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Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

A new study suggests that if you want to make a friendly impression on a friend you just met, maybe you can turn to a cup of hot psychological drink.

  In a recent experiment, someone who held a steaming cup of coffee for a few seconds felt that others were more generous, compassionate, and happy than those who took iced coffee.

  In the second experiment, the person holding the thermal pad was more likely to pick a gift for a friend than a person holding an ice pack.

  According to Lawrence Williams, a professor of marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the findings suggest that physical warmth can unintentionally inspire friendly behavior toward others.

  ”There is an interesting interface between our body, our physical world, our spiritual world, and everything that happens in the brain.

“Williams said.

The research he led will be published in Science tomorrow.

  Environmental impact Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Philadelphia, points out that this research supports the notion that environmental factors affect behavior in subtle and unconscious ways.

  In a study published earlier this year, Berger suggested that where people voted affects how they vote.

  ”Holding something warm may make a person feel enthusiastic about others, which in turn affects their attitude towards others.

“He wrote.

  He also reminded people who met by chance that the temperature of the refreshments we sent meant more, and a hot drink might be able to get things done.

  He said, “These details may make them feel more kind and friendly.

“The relationship creation research leader Williams said these findings build on previous research papers.

Previous research has revealed the connection between physical warmth (and mother’s embrace) and metaphorical terms such as “warm personality”-including qualities such as generosity, kindness, and sociability.

  In addition, recent research has also shown that the areas where the brain processes warm information on the body are the same as the areas where mental “warm” information is processed.

  This new research reveals how these concepts “play in the real world, so to speak, in terms of people’s judgments and decisions.

“People should keep these findings in mind as they prepare to build new relationships, Williams article,” You may want to date more (physical) warmth in things.
To make the relationship more warm and not cold.

