidently today.”Representing the performance of teammates, Jeremy Lin is very happy.Wang Xu also revealed after the game that he often received guidance from Brother Hao during training. “Once I did not do well in training, Brother Hao also actively sent WeChat to encourage me.”

Renewing the leading edge, Oceanwide Holdings sells overseas assets, Hony takes over $ 1.2 billion

Renewing the leading edge, Oceanwide Holdings sells overseas assets, Hony takes over $ 1.2 billion
On the evening of March 29, Asia Standard Holdings made another move in the land stripping operation. The announcement showed that Oceanwide Center LLC and 88 First Street SF LLC, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Asia Standard Holdings, and the non-affiliated third party Hony Capital Mezzanine Fund 2019 Limited ((Hereinafter referred to as “Hony”), the “Framework Agreement” signed, intends to transfer the relevant overseas assets owned by Hony on First Street and Mission Street in San Francisco, the United States, with a total transaction amount of 1.2 billion US dollars, of which 700 million US dollars at the time of deliveryPayment, the remaining 500 million US dollars as profitability funds.  At the same time, on the evening of March 29, Asia Standard Holdings had just concluded a transaction with SPF SAN FRANCISCO OWNER, LLC. The announcement showed that on January 21st, Oceanwide Center LLC and 88 First Street SF LLCAssociated with a third party, SPF SAN FRANCISCO OWNER, LLC signed the “Sale Agreement”.US $ 0.6 billion transfer of related overseas assets owned by First Street and Mission Street in San Francisco, USA to the counterparty.  In less than 3 months, the price of the transaction subject increased by 1.$ 9.4 billion.  The counterparty of Asia Standard Holdings is Hony Capital. According to the official website information, Hony Capital was established in 2003. It is a leading investment management institution in China and a member company of Legend Holdings.Hony Capital focuses on the Chinese market. Invested companies include CSPC, Zoomlion, Chengtou Holdings, Jinjiang, Xinao, Tianjing Biological, COFCO Capital, Zoomlion Sanitation, etc., with a total asset value of approximately 2.9 trillion yuan, about 860 billion yuan overall.  Oceanwide and Lenovo are also “old friends”. In September 2009, Oceanwide Group officially announced the launch of 27 at the press conference.The price of US $ 5.5 billion was transferred to a 29% stake in Lenovo Holdings. China Oceanwide became the third largest shareholder of Lenovo Holdings after Guoke Holdings and Lenovo Employee Stock Ownership.At that time, the transfer conditions were very harsh, and the number of eligible transferees was very limited. As a result, Lu Zhiqiang, who rarely showed up, appeared at the site of the media communication meeting, and said that this was the only landmark event in China’s ocean-wide development process.  The projects invested by the Asia Standard Group include Hony Capital II Shanghai (Shanghai) Investment Center (Limited Partnership), which was jointly established by Hony Capital Management (Tianjin) (Limited Partnership) and other investors in 2016. Ocean Standard Group invested through the company500 million yuan participated in the establishment.  For this overseas asset divestiture transaction, Asia Standard Holdings announced that this transaction is conducive to optimizing the company’s overseas asset layout and effectively mitigating the company’s overseas operating risks.Reporter Zhang Yanbin, editor, Sun Yong proofreading Li Ming

Guizhou Moutai (600519) important events review-heavy season ahead of schedule to switch smoothly to welcome the New Year

