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2016 Evergrande Snooker China Championship match live video Mark Allen vs Wharton live

2016 Evergrande Snooker China Championship match live video Mark Allen vs Wharton live
Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship (attachment: 2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship match list/signature) to November 1 to 5 in Guangzhou this yearThe stadium is officially open.Ricky Wharton’s profile Mark-Allen’s profile has just won the 2016 Snooker National Championship and won his ninth large-scale ranking tournament Selby, as the top seed in the quarter quarter, the firstThe round will face Indian champion McGill. Last year’s World Championships, McGill defeated Selby 13-9, but afterwards, Selby won.If it passes, Selby’s 1/4 final opponent will be the winner between Allen and Wharton.  The game time of Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship Mark Allen vs Wharton is antique at 14:30 pm Beijing time on the 1st.  Live Watch”》 2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship Live

Peking Opera actor Wang Juyu creates the first Peking Opera talk show See you on stage

Peking Opera actor Wang Juyu creates the first Peking Opera talk show “See you on stage”
Sauna Night News The first Beijing opera talk show “See You on the Stage” by Wang Peiyu, a Peking Opera master, will be broadcast on iQIYI every Friday and Sunday at 12 noon from March 27.Show poster.The picture comes from the network. In the program, Wang Juyu will tell the history, stories, genres, performances of Peking opera.It is the long-standing idea of Peking Opera actor Wang Peiyu to make his own variety show for Peking Opera to let more people see Peking Opera and perceive Peking Opera.In the contemporary spread of Peking Opera, it is necessary to break down various barriers so that young people are no longer unfamiliar with it before they are willing to be close. Therefore, this program will be presented in the form of a “talk show + performance” program.After resuming work in March, Wang Juyu completed the content of the program through “Cloud Recording”.In the title, Wang Juyu joined the performance in a timely manner, sometimes a period of a cappella, and sometimes a color sing dressed in makeup.Li Yuyuan, after tea and dinner, has the rules, the rules on and off the stage are particular, the humanity inside and outside the drama is warm, and everything in the Beijing opera is presented in the show.Sauna Night Net Editor Tong Na

Depth-Company-Zhejiang Longsheng (600352): Performance meets expectations and expects another record high in 2019

Depth * Company * Zhejiang Longsheng (600352): Performance in line with expectations

Zhejiang Longsheng’s performance was in line with expectations.

We believe that the environmental protection safety supervision pressure will not be changed, and dye prices will continue to rise.

At the same time, the intermediate business has become an important pillar of the company’s profitability, and the volume and price of its products have gone up.

Maintain BUY rating.

The key performance of the support level is in line with expectations.

The company released a quarterly report and achieved revenue of 47 in the first quarter of 2019.

71 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

75%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

62 ppm, an increase of 62 in ten years.


Net profit after deduction to mother 9.

48 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.


Performance is in line with expectations.
Comprehensive gross profit margin for the first quarter 44.

26%, net interest rate is 26.


In addition, the company has implemented the new financial instrument specification since January 1, 2019, and the gains from changes in the fair value of other non-current financial assets3.

12 trillion, a loss of 0 in the same period last year.

3.9 billion, which has a certain positive impact on the performance of this period.

The quantity and price of dyes have risen together and will remain high in the future.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company sold 57,498 tons of dye products, an increase of 7% year-on-year, and the average price of dye products was 4.

90,000 / ton, up 10 in ten years.


It should be pointed out that due to the impact of the Yancheng Water Accident in March this year, the price of dyes has 四川耍耍网 increased significantly.

According to the public account of “Dyeing and Chemical Selection”, from April 18, 300% of scattered black ECT will increase the price to 70 yuan / kg, which is another price increase since March 24 and after April 1.

We believe that most of the small companies that fail to meet the standards will completely withdraw from the industry. In 2019, the dye industry is still in tight supply, and dye prices will remain high.

The company has benefited significantly as a leader.