The bitter summer health

The bitter summer health

The scorching summer is really annoying. Not only is it annoying and irritating, even the appetite is greatly diminished, I ca n’t eat and sleep well, and I start to sweat in a few steps under the sun, irritability, fatigue, and even dizziness, chest tightness, Chinese medicineIt is said to be “Summer Sickness”, while the folks say it is “Bitter Summer”.
  In response to this situation, both Chinese medicine practitioners and nutritional health practitioners believe that if dietary conditioning can be done well, mainly based on cleansing, these situations can be avoided.
  Everyone inevitably suffers from “little food in summer” 为何 Why can’t you eat in summer?
The reasons are as follows: high temperature Japanese nutritionist Takarazuka Wenrong pointed out in “Big mouth eats healthy”, every 10 ° C increase in temperature, the body will reduce the average need for 70 calories, the body’s heat requirements in the summer,Make people not feel hungry.
  Dehydration In summer, people do not feel water evaporation in air-conditioned rooms, so there is less water intake, but the gastrointestinal tissue has been slightly dehydrated, which affects appetite.
  Drinking too much sugary drinks is easy to get thirsty in summer. Some people are used to pouring sugary drinks. Partial sugar is a natural appetite suppressant. Sugar can be quickly absorbed by the blood, making people feel full, so they ca n’t eat it.Form a vicious circle.
  Xia Qingyang porridge is best introduced by Gao Liming, the chief physician of the Chinese medicine clinic. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, summer is mainly “Qing”.
Qingxin reassures you, the summer is hot, and if you feel irritable, it’s tantamount to pouring oil on the fire. The old saying is “quiet and natural coolness” to prevent endogenous fire.
The same is true for the diet. It should be light. The light diet can clear away heat and relieve heat and replenish fluids, which can prevent the occurrence of heat stroke.
Therefore, as long as you master the conditioning principles of clearing away heat and dampness, eliminating heat and detoxifying, and nourishing qi and nourishing yin, you can achieve the effects of summer health.
  Speaking of the summer diet, Gao Liming first recommended medicinal porridge to nourish the body. According to him, Li Shizhen particularly valued medicinal porridge for health.
Li Shizhen once said, “Eating a large bowl of porridge every day, empty stomach, Guqi will be made, the supplement is fine, extremely soft, and the stomach and the stomach, the best diet.”
  Medicinal diet porridge suitable for summer, such as heat-reducing lotus seed and winter melon porridge.The most representative vegetable in summer to clear the heat and relieve heat.
Red bean barley porridge, red bean flat, can dehydration and dampness, has a curative effect on edema, beriberi, jaundice, etc., has a conditioning effect on women during physiological period; barley kernel is slightly cold, with spleen, lung nourishment, heat and waterThe effect of red bean barley porridge can strengthen the spleen and dehumidify, reduce cholesterol, beautify the skin, and detoxify. It can also promote bowel movements and prevent constipation or gastrointestinal diseases.
Lotus leaf porridge can relieve heat, clear stomach and intestines, quench thirst and detoxify, and can cure sore throat.
  酷夏,“清”食菜  中医认为“长夏多湿”,夏天酷热气温高,湿气重,而且天热人们喜冷饮,饮水多,外湿入内,使水湿固脾,运化功能产生障碍Water is in trouble.
Therefore, Gao Liming recommends that hot foods be eaten in midsummer, and wet foods should be eaten all summer.
  Watermelon: clears heat and detoxifies, relieves anxiety and thirst, and can diuretic and help digestion.
Watermelon juice also contains abundant nutrients needed by the human body, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, citrulline, propionic acid, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, phosphoric acid, malic acid, salts, and carotene, Vitamin C, etc.
  Kelp: there is a layer of white powder with a slightly sweet taste on the surface, which is a very medically valuable mannitol, has a good diuretic effect, and can treat drug poisoning and edema.
  Loofah: sweet, cool, non-toxic, with heat-clearing and intestinal effects, cooling blood and detoxifying, activating collaterals, relieving heat, relieving thirst, expelling wind and reducing phlegm, blood circulation, lower milk, insecticide, etc., summer health careThe best product.
  Bitter Gourd: Bitter Gourd has the effect of clearing away heat and clearing eyesight.
Bitter gourd is high in vitamin C, and also contains protein, fat, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, and carotene, vitamin B and so on.
Strawberry: It has the functions of clearing summer heat, relieving fever, moistening lungs and phlegm, diuretic and diarrhea, and helping digestion.
Vitamins and pectin in the fruit have significant effects on the treatment of hemorrhoids, hypertension, and high cholesterol.
  Cucumber: The smell is sweet and cold, clearing heat and water, so it’s good to eat more cucumbers in hot summer.
Cucumber has a water content of 96 to 98 percent, which is the highest in vegetables.
  Foods with this effect include soy beans, mung beans, amaranth, winter melon seeds, celery, artemisia annua, scallion white, bamboo shoots, coriander beans, broad beans, red beans, herring, anchovies, catfish and so on.

Don’t worry about cushions to help you with constipation

Don’t worry about cushions to help you with constipation

The elderly are susceptible to constipation. Some people rely on laxatives to relieve their constipation. Long-term consumption of laxatives can produce alternatives. The amount of drugs used is getting larger and larger, and they cannot leave the laxatives. The patient is very distressed.

  If you take an excessive amount of laxatives, you can cause diarrhea. Once diarrhea can cause potassium deficiency in the body, the lack of potassium will weaken the whole body, weaken the peristalsis of the bowel, and further increase constipation.

This causes a vicious circle of constipation and diarrhea.

Therefore, the treatment of constipation should start with improving diet and lifestyle.

  Lie on your back with a pillow cushion. Place a thin pillow (or a suitable towel with a thick thickness) on the waist depression, flex your lower limbs, and lay your upper limbs flat on the bed.

Because the pillow stimulates the tail meridian, it promotes a sense of convenience.

After about 5 minutes, bowel sounds may appear, and the air may be exhausted. At this time, you can go to the bathroom to defecate, and it is usually discharged smoothly.

