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Why is it too addictive to eat chocolate?

Why is it too addictive to eat chocolate?

Chocolate contains theobromine, ethanolamine, phenethylamine, and other substances, which may be related to the hobby of some people.

In addition, the sugar and tryptophan contained in chocolate may be addictive to some women.

  When people suffer from physical stress, the concentration of a neurotransmitter called “serotonin” in the body often drops.

  Serotonin can affect people’s emotions, make people worry or depressed, and eating chocolate can help restore serotonin levels in the body and calm people’s irritability.

  The pre-menstrual period is the “landmine period” of unwanted women. At this time, if you pay little attention, you may cause an emotional outbreak.

  Some people find that if women eat some chocolate during this period, they can significantly improve their mood.

This “spiritual” approach has made too many women “addicted” to chocolate without even knowing it.

  However, eating more chocolate will help people gain weight. Therefore, women can eat apples, pears, peaches, strawberries and other fruits and add a cup of low-fat milk (or low-fat yogurt) when the mood is low. This can increase carbohydrates.The ingestion of compounds can also increase the substitution of tryptophan, which is more conducive to the recovery of serotonin, which not only stabilizes the mood but also prevents weight gain.

Teething Baby’s Special Grinder

Teething Baby’s Special “Grinder”

Sooner or later, the baby will always have teeth. Babies with teeth can not be underestimated. The teeth that are ready to make their roots itch and swell, so you must find something to vent the discomfort in the mouth.
Of course, the best way is to eat anything that can be stuffed into your mouth with your underdeveloped little teeth.
  Moms and dads who have experienced this must feel deeply about it. At that time, if there was any bite around the baby, anything could become the baby’s secret weapon!
Haha, take a look at the group photo below, what are the special weapons of these cute babies when they are teething . 7Here are 7 tips, I hope it will be helpful to parents who are preparing or preparing teeth:   1. Teething is generally not painful, but some babies may feel uncomfortable and irritable.
You can use clean fingers or moist gauze to rub the gums into your child’s mouth, which will help him; the cool teething ring can also be used to ease the gum discomfort during teething.
 Be careful with your gums, as using too much gum is not good for your child.
 Teething does not cause a fever.
If the child has a fever, he should be taken to the doctor for another reason.
 Breastfeeding is good for your baby’s tooth development.
 A baby can use a water glass when he is 6 months old, and do n’t give him a bottle when he is 1 year old.
These are good for his tooth development.
 Just add some water or plain pure milk between meals. Don’t let children drink fruit juice or other drinks because there is a lot of sugar in them.
If you want to give your baby some fruit juice or sweetened milk, you can let your child drink it directly at meals.
 When your baby has his first tooth, he should brush his teeth twice a day.
The most important time is before going to bed at night.
Use a gentle baby toothbrush, squeeze a small amount of toothpaste, and gently brush his teeth.
Be careful not to let your child swallow toothpaste.

Sleeping in socks in air-conditioned rooms helps to fall asleep quickly and improves sleep quality

Sleeping in socks in air-conditioned rooms helps to fall asleep quickly and improves sleep quality

“If your feet are cold, your whole body will be cold.”

In an air-conditioned room, taking off your socks to sleep will reduce the temperature of your feet and is not conducive to sleep.

After undressing and going to bed, your body temperature will definitely decrease at first. If you wear socks at this time, you can keep your feet at a relatively high temperature, which is conducive to falling asleep quickly and improving sleep quality.

  It is often the case in life: the quilt is well covered before going to bed, but it is always awake in the middle of the night, and it becomes cold when you find your feet exposed outside.

Especially in summer, the bedroom is air-conditioned all night, and summer quilts or towels can’t always guarantee the heat of the feet.

  After taking a hot bath, lie on your back in bed and lift your feet to rub each other. After your feet feel warm, it will help you sleep and improve your sleep quality.

The elderly have a lot of hidden dangers in daily toilets

The elderly have a lot of hidden dangers in daily toilets

Some elderly people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases are prone to accidents when going to the toilet for defecation.