Guizhou Moutai (600519) important events review-heavy season ahead of schedule to switch smoothly to welcome the New Year
The company will increase the volume ahead of time, and hope to effectively match the peak season demand, reasonably control prices, and firmly promote channel changes. Looking forward to the next two years, the company has a solid volume thickening foundation and potential for price increases. It hopes to maintain stable growth, the core asset value is prominent, and we can maintain our “buy” rating. According to wine industry reports, Guizhou Moutai Wine Sales Company issued the “Notice on Early Implementation of the First Quarter 2020 Plan”.The notice shows that in view of the strong consumer demand for the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, the company decided to implement the Moutai plan for the first quarter of 2020 in advance from December 12, 2019, mainly for dealers, proprietary companies, supermarkets, and e-commerceChannel, the expected volume is about 7,500 tons.We believe that the implementation of the 2020 plan in advance this time is in line with our expectations, and has ensured that the company’s stable business transition and channel changes in 2019-2020 will be smoothly promoted. The heavy volume in advance matches the strong demand of the two festivals, and the price of Moutai is controlled to maintain a healthy and reasonable level.The 2020 Spring Festival (January 25) is ahead of previous years, and the early implementation of the first quarter of 2020 plan in mid-December will better match the pace of demand release this year to ensure reasonable supply in the market. The company’s planned launch before the Spring Festival last yearThe volume is also 7,500 tons.And before the recent boom, the approval price of Moutai rose from 2200 yuan in the previous period to 2400-2500 yuan. The advance volume will adjust the market expectations, helping the company better control the price drop to a healthy and reasonable level.2019 is the year of the company’s channel reform. The overall market launch strategy is in line with the pace of channel reform. The company has already implemented the remaining time of the fourth quarter of the dealers in advance of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Q4. The direct sales of Q4 have gradually increased, and the estimated remaining amount is reflected in the upcoming 7500 Tons. Moutai’s performance growth is highly certain, and prices may increase in the next 1-2 years.Looking forward to 2020, the production of base wine in 2015 will increase to the next year’s volume increase. It is expected that the overall sales will increase from a high number to a double digit; regardless of price increases, channel reforms and product structure enhancements are expected to bring low single digitTon price increased.Based on comprehensive volume and price, the company’s revenue in 2020 will increase by 10% -15%, and net profit will increase by more than 15%.At the same time, Moutai is unswervingly and methodically carrying out channel reforms, actively controlling channels and approving prices, and is laying a solid foundation for returning channel profits to listed companies. We believe that companies can only raise prices in the next 1-2 years. Bullish on high-end wines and strongly recommended.In 2020, in the context of the macroeconomic 青岛夜网 growth rate and the growing base, it is expected that the growth of the liquor industry will slow down rationally and that the growth of leading companies will also improve.The cycle will continue for the duration.Consumption upgrading and concentration will become the main line of the industry, and the growth of high-end wine is a deterministic alternative.Last week, the consumption tax rate was phased down. In the next month, high-end wines will be tested by the market during the peak season, and the ability to determine high performance will be more confirmed. The core asset value of high-end wines is strongly recommended. Risk factors: The high-end wine boom is worse than expected and production capacity is consumed. Investment suggestion: The company will increase the volume in advance, and hope to effectively 杭州夜网 match the demand in the peak season, control the price reasonably, and firmly promote the channel change.Maintain the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 35.09/40.95/47.31 yuan, corresponding to PE is 33/28/25 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Great Wall Motor (601633): Annual report meets expectations and expects F-series models to continue

Great Wall Motor (601633): Annual report meets expectations and expects F-series models to continue
The company’s 2018 performance was in line with expectations, maintaining the “overweight” rating. On March 22, the company released its 2018 annual report. In 2018, the company achieved a total operating income of approximately 992.300 million, a year -1.92%; net profit attributable to mother is about 52.100 million, +3 for ten years.58%; net profit after deducting non-attribution is about 38.9 ‰, at least -9.53%, performance was in line with expectations.Among them, the net profit in 2018Q4 was about 12.810,000 yuan, at least -40.37%; deducting non-net profit is about 2.6 megabytes, 86% a year. 18Q4 is affected by industry growth breakdown and terminal preferential activities. Performance indicators.We think that the sales volume of Harvard F series, WEY and Euler models has climbed. We expect the company’s 2019 performance to maintain steady growth. We expect the company’s EPS in 2019-21 to be 0.66/0.81/0.95 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level! The industry competition is intensifying, and it is expected that the company’s new F-series products will continue to force the Haval F-series models to become the main force for the company’s sales growth.According to data from the China Automobile Association, domestic passenger vehicles sold 3.24 million units in January-February 2019, a decrease of 17.51%, of which SUV sales were 1.41 million, a decrease of 18 over.64%.The company achieved sales of 15 from January to February.180,000 vehicles, an increase of 1 each year.6%, of which Haval F series F5 and F7 combined sales 3.290,000 vehicles, the main model for the company’s SUV model sales growth.According to the company’s communication, the company will launch new models such as WEY VV7 GT, Haval coupe SUV F7x and Euler R2 in 2019. At the same time, there will be more than 10 modifications and upgrades based on existing models. We believe that Haval, which has been listed in 2018F-series models continue to climb and new models are launched, and the company’s sales in 2019 are expected to maintain steady growth. The pure electric Euler brand product line continues to be enriched, and the fuel cell is open to layout. In 2018, the company’s Euler brand has iQ and R1 models on sale. In 2019, the Euler R2 models will be launched, and the product line will continue to expand.According to the company announcement, the cumulative sales of Euler brand from January to February 2019 reached 7065.According to the company’s official website, in 2018H1 the company completed the hydrogen energy technology center, which already has the testing, trial production, and vehicle integration and testing capabilities of fuel cell vehicle core components. In August 2018, the company acquired Shanghai Fuel Cell Power System Co., Ltd.The 04% equity is for the development and deployment of a cost-competitive fuel cell drive capability. In October 2018, the company took a stake in H2 MOBILITY, a hydrogenation operator, and became its seventh largest shareholder.We believe that Great Wall Motor’s layout in the field of new energy vehicles is becoming more and more perfect, which will help improve the company’s technology level in the field of new energy vehicles. The company’s 2018 performance is in line with expectations, and we expect 深圳桑拿网 Haval F-series products to continue to work. We believe the company’s 2018 performance is in line with expectations. We expect sales of Haval F5 and F7 models to climb in 2018, and new models and modifications in 2019With the listing of the models, the company’s sales in 2019 are expected to maintain steady growth.We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-21 will be approximately 60, respectively.26/74.05/86.27 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.66/0.81/0.95 yuan, the average estimate of comparable companies in the industry in 2019 is about 14.5X PE, the company is the leader in the SUV field. The sales growth from January to February 2019 exceeded the industry average, giving the company 15-16X PE estimates for 2019, with a target price range of 9.9?10.56 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating. 杭州桑拿 Risk reminder: SUV market competition intensifies, the company’s new model launch progress exceeds expectations, and the development of the automotive industry is gradually expected.