However, it should be reminded that this method is not applicable to people with spinal disease.

  In addition, pressing Hegu Acupoint can also relieve constipation. Hegu Acupoint is at the midpoint of the first and second metacarpal bones, the partial index finger is shifted, and there is a soreness in the insertion. The intestinal peristalsis can be felt for several minutes, which results in inconvenience.

Eating dizziness in the morning jog can relieve

Eating dizziness in the morning jog can relieve

Question: I recently enjoyed running in the morning. After getting up every morning, after drinking a glass of water, I went to the community to run. I felt very exhausted. After each run, I felt very empty and my legs were shaking. I wanted to eat.Is there any way to mitigate this situation?

  Dr. Weidong Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Exercise Science, University of Memphis, USA: For someone who likes to exercise in the morning, you must eat something that is easy to digest, such as bananas, raisins, high-carb sports drinks, etc.Exercise after 30 minutes.

  Fasting exercise can cause dizziness, even vomiting, “exercise hypoglycemia”, and even TV syncope; exercise immediately after eating can cause stomach pain and even vomiting.

If you exercise within an hour of waking up, you must eat food containing 200-300 kcal of energy.

  For friends who want to lose weight, they may think that they run on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning, and after a night of digestion and absorption, the blood sugar in the blood is low, so that the body can call the aunt directly after exercising.

This statement is wrong. The body must always call sugar for energy breakdown. The first is blood sugar. If the blood sugar is too low and the body cannot get timely energy, it will produce syncope, which will greatly reduce the intensity of exercise.Less than the purpose of exercise.

On the contrary, eating bananas and additives properly before exercise can ensure a sufficient supply of blood sugar. Instead, the decomposition of sugar can promote tiny burning.

Five more reminders to see in the benefits of eating persimmons in autumn

Five more reminders to see in the benefits of eating persimmons in autumn

Although there are many benefits to eating persimmons, there are a few points to remind: persimmons cannot be eaten on an empty stomach due to the implanted acid and pectin rich in persimmons. Under fasting conditions, they will form lumps of various sizes under the action of gastric acid. If theseThe lumps can not reach the small intestine through the pylorus, they will stay in the stomach and form gastric persimmon stones. Small gastric persimmon stones are initially like apricot kernels, but they will grow larger and larger.

If the persimmon cannot be excreted naturally, it will cause digestive tract obstruction, pain in the saliva of the upper jaw, vomiting, and even discard blood, and it was found during surgery that the persimmon is as large as a fist.

If the stomach is “bottomed”, the formation of persimmon stones can be avoided.

  Persimmon skin cannot be eaten. Some people feel that chewing persimmon skin while eating persimmon becomes more flavorful than eating persimmon. In fact, this way of eating is unscientific.

Because the implanted acids and bases in persimmon are concentrated in the skin, it is impossible to remove all of the implanted acids when the persimmons are astringent. If eaten together with the skin, it is easier to form stomach persimmon stones, especially the imperceptible astringent processAt the time, the skin contained more implanted acid.

  Do not eat with high-protein crabs, fish, shrimps and other foods. In Chinese medicine, crabs and persimmons are cold foods, so they cannot be eaten together.

From the point of view of modern medicine, crabs, fish, and shrimps with high protein are easily coagulated into pieces under the action of residual acid, that is, persimmon stones.

  Diabetics do not eat persimmons because of 10.

8% sugars, and mainly simple disaccharides and monosaccharides (sucrose, fructose, glucose fall into this category), so it can be easily absorbed after eating and raise blood sugar.

For people with diabetes, especially those with poor glycemic control are even more harmful.

  The selenium-containing persimmon can form compounds that cannot be absorbed by the body with calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other minerals in the food, making these nutrients unavailable. Therefore, eating more persimmons can easily lead to these minerals.

Because of the sugar impurities in persimmons, some people eat more persimmons than eat the same amount of apples than raw pears, which will affect appetite and reduce the intake of meals.