  Why is there a sudden death in the stool?

It turned out that when the air defecation was pressed hard.

Abdominal muscles and diaphragm muscles strongly contract, which increases abdominal pressure, while increased abdominal pressure leads to increased blood output from the heart. Arterial blood pressure and myocardial oxygen consumption also increase: According to the study, cerebral arterial pressure can be increased by 20 mm Hg during defecation.In addition: sudden rise in blood pressure can lead to cerebral hemorrhage. Increased myocardial oxygen consumption can induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and severe arrhythmia, and others may cause sudden death: In addition.

The elderly have poor vascular regulation, and it is prone to cerebrovascular disease after standing for a long time. It is easy to faint and even cause cerebrovascular accident.

  In order to avoid the above unfortunate occurrence, it is necessary to develop regular bowel habits.

Eat a certain amount of food containing crude fiber every day, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Maintain a certain amount of water every day.

In the case of physical conditions, exercise can do as much as possible, can promote bowel movements, and facilitate the timely discharge of feces: constipation can take a proper amount of honey or honey to numb oil before going to bed.

You can also use Kaisailu to help with bowel movements.

Should sit in the stool, should not use the squatting; should stand slowly when standing up: those with serious illness, Yiping bed defecation, in case of accidents.

Walking can keep health, go wrong but hurt!

Your walking posture is wrong

Walking can keep health, go wrong but hurt!
Your walking posture is wrong

Everything we have to do every day, the benefits to the body are not to be avoided, that is: walking!

The World Health Organization has determined that walking is “the best sport in the world”!

Today, “Urban Doctor” invited experts and everyone to talk about how to walk healthily!

Sun Yongqiang, Director of the Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou Hospital of Luoyang Zhenggu Hospital of Henan Province (Henan Provincial Orthopaedic Hospital).

Professor Sun has accumulated rich clinical experience in artificial hip joint, knee replacement, field, revision and early necrosis of femoral head, especially in the arthroplasty and surgical speed.

Each step can promote 50% of the human body’s blood flow, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; it can squeeze 50% of the blood vessels of the human body, which is a simple “vascular gymnastics”; at least 50% of the muscles can be exercised to help maintain muscles.
The study of the benefits of walking shows that if you walk 7 hours a week and do it on a daily basis, you can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and heart disease by 30%.

The risk of cancer in pancreatic cancer is reduced by 50%.

If you develop cancer, people who walk frequently have a 57% lower degree of cancer deterioration than those who do not.

Walking for one hour a day, it has a 50% prevention effect on type 2 diabetes.

Can reduce the risk of diabetes by 12%.

For people over the age of 60, there are 3 days a week, and more than 45 minutes of walking exercise each time, help maintain better cognitive function and avoid dementia.

Walking 20 minutes a day can help people stay away from cancer, heart disease and premature death from stroke.

Walking also has to “see people to eat dishes” to walk, although everyone will, but to achieve the effect of exercise, you need to add some skills, and different people should use different ways of walking.


Infirm: open the abdomen, stride across the weak to achieve the purpose of exercise, go too slow to achieve the purpose of physical fitness, only the steps are large, expand the open, whole body activities, play a role in regulating the body’s various organs,to promote metabolism.

Best 2 per day?
3 times, each time for more than half an hour.


Obese: Walk long distances 2 times a day, 1 hour each time, and walk faster.

This can burn adults and lose weight.


Hypertensive patients: moderate speed is suitable for patients with chest hypertension to walk, the pace is moderate speed, the upper body should be straight when walking, otherwise it will oppress hypertension and affect heart function.

When walking, you should make full use of the cushioning effect of the arch of the foot. Otherwise, the brain will be constantly vibrating and easily cause dizziness.


Coronary heart disease patients: slow walking coronary heart disease patients should not walk too fast, so as not to induce angina.