Seagull Living (002084) In-depth Research Report: Based on the entire industrial chain of sanitary wares

Seagull Living (002084) In-depth Research Report: Based on the entire industrial chain of sanitary wares

Sanitary hardware manufacturing faucet starts again: Seagull was established in 1998 and started to provide high-end faucet products for the world’s sanitary brand leading ODM manufacturing services. After 20 years of development and accumulation, it is currently one of the few domestic industries covering “hardware ceramic sanitary ware and other products”Independent design and production → sanitary product brand → complete sanitary manufacturing → hotel, residential and other end customers. The sanitary enterprise with complete industry conversion is gradually upgrading into a “one-stop” solution service provider for all-round sanitary space.

In 18 years, the company entered the field of complete bathrooms. For many years, it has deeply cultivated the advantages of the industry and renewed its vitality for growth.

Packaged bathrooms ushered in the Dongfeng of hardcover real estate, and players in the 10 billion industry will win with capacity.

The scale of the domestic bathroom market is about 2 million sets, with a compound annual growth rate of 25%.

(1) Fine deconstruction: The upstream of the whole bathroom industry spans ceramics, plates, metals and other industries, requiring companies to have higher resource integration capabilities from design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sale interchange, and the barriers to entry are naturally higher; (2)) Precipitation size: The supply side of the entire packaged sanitary industry is in the blue ocean primary stage of “winning by volume”, and there are very few companies with a production scale of more than 100,000 units. At present, the leading sanitary wares accelerate the construction of complete sanitary ware production capacity, and occupy the market share first;3) Talking about power: Currently, the dwellings are welcoming Dongfeng. I) The industrialization of housing and the industrialization of interiors have significantly improved the output environment of sanitary wares. Ii) The demand for hardcover rooms at the B-side is ahead.

Production advantages + deep customer binding, two wings integrated into a leading supplier in the bathroom industry.

The core advantages of Seagull Living are (1) the production side: the TMS manufacturing model is realized through the depth of the industrial chain, with efficient product development capabilities, rapid mass production and delivery capabilities, precise processing and flexible manufacturing capabilities, and customers’ joint construction, design, and research and developmentThe platform integrates production advantages; (2) Channel side: The traditional sanitary ware industry, as a strategic supplier of products in the Asian ranking of the world ‘s top sanitary giants, is one of the top three suppliers preferred by European and American brands. The company has cooperated with core customers for years15?
In the past 20 years, the upstream and downstream interests have been deeply tied; the overall seagull actively explored domestic sales channels, and the whole bathroom market opened a new B2C sales model.

Multiple bearish releases in 18 years caused a low point, and a turning point in 19 years’ performance is expected.