It is generally believed that it is advisable to eat no more than 200 grams of persimmon each time without fasting.

  After eating, mouthwash persimmons are high in sugar and contain pectin. After eating persimmons, a part of them will always remain in the mouth, especially in the teeth. Adding weak acid supplements can easily cause erosion of the teeth and the formation of dental caries.Therefore, it is advisable to drink a few sips of water after eating persimmons, or to gargle in time.

Convenient and fast 4 kinds of soy milk diet

Convenient and fast 4 kinds of soy milk diet

The principle of weight loss of soy milk 1.

Soymilk is a high-fiber food that can solve constipation problems and enhance gastrointestinal motility, so that the lower abdomen no longer protrudes.

Attachment: In addition to the role of weight loss, soymilk can also reduce facial acne, the occurrence of acne, make the skin white and moist, radiant.


Soymilk is a diuretic, sweating food.

Water can not be discharged in the body, which is the main cause of edema-type obesity.

If you eat more diuretic and heat-sweating food during weight loss, you can not only reduce the chance of edema, but also take a part to make you eat and thin.


Soy products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can decompose cholesterol in the body, promote metabolism and metabolism, and make it difficult for the subcutaneous sputum to accumulate.

Especially soy beans, it is a good food for weight loss.

  My life has always been a long-term country, but this kind of soy milk life has persisted.

The skin does not seem to be whitened, and the hormone has been adjusted, and it is temporarily unknown.

After three and a half months, the weight was reduced by 3 kilograms, and the tight skirt was loose. I was very happy.

Once the stadium ran wildly, once the lotus leaf tea was slammed, and unfortunately, it was not reduced a few milliseconds. I thought about it. I can only accidentally lose weight and attribute it to soy milk.

Checked the information, the ingredients contained in soy milk can inhibit the absorption of human lipids and sugars, strengthen metabolism, etc.

  Convenient and fast 4 kinds of high-efficiency soymilk diet 1

Pure soy milk diet method to drink two bowls of soy milk + a snack every day (except fritters); drink a bowl of soy milk before going to bed at night, the dinner is based on light vegetarian food, adhere to two weeks, you will find that it is not only small 1Oh.


Soymilk Dietary Breakfast: A bottle of soy milk or a pack of sugar-free soy milk +1 fruit lunch: 1 small bowl of rice +1 serving of fish +1 bottle of soy milk dinner: 1 serving of vegetables + 1 bottle of soy milk + a fruit This method adheres to 10 daysThe weight naturally reduces a few pounds.

Note: In addition to drinking soy milk every day, boiled water should be consumed as usual.


Soymilk + Cucumber Weight Loss Method Korea’s cosmetic technology is full of tricks, and there are many ways to lose weight and body sculpting.

At present, the Korean students often use the soy milk + cucumber diet method, the effect is not bad, but a little Hui wants to grieve, because every day, dinner and dinner with a bowl of soy milk and a few cucumbers as the main food, lunch according to their own habitsBut avoid greasy food, you must also insist on more than 1 week!


Japan’s popular vinegar bean diet method Japanese medical experts have confirmed that the saponin in vinegar beans can eliminate a tiny amount in the blood vessels of the human body, and can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and help to lose weight.

  The method of making vinegar beans is: wash the soybeans, drain the water, fry for about 25 minutes (be careful not to fry), after cooling, bottle, pour in vinegar, cover and seal, and eat after one week.
Eat 10-20 vinegar beans every morning and evening, and after you insist on re-creating, you will find yourself thin.

Elderly people should pay attention to pathological hand shake

Elderly people should pay attention to pathological hand shake

When you walk into the elderly group, you will find that many elderly people have symptoms of hand shaking, their hands are shaking uncontrollably, and sometimes they are not even shaking themselves. What is the old hand shaking?

  Usually hand shake is divided into physiological hand shake and pathological hand shake.