Should you walk slowly after 1 hour after the meal, 2 per day?
Three times, every half an hour, long-term adherence can promote the formation of coronary collateral circulation, help improve myocardial metabolism, and improve hardening of the arteries.


Diabetic patients: swinging arms and legs, lifting the chest, diabetic patients walking with caution, stepping on the chest.

Stretch your legs vigorously, preferably 1 hour after a meal to reduce postprandial blood sugar.

It is advisable to walk for half an hour or one hour each time.

However, patients who are taking insulin therapy should avoid the time of insulin action to avoid hypoglycemia.


Other healthy people: Walking and running can’t bear it. It’s better to choose to walk, which can not only strengthen the body, but also reduce the damage to the joints.

If you stick to it for a long time, the effect will prolong your running.
Are you right?
Walking, the speed is stressful: 60?
70 steps / minute slow and 80?
Medium speed of 90 steps / minute, suitable for health care; 100?
The 120 steps/minute is fast and more effective for weight loss.

The frequency is stressful: at least 3 times a week, every 30 minutes.

The indicators are particular: heart rate 120?
130 times / minute, step 70?
80 cm is appropriate, and the distance is limited to 8500 steps.


“10:10”: The method of protecting the cervical vertebrae: the upward direction is inclined, just like the needle points to the position of “10:10”, raises the chest and carries the walking exercise, and insists on 200 steps every day.

Efficacy: This way of walking helps to exercise shoulders, muscles, relieve and prevent cervical diseases.

Reminder: When going “10:10”, you should reduce the walking speed appropriately to maintain the balance of the body; to ensure the accuracy of the movement, do not let go of too much pain.


“Three breaths and one call”: The most way to raise lungs: When you walk every day, you will be silent: “One two three four.”

One, two, three, four steps, the first step, the second step, the third step is to inhale, the fourth step to exhale, the action is exaggerated, the body is straight, not humpback.

Efficacy: This way of walking helps to strengthen the lung immunity and the elasticity of the lung cells, improve the permeability of the blood vessels in the lungs, and thus protect the lungs.

Reminder: Breathing, it is best to choose an environment with many trees, high air humidity and high negative oxygen ion content.


One step: correct constipation method: the left and right feet should be stepped on the position of the midline between the two feet. While the left and right feet are on the ground, they are twisted to the left and right sides respectively, and the upper body is kept relaxed.

Think of a step as a connection for walking every day. It is enough to walk 500 meters.

Efficacy: This way of walking will drive the ankle to twist, help increase waist strength, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, and effectively correct constipation.

Reminder: When you walk, place your hips and twists. Do not move too much. Try to keep your body balanced so as not to sprain your toes.


Walking while shooting: the specific method of breathing is smooth: 1 When walking, the two hands are half-handed, and the tiger’s mouth is opened into an arc.

2 While the left foot is moving forward, both hands open to both sides of the body. While the left foot is landing, the right hand gently taps the left chest, and the left hand taps to the right back waist.

3 Then Mike’s right leg, the left hand tapping the right chest, the right hand tapping the left back waist, while advancing, while tapping.

Efficacy: This way of walking can exercise the lungs and help the breathing to be smooth.

Reminder: When walking, keep your body upright and look forward.


Stroking a big step: Anti-humpback method: When walking, the upper body is straight, looking up, the chin is stretched forward, and the shoulders are stretched backwards.
90 steps / minute is appropriate.

Efficacy: The elderly often suffer from weak and loose hip muscles, causing deformation of the spine and hunchback.

When walking, it does not hinder the squatting and striding, which can relax the waist and buttocks muscles. At the same time, it can also exercise the buttocks and abdominal muscles to reduce the burden on the waist.

Reminder: When the elderly are walking away, they should master the appropriate speed according to their own situation. It is easy to lose balance too quickly, and too slow to achieve the effect of exercise.


Alternating and running: Correcting the old cold legs: If you feel that the amount of walking is too small, you can walk around and run alternately.

Run 15 steps first, then walk for 45 seconds, then alternately move for 20 minutes; or run for 60 seconds, then walk for 3 minutes, so alternately for 30 minutes.