In 2018, the company (1) prolonged the price increase negotiations with customers due to the increase in the price of raw materials due to the trade war, and accrued the increase in asset impairment; (2) the yield rate of the finished product of the bathtub ceramic business was less than expected, dragging down revenue and profits, and the futureWith the improvement of production technology, adjustment of price negotiations and the increase in the volume of complete bathrooms, the company is expected to usher in an inflection point in performance in 19 years, and the 淡水桑拿网 long-term development trend will not decrease.

The profitability rebounded significantly, and the sanitary wares were ready to go. The first coverage was given a “strong push” rating: the company’s deep binding with the world’s top sanitary ware brands ensured the stable development of traditional businesses. Through the rapid growth of new sanitary ware business, we expect 2019In -2021, the operating income of seagulls will be 25.



5.8 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 13.

2% / 14.

1% / 16.

9%; net profit attributable to mothers is 1.



69 ppm, a ten-year growth rate of 153.

2% / 24.

0% / 28.


At present, the corresponding PE for 19-21 is 23.



6 times, taking into account the rapid development of the company’s complete bathroom business, the first coverage was given in 1928.

5 times PE, which is the target price of 6 yuan / share and a “strong push” rating.

Risk warning: Sino-US trade war intensifies, new business development is less than expected, exchange rate changes, raw material prices rise, and major customers rely on risks.

Nourishing kidney in winter!Several small actions to protect the kidneys and strengthen