Normal people may have physiological hand shake in some cases, but it is not a disease and does not require treatment.

This kind of hand shake is small and fast, and it appears when it is quiet. It is a small, fast, irregular variable, often associated with mental stress, fear, and emotional agitation.

  Pathological hand shake is often a sign of certain diseases. It is called tremor in medicine. It means that the hand does not arbitrarily vibrate and often appears repeatedly. It is mainly divided into two types: static hand shake and exercise hand shake.

The static hand shake is the hand shake that occurs when the muscles are relaxed. This kind of hand shake recovers or disappears during exercise. Many people can disappear when sleeping. Typical diseases such as Parkinson’s disease; sports hand shake refers toThe hand shake that occurs during exercise, the time limit of the hand approaching the target is aggravated, and it is not obvious when it is quiet. It is common in brain lesions, and typical diseases such as primary tremor.

If the above diseases cannot be diagnosed early and treated in time, they will completely lose their self-care ability.

The seven methods of leg and foot massage delay the aging!

The seven methods of leg and foot massage delay the aging!

First, bathing feet: bathing with boiling water, especially known to use ginger or chili to wash the feet, can quickly expand the capillary network of the human respiratory mucosal acupoints, accelerate the reincarnation, so that the white blood cells in the blood of the respiratory mucosaDestroy the bacteria and viruses that attack the human body in real time, making the human body potentially infected.

  Second, the feet of the feet: after washing the feet, hands hot, squatting the relevant parts or acupuncture points, can be full-feet massage, but also partial massage, Tama Yongquan (foot) or Tai Chong (one, two toe joints)After) or Taixi (injection between the high acupoint and the Achilles tendon).

The enemy is faint, insomnia, and his face is dim, and so on.

  Third, raise your feet: every day, your feet will be picked up 2-3 times, flat or higher than the heart. At this time, the blood of the feet and legs is flourishing, the acceleration of the blood flowing back to the lungs and the heart is accelerated, and a large number of reincarnations are obtained.The department gives rich and novel blood and oxygen, and at the same time, it is also a benign stimulus to the acupuncture points on the feet.

After the army marched, it was known that this method was used to clear the weakness of the agility, and there were cracks in the usual lifts.

  Fourth, licking the calves: insert the calf with the palms of both hands into the calf, while moving the side of the squat, each side twirling 20 times, then use the same method to shake the other leg.

This method can strengthen the leg strength.

  Five, pull the foot: take the seat, legs straight, head down, the body bends forward, with both hands to move the toe and the foot joints 20-30 times each, can learn to use the foot force, prevent the legs and feet weak and weak.

  Sixth, twisting the knees: the two feet are close together, the knees are slightly down, the hands are placed on the knees, and the knees are moved in a circle, and then turn left, then turn to the right, and the capillaries are placed 20 times.

Can cure lower limb weakness, knee.

  Seven, lame legs: one hand to help or support the wall, first move the calf forward, so that the toes are lifted up, and then move backwards, so that the toes are forced backwards, the foot surface is tight, and the contraction legs are only straightened.

When you are kicking your legs, the upper body is decent and the legs are interchanged dozens of times.

This method can prevent hemiplegia, lower limbs atrophy and leg numbness, calf cramps and so on.

How to do dry skin change in the season can save your tired muscles

How to do dry skin change in the season can save your tired muscles

Cleansing and exfoliating dry skin, skin care products are difficult to absorb, because the skin layer is thickened with a thick layer of cuticle, single-sided facial cleanser can not be cleaned, this time gentle exfoliating gel, scrub will becomeMM’s savior, as long as the addition of such a simple one in the usual cleaning steps, is bound to have a double effect!

When exfoliating, take a proper amount of exfoliating gel. Use the middle finger and the index finger to draw a circle in a clockwise direction. Then massage the nose, forehead, chin and other parts that are easy to accumulate the stratum corneum. After three minutes, rinse with water.can!