Efficacy: alternating running can enhance physical fitness, increase the strength of the back and legs, and have a good effect on the so-called “old cold legs”, lumbar muscle strain, etc. This way, the amount of exercise is relatively large, and it can burn sputum.

Reminder: This method is relatively strong. After exercise, shake your legs, separate and relax your body to relieve muscle tension.

Source: Urban Doctor Editor: Machine AK copyright belongs to the original author

Do not let the tender meat powder erosion your health

Do not let the tender meat powder “erosion” your health

Do you have such a feeling that the meat in the restaurant is getting tenderer?
Not only the taste is tender and tender, but the fiber of the meat is not felt, and the color is red and beautiful.
  Is the docile cattle and sheep actively changing the structure of the meat for the needs of people?
Is it still using new technology when feeding, which suddenly improves the meat quality?
In fact, the mystery is not in the raw materials, but in the pre-cooking treatment – the tender meat powder has become popular, from the hotel to the canteen, and then to the various cooked food workshops, there are traces of it.
The question is, what is inside?
  The basic ingredients of tender meat powder are enzymes such as papain which are capable of decomposing proteins and starches used for dilution and filling.
Animal meat is muscle tissue, the main component of which is protein.
The role of proteases is to “cut” the long muscle fiber protein into pieces so that the muscles become tender and do not allow the chewed pork to stick in the teeth.
From the consumer’s point of view, the tender meat is better to chew, and it is easier to digest; from the restaurant, the low-grade meat is treated and then tenderized, and more water is sucked, which can also improve economic efficiency.
This is a good thing that both parties are satisfied with.
  However, in order to improve the “effect” of tender meat powder, many tender meat powders have been reformed and replaced.
In order to improve water retention, alkaline substances such as phosphates and sodium carbonate are added.
In order to help color, antiseptic and flavor, nitrite is added.
  In 2009, my laboratory students measured 10 kinds of tender meat powder and cured meat, and found that all contained nitrite, but only two of them were marked on the package, and the other eight did not mention nitrite at all.
According to the usage statement, most of the products are in accordance with the national standard for the use of nitrite in meat, but some products are greatly exceeded. For example, in a tender meat powder product, the content of nitrite is as high as 159g./kg, calculated according to the recommended dosage of 2%, the amount of nitrite in meat products is as high as 3180mg/kg, and the national requirement for adding nitrite to cooked meat products is not more than 500mg/kg.
  Although it is well known that nitrite is a toxic substance, it can be added to the meat to make it softer in color, tastes tenderer, has a flavor similar to bacon, and can significantly extend the shelf life.
Phosphate will hinder the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, but it will allow the meat to absorb more water. After cooking, the meat will not shrink at all, even more tender than raw meat.
  This kind of tender meat powder can turn a piece of old beef into a tender meat group without the need of force, let a pound of meat play the effect of a pound of half-meat, and let the meat look like a makeup, and it will naturally be beautiful.Reception and welcome of restaurants and vendors.
  In recent years, in the nitrite poisoning incident reported by the Ministry of Health, the catering system has occupied a considerable share, most of which is titled “misuse”. In fact, many cases are likely to be used too much when dealing with meat.Nitrate related.
According to the determination of 47 tender meat powder samples in 2005, 7 of them contain nitrite, and the maximum content is up to 10000 mg/kg.
Our measurements show that the proportion of nitrite in tender meat and cured meat has increased, and the labeling is very irregular.
Even if the label contains nitrite, there is no hint about its toxicity, and there is no sign that the chef is not to overuse.
  Such a widely used product, without the standards of the relevant standards, and the management of the industry, completely depends on the personal experience of the chef, can not help but say that it is a worrying thing.
If the chef uses the tender meat powder like salt and soy sauce, can the nitrite guarantee not exceed the standard?
I hope that the relevant departments can improve management and establish relevant quality standards and specifications for tender meat powder as soon as possible to block this food safety loophole.