Nourishing kidney in winter!Several small actions to protect the kidneys and strengthen
Editor’s note: Through the improvement of living standards, health has become our most concerned topic.What is healthy food?How to prevent physical diseases in life?This has become the focus of everyone’s attention.People’s Health Network has launched the “Jintai Health Park” section to take stock of the most healthy lifestyles for you and take you into the health garden.The best way to keep your kidneys healthy in winter is the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine.”” Hidden both congenital and acquired quintessence. It has the functions of Tibetan spermatozoa and is responsible for growth, development and reproduction, corresponding to winter in nature.In winter, the yang energy is hidden in the natural world. It is frozen in the cold, and everything is closed, which is most conducive to the yang and kidney essence of the human body.At the same time, the outdoors is cold in winter, people move less and eat more. The human body has a strong absorption function and strong anabolic metabolism, which can well conserve yang qi and cultivate essence, so it is best to nourish the kidney in winter.Early morning, late night and proper exercise Winter health should follow the principle of “Early morning and night, get up in the yellow emperor, and wait for the sun”.Winter is a closed season. Exercise should be carried out, but excessive exercise should not be performed.At the same time, exercise should not sweat too much, so as not to damage yang, damage kidney essence, contrary to the health requirements of winter “Tibet”.It is best to go to bed early in the winter, get up late, get up, and go out after the sun.Lying early and going to bed early can ensure adequate sleep, which is conducive to the hidden yang and the accumulation of kidney essence.Get up late, go out late, and wait for the sun, you can avoid the severe cold, prevent cold evil from contusing the yang and damaging the kidneys.When the cold is gone, the Yang Qi cold is the main air in winter. The cold evil attacks. In addition to causing colds, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial surgery and other acute attacks, it can often damage the kidney yang and cause joint painDisease, extremities with cold juvenile disease, urination, long urine, nocturia, etc.It is very important to protect the yang from the cold in winter. In addition to using indoor heating facilities, the elderly and infirm should pay special attention to staying warm with their feet.In addition, you must keep out of the cold and keep warm when going out in winter. You should not wear too thin clothes when you are outdoors, and you should not stay outside for too long, so as to prevent cold evil from damaging yang and damaging your kidneys.The diet should be warm, bitter, and salty. The winter is cold and the yang is closed. The yang and kidney essence of the human body are also in the accumulation period. The diet should be warm and should be mainly Tibetan.Therefore, the winter diet should choose foods with high-quality protein and cold protection, such as chicken, beef, mutton, dog meat, eggs, walnuts, chestnuts and sweet warm ingredients such as longan and red dates, or dual-use Chinese medicine. These are allIt is an excellent seasonal health food in winter.In the winter, the kidneys are seasonal, and the kidney qi is strong, while the kidneys are watery and salty, the heart is firey and bitter, and the strong kidneys are easy to be sad.Slightly burnt slightly bitter, both kidney and fire, it is best to eat in winter.Traditional Chinese medicine has always promoted “to nourish the kidneys in winter”, and introduces a set of actions to nourish the kidneys, replacing Yi Xue, helping everyone to take care of kidney qi and strengthen the body.Press hands.Lie on your back with your hands close to your waist, 5?After 10 minutes, there will be a heat sensation throughout the body.At the beginning, the palms may be swollen by the waist pressure, 3?Adaptation and elimination after 5 days.Chinese medicine believes that this action is effective because the two-handed foreign labor palace (located in the back of the hand, in the depression between the second and third metacarpals) clings to the two kidneys, and the radiation from both palms warms the two kidneys.10 at night?11 o’clock is the end of the hour, sub-hour (11?At 1 am), the earth’s qi is the strongest at this moment. The earth’s qi is inhaled through the inner labor palace (located in the palm of the hand, opposite to the foreign labor palace) and injected directly into the two kidneys through the labor palace.Hook foot.Straighten your legs together, hook your toes up, grab your toes with both hands, and press your body slowly down once a day for about 15 minutes each time.When practicing, do not deliberately pursue the feeling of the body close to the legs, as long as the tendons behind the legs are straightened.掐 Achilles tendon.The positions of the medial and lateral Achilles tendons are exactly Taixi (the foot fracture, the depression between the posterior medial fracture and the heel bone) and Kunlun (the lateral foot, the depression between the posterior fracture and the Achilles tendon), TaixiIt is the original acupoint of the kidney meridian, and it is the “Yangtze River” that gathers the vital energy of the kidney meridian, which can enhance renal function; Kunlun acupoint has the effect of reconciling qi and blood, and strengthening the kidney and strengthening the ridge.Rub two points a day, 3 each time?In 5 minutes, the effect of replenishing kidney can be achieved.When rubbing, you can use the thumb of the opposite hand, or you can use a massage stick or a smooth wooden stick to press and knead. In addition to the intensity, it is best to have a “numbness”.alert!Five distress signals issued by the kidney1, normal urine output changes from 1000 to 2000 ml per day, with an average of 1500 ml. Whether the urine output increases or decreases may be a manifestation of kidney disease.Especially in normal people, there is very little nocturia. If you find that you have to get up several times during the night, and you do n’t drink much water before going to bed, you must be alert to retinal obesity.2. Changes in urine characteristics Normal people’s urine color is transparent light yellow. If they drink less water or urinate for the first time in the morning, the color is slightly darker.If the urine is red, or there is a lot of foam in the urine, pay attention to a renal examination.3. Edema The kidney is an organ that metabolizes water in the body. If the kidney is not good, water will accumulate.Some people get up in the morning and find that the eyelids are swollen, or their feet and legs are swollen, and they have to consider kidney problems.4, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms of kidney disease to the end stage, will affect gastrointestinal function, leading to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms, so with these manifestations, in