Locking water and moisturizing lock water is like a moisturizing shadow. It is inseparable.

If the lock-water homework is not done well, it will be in vain to “drink” more water to the skin.

So choose a kind of skin care products with good moisturizing effect, which is better than any means!

And before going to bed at night, apply a moisturizing mask, sleep a beautiful feeling, to ensure that the skin wakes up in the morning, so that the problem of dry and peeling will never bother you.

Because of the special climate of spring, not only the interference of dry peeling, but also a lot of MM may have skin allergies. Then, when choosing skin care products, you should choose mild, low-sensitive natural herbs.

The key care finished the problem of the face, of course, the previous care of the lips, eyes, hands, their parts are equally important.

When you wash your face at night, apply a hot towel to your lips, use a hot water bubble hand, wipe the lotion, apply a proper eye cream to your eyes, and improve the dry skin of the seasons in just a few minutes every day. Your skin can also becomeThe water is tender and tender.

When you dry your skin on your lips, you must not tear it off directly!

You should use a hot towel to gently rub your lips, then use a cotton swab to gently wipe off the softened dead skin, and apply moisturizing glycerin.

Moxibustion Guanyuan points not only maintain health in autumn, but also treat all cold phenomena in addition to health.

Moxibustion Guanyuan points not only maintain health in autumn, but also treat all cold phenomena in addition to health.

Legend has it that during the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, there was a Jiangyang thief named Wang Chao.

Over 90 years old, the spirit is full, the skin is moist, and the wall can be turned over the window to commit crimes. After that, it is finally caught because of too many crimes.

The county magistrate was curious that he was so old that he could fly to the wall to be a thief. He asked him what strange health regimen he had. Wang Chao replied that Master taught him every year at the turn of the summer and autumn, and applied moxibustion at Guanyuan.

Winter is not afraid of cold, summer is not afraid of heat, do not feel hungry for a few days, the umbilical is always a fire like a fire.

Earth into brick, wood into charcoal, millennium immortal, are the power of fire.

Guanyuan Point, it is the sea of innateness, and it is the place where health and breathing inhale and indulge.

The Taoist school said that Dantian is Guanyuan.

The “Song of the Heart” of the Song Dynasty medicinal sinus material records: “Every summer and autumn, that is, the burning Guanyuan thousand columns, for a long time do not fear the cold and heat, people to thirty, can be three years a moxibustion under the umbilical three hundred strong.

Fifty, two years of a moxibustion under the umbilical three hundred strong; sixty, one year a moxibustion under the umbilical three hundred strong, making people immortal.

In the autumn, the principle of harvesting is to cultivate the vitality.

How many days does it take to moxibustion?

Ten days before and after the beginning of the autumn is a good time for moxibustion Guanyuan, but not only can the moxibustion and moxibustion Guanyuan be used in the past 20 days. In fact, the moxibustion Guanyuan point can be adhered to throughout August.

1, acupoints: Guanyuan points in the lower abdomen, the front midline, 3 inches under the navel (hands across the horizontal).

2, Moxa gentle moxibustion: holding moxibustion moxibustion, about 3 cm from the skin, feel warm.

Usually 20 minutes each time.

In fact, in addition to health care, other seasons moxibustion Guanyuan points can treat the following diseases: blood stasis, dysuria, irregular menstruation, taking down, enuresis, nocturnal emission, chills and cold, umbilical cold pain, fatigue, thinness, pregnancyFor a few months, and wait for the water.

Note: 1, rain, thunder, do not apply moxibustion in bad weather.

1, after moxibustion Guanyuan, do not blow cold, the mood should remain stable, the most avoid drinking cold water.

2, the kidneys, before and after meals, can not immediately moxibustion.

3, after moxibustion, if there is fever, thirst, getting angry, etc., you can use Ai Ye soak your feet.

If there are some cold diseases in the body, such as cold, diarrhea, palace cold, vaginal discharge and other such cold diseases, you can try moxibustion Guanyuan.

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