addition to seeing the gastroenterology, but also pay attention to excludekidney disease.5. Patients with end-stage itching nephropathy, because urea in the body cannot be excreted through the urine, it will be excreted through the skin, causing skin irritation; in addition, toxins accumulated in the body can cause peripheral neuropathy and cause itching of the skin.How to detect kidney problems early?How can I know if there is a problem with the kidneys?Remember to do the following three checks during the annual physical examination: 1.Urine test: In the early stage of chronic kidney disease, take urine for routine urine tests. If urine protein, occult blood, urine red blood cells, urine white blood cells and other indicators appear positive or exceed normal values, the cause must be further investigated.2.Blood test: There is blood creatinine on the general biochemical test sheet. This test is an important indicator of renal function. If there is an abnormality, it may indicate that renal function may be damaged to varying degrees.3.Do kidney ultrasound: observe the size of the kidney, the thickness of the renal cortex, and whether the kidney structure is clear.For example, the kidneys of normal adults are about 10?12 cm wide about 5?6 cm, about 3?4 cm, the specific size 苏州桑拿网 will vary depending on the height and weight of each person.However, if there is a deviation, B-ultrasound found that the adult kidney is only 8 cm or smaller, indicating that the kidney has shrunk, which is one of the manifestations of chronic kidney disease.If the results of the above three items are normal, kidney disease can be basically ruled out.Eight Golden Norms to Prevent Kidney Disease Following the eight golden rules below can effectively reduce the risk of kidney disease and protect kidney health.1. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Develop a sports plan that suits you, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and Tai Chi. Persist on the principle of not feeling tired after exercising.Proper exercise can help control blood sugar, maintain blood pressure, and reduce the risk of kidney disease.2, balanced diet, maintain normal weight disease from the mouth, prevention of kidney disease should pay attention to a balanced diet, maintain normal weight.Select fresh ingredients, healthy cooking methods, daily salt intake per person is controlled to 5-6g (about 1 teaspoon of table salt), limit salt, preservatives, processed foods with many additives.Obesity is severely related to kidney disease. Pay special attention to avoid abdominal obesity.3. Ensuring sufficient drinking water The chronic lack of water in the body can easily cause urinary tract infections, kidney stones, etc. Scientific drinking water can help prevent kidney disease.Adults are advised to drink 1500-1700 ml of water per day, with preference given to plain water or light tea.Patients with hot weather, heavy exercise, sweating, and kidney stones should drink more water.Drinking water is evenly distributed throughout the day, avoiding continuous large amounts of drinking water in a short period of time.However, it should be noted that drinking water should be limited to patients with severe renal impairment, severe edema, and heart failure.4. Harmful substances in smoking cessation and alcohol-limiting tobacco can reduce kidney function by damaging kidney cells, impairing renal tubular function, affecting renal hemodynamics, and reducing dose.For patients who already have chronic kidney disease, smoking can significantly increase the risk and mortality of complications from cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular events.Long-term heavy drinking is also a risk factor for acute kidney injury, which leads to increased blood uric acid, gout, and increased creatine kinase.5. Do not use drugs blindly and be alert to drug interactions. Drug-induced kidney injury is an important cause of acute kidney injury. In elderly patients, intravenous injection declines, drug excretion and renal tubular injury repair function decline, combined with hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Et al. Are at high risk for drug-induced kidney injury.The most common drugs that cause kidney injury are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, amino sugar antibiotics, contrast agents, Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid, etc. The above drugs should be applied under the guidance of a physician and should not be taken in large quantities for a long time.6, control blood sugar, blood lipids, blood uric acid levels diabetes has become the leading cause of chronic kidney disease in more and more urban residents.Regular monitoring of blood glucose, lipids, and uric acid is very important. Long-term control of these indicators can effectively reduce or delay the occurrence and progression of chronic kidney disease.It is recommended that patients with these diseases regularly check their urine routine, urine microalbumin, etc.As soon as symptoms such as increased foam in the urine, edema, etc., you should go to the department of nephrology in time.7, monitoring blood pressure, hypertension, and renal damage are renal structural and functional damage caused by hypertension, is one of the important causes of end-stage renal disease.When the blood pressure is between 130 / 80-139 / 89mmHg, it is necessary to be vigilant against early hypertension, pay attention to improving lifestyle and actively control blood pressure.If blood pressure continues to rise above 140 / 90mmHg, it is recommended to start medication.Patients with proteinuria should strive to control blood pressure below 130 / 80mmHg, and monitor changes in urine protein and renal function.8, regular physical examination Regular physical examination can effectively detect early kidney damage, it is recommended that the physical examination include routine urine, renal function, renal ultrasound and other items.For patients with high risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, gout, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, obesity, sleep apnea and other high-risk renal diseases, they should regularly go to the hospital to test the above items, and if necessary, perform urine microalbumin / tendonRatio, renal tubular function, renal vascular ultrasound, and fundus examination.(People’s Health Network is integrated from China Traditional Chinese Medicine Daily, Life Times, Beijing Daily, Guangzhou Daily) ☆ Recommended reading ☆ Strength training benefits more than just gaining muscles. Four movements reduce excess meat. Why do you say “eat radish in winter”?The effects of green, red and white radish are always frozen in winter, and a few warm recipes will keep you warm through the winter and breathing with your mouth will become “stupid and ugly”!Measure how you breathe. The longer you stand with your eyes closed and the longer you live, the longer you want to live longer. Remember how to spend the six “micro” and “seasonal seasons”?Three things to do after the beginning of winter

Anjing Food (603345): Meat product adjustments meet expected Q4 cost stress test period

Anjing 武汉夜网论坛 Food (603345): Meat product adjustments meet expected Q4 cost stress test period

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the revenue from 19Q1-Q3 reached 34.

9.3 billion (+18.

8%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

3.8 billion (+21.

25%), deducting non-net profit 2.

1.3 billion (+22.


3Q19 achieved revenue 11.

5.8 billion (+16.

59%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

7.3 billion (+34.

95%), deducting non-net profit of 0.

6.4 billion (+25.


Investment points gradually lead the growth of products, while the adjustment of meat products is in progress.

19Q1-Q3 achieved revenue of 34.

9.3 billion (+18.

8%), of which revenue was 11 in 19Q3.

5.8 billion (+16.


1) In terms of business, 19Q3 quick-frozen rice noodles / meat products / surimi / some products achieved revenue3.




400 million, an increase of 19.




At 3%, companies with high pork costs actively adjusted their business structure. The growth rate of meat products earlier in 19H1 continued to decline by 2pct; egg dumplings and Qianye Tofu series products continued to drive growth in alternative products.

2) In terms of different channels, the adjusted growth rate of dealers fluctuated slightly. In 19Q3, the number of dealers increased by 44 and decreased by 38. In Q3, the dealer channel achieved revenue of 10 in the single quarter.

200 million, an increase of 15%; small packaging such as fresh packaging promoted the revenue of Q3 from the supermarket channel.

05 trillion, the same increase of 24%; e-commerce business Q1-Q3 cumulative income 0.


3) In terms of regions, under the company’s “land sales, origin research / sale” factory base construction model, we estimate that the production capacity will increase by about 7 tons in 19 years. With the technical reform in Xiamen, the revenue in South China increased by 59 in 19Q3.

4%, the Sichuan plant was officially used in December 18, driving 19Q3 Southwest revenue to increase 47%.

6%; there was a certain adjustment in Northeast China, and income fell by 22%.


Q3 final advance receipts increased by 2 from the previous month.90,000 yuan, net cash flow from operating activities increased by 2.

600 million exhibition specifications.

Promotional decay and smooth cost fluctuations, Q4 cost management ability still needs to be tested.

19Q1-Q3 gross profit margin 24.

95% (-1.

34pct), of which 19Q3 gross profit margin is 23.

9% (year -1.

73pct, the decrease in gross profit margin increased by 0.

09pct), in addition to meat products, impurities, rice noodles and other products also have a certain content of meat products, Q3 national hog prices rose by 50% +, cost pressures penetrated, a certain margin on the gross margin.

In order to cope with rising costs, the company has issued a price increase announcement in early September, raising prices of some products by 3-10 yuan / piece.

According to the data of Zhuyi, as of October 19, the average national pig price reached 36.

56 yuan / kg, weekly change +1.

63 yuan / kg, pork prices continue to rise, it is expected to reach a high point in 19Q4, which may have further impact on costs.

We believe that in the cost growth cycle, small manufacturers’ weak ability to resist the pressure of cost growth will promote the industry’s clearing.

19Q3 inventory 12.

800 million (+1 chain.

3 ppm), inventory of raw materials and products increased.

Q3 sales expense ratio was 11.

9% (-0.

9pct), which is expected to mainly slow down the rate of promotion and advertising; Q3 management expense ratio (including R & D) 4.

4% (-0.

16pct), financial expense ratio -0.

25% (-0.

98pct), mainly due to the high base of the convertible bond index in the same period last year.

In summary, 19Q3 achieved a net profit margin of 6.

31% (+0.

86pct), net profit attributable to mother 0.

7.3 billion (+34.


Earnings forecast and investment rating: The company’s three swords combined, catering efforts, as a leader in quick-frozen hot pot materials, expansion of business, the company’s revenue is expected to be 51/61/73 trillion in 19-21, so 20/20/20%; return to motherNet profit 3.



500 million, 15/20/20% a year, the corresponding EPS is 1.



95 yuan.

The current corresponding PE for 19-21 is 39/32 / 27X respectively, and we maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Poor promotion of new products, food safety risks, and capacity releases are less than expected.

Huaxia New Starting Point and two other products hire Chen Hu and Liu Wanjun as fund managers

Huaxia New Starting Point and two other products hire Chen Hu and Liu Wanjun as fund managers

Sina Finance News On August 14, Huaxia Fund announced two announcements of additional fund managers. Huaxia’s new starting point mixed the addition of Chen Hu as a fund manager and co-managed with Sun Bin; Huaxia Dingkang’s new Liu Wanjun as a fund manager, together with Liu MingyuManage the fund, the management appointment date is August 12, 2019.

  Chen Hu “One Tube, Three” In 2016-2017, he managed the new starting point of China Xiaxia, Chen Hu, Ph.D. of Tsinghua University.

11 years of experience in securities investment management. From July 2008 to July 2014, he worked at Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd. as a researcher, assistant 云尚丽体验网to fund managers, and fund manager of Southern Hengyuan Capital Guaranteed Hybrid Securities Investment Fund.

He joined Huaxia Fund Management Co., Ltd. in August 2014.

The historical performance of Chen Hu’s management products The new starting point of China Amalgam (002604) was established on June 30, 2016, and the net value of the converted unit was 1.

1510 yuan, the latest scale: 1.

33 billion.

As of August 13, 2019, the net value has increased by 15 since its establishment.


Data source: Liu Wanjun, bond manager of Sina Fund Database, “One Pipe, More Twelve” Huaxia Dingkang Bond belongs to the new fund. According to Liu Wanjun, Master of Finance from the Graduate Department of the People’s Bank of China, 12 years of experience in securities investment management,In April 2010, he was once the Deputy Chief Staff Member of the People’s Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters.

From April 2010 to June 2013, he worked in Taikang Asset Management Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd., as an investment manager in the fixed income department and assistant to fund managers.

He joined Huaxia Fund Management Co., Ltd. in June 2013, and served as the director of the fixed income department.

The historical performance of Liu Wanjun’s management products Huaxia Dingkang Bond was established on January 24, 2019. The latest scale: 20.

9.0 billion, cumulative unit net value: 1.合肥夜网

0154 yuan, the net value of 1 since its establishment.


Huaxia Dingkang Bond Performance

Want to work out?

A new way of walking

Want to work out?
A new way of walking

Many people develop the habit of walking for fitness, but because some people walk at ordinary paces and pose too casually, only 6% of them can really achieve fitness.

So how can we play a short time and improve the effect of exercise?

  Su Ke, an expert in sports medicine in California, USA, provides a method of walking-“lifting the shirt method”: put it on the front of the waist and then slowly lift it to the chin, as if taking off a pullover shirt, then straighten the topAfter reaching the end position, slowly lower your arm to reset the top.

This action can stretch the spine and prevent a hunched posture.

  Yokoyama Masayoshi, MD, of the Japanese Sugimoto Speed Walking Association, believes that walking fitness does not prevent starting from increasing weight, which can double consumption.

He suggested that everyone walk with a dumbbell, 0.

5-1 kg dumbbells are suitable for both men and women.

At first you can slow down a little bit, but you still have to be in the correct position, so as not to make you feel burdened.

Three ways to relax your yoga

Three ways to relax your yoga

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the stress of urban people is also OK. Three methods of yoga teach you to relax (1) training method: called relaxation training or relaxation training.

  Consciously control autopsychological and physiological activities, reduce the level of arousal, improve the training of the body’s distortion function, and relax the spirit.

The main method is to achieve a relaxed, quiet, and natural state of relaxation through yoga’s adjustment of posture (adjusting body), breathing (adjusting breath), and mind (adjusting heart).

Modern scientific research shows that yoga relaxation reduces the level of cerebral cortex in the relaxed state, reduces the excitability of the sympathetic nervous system, reduces energy consumption, increases blood oxygen saturation, increases hemoglobin content and oxygen carrying capacity, improves digestive function, andMyoelectricity, skin electricity, and skin temperature promote a series of nutritional responses, which can greatly improve the function of the body, prevent and treat diseases, and prolong life. It can also improve perception, memory, thinking, mood, personality and other psychological qualities.

  (2) Sleep-inducing method: it is called relaxation hypnosis or relaxation-inducing method.

  The relaxation instruction was given to make the subject lie still and slightly closed his eyes, take a deep breath, inhale slowly, calm down, pay attention to the breathing rhythm; designate whole body relaxation, and experience the weakness and comfort after the whole body muscles relax.

At the same time, it implied: “After the whole body muscles relax, the spirit is fully relaxed, the limbs can no longer move, the eyes can’t open, and the brain doesn’t want to sleep anymore, let’s sleep!

Go to sleep

I fell asleep, completely relaxed and relieved .

“(3) Artistic conception: It is called mental relaxation or imaginative relaxation.

  Like lying down, self-impression imagination: a silhouette appears in my heart, Pinghu is like a mirror, clear and peaceful; a beautiful swan floats over the lake, and the white snowflakes in the sky gently fall; beautiful, golden sunriseA farmer is plowing the field, a horse is driving a car; a cow is standing peacefully, a peacock is opening the screen; the waves are rising on the ocean, and the children are playing; clear blue sky with white clouds floating on their headsPass; I feel relaxed and comfortable in this poetic painting, I feel extra relaxed, comfortable and happy; I am intoxicated, and my heart is very quiet.