The intermediate price has increased significantly.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company sold 27,823 tons of intermediate products, a continuous decline of 4%, and the average price of intermediate products was 3.

90,000 / ton, a substantial increase of 40 in the past.


The company currently has 3 oxide resorcinol production capacity, and 6.

5 The basic m-phenylenediamine capacity, an intermediate business segment that has been centered on for 15 years, has become an important source of the company’s profit growth.

In the future, the company plans to expand the resorcinol production capacity to 10 tons / year and the resorcinol production capacity to 5 tons / year. At the same time, it will use integration as the core to expand its production of related intermediates.

The conversion of m-phenylenediamine has increased the domestic demand for safe production input, and product prices have remained high. The intermediate business in 2019 is worth looking forward to.

Estimates maintain earnings forecasts.
Expected earnings for 2019-2021 are 1.
82, 2.

13 yuan and 2.

35 yuan.

The current highest corresponding P / E ratios are 10 respectively.


3 and 8.

4x, maintain BUY rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are that the environmental protection and safety policies are relaxed, and product prices fluctuate sharply.

Zhonghe Technology (000925): Rail Transit’s single-year high-speed growth performance has gradually entered the release period

Zhonghe Technology (000925): Rail Transit’s single-year high-speed growth performance has gradually entered the release period

Event: Zhonghe Technology announced the 2019 half-year report, and the company’s revenue for the first half of the year was 10.

4.9 billion, an increase of 31 every year.

8%, net profit attributable to mothers was 24.74 million yuan, an increase of 51% year-on-year; net profit attributable to mothers after deduction was 19.88 million yuan, an annual increase of 67.


The total non-recurring gains and losses were 4.85 million, which was mainly government subsidies of 5.64 million.

The basic return is 0.

05 yuan.

Comments: 1. The revenue from the “smart transportation + energy saving and environmental protection” two-wheel drive CBTC + AFC is confirmed. The revenue of 19H1 under the “smart transportation + energy saving and environmental protection” two-wheel drive strategy is 10.

4.9 billion, an increase of 31 every year.

8%, 19Q2 single quarter income 5.

$ 3.4 billion increased 8%.

The increase was mainly due to an increase of over 70% in the revenue growth of the rail transportation business.

1) Rail transit income is 6.

7.5 billion surges 74 per second.

5%, revenue accounted for 64.

3%, gross margin 31 %% down 5 over the same period last year.

68 averages.

In terms of products, the revenue of CBTC signal system in rail transit business4.

2.3 billion, an annual increase of 62.

4%; AFC automatic ticket sales system revenue 2.

USD 4.7 billion, at least nearly doubling; the decline in mobile payment business for more than 4.76 million, but the absolute amount is not large.

2) Energy conservation and environmental protection business: Among them, the water treatment business is responsible for Haituo Environment and Suzhou Kehuan.

7.4 billion, a decline of 8 per year.

6%, revenue accounted for 35.

7%, gross profit margin 22.


Revenue from sewage treatment equipment engineering 1.

The 4.5 billion yuan was basically the same, but the gross profit margin was as high as 41%; 南京夜网 the operation and maintenance revenue of sewage treatment equipment decreased by 1 billion yuan8.


2. The gross profit margin of sales remained at about 30%, and the three rates were still high. The gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 was 29.

57%, the overall change is not large, maintained at about 30%.

The gross profit margin of the CBTC signal system for rail transit is 34.

5%, down by 1 every year.

57 samples, mainly the joint venture product merger confirmed in the first half of the year; gross margin of the AFC system was 24.

46%, an increase of 4 per year.

There are 71 first-tier cities, which mainly have higher gross margins for confirmed routes; mobile payment gross margins are 78.

56%, up from almost 4 exceptions previously.

Water treatment equipment engineering business gross margin 41.2% short-term growth of 17.

7 blended; sewage 重庆耍耍网 treatment operation and maintenance gross profit 18.

4% decreased by 3 compared with the same period last year.

88 averages.

The net profit attributable to mothers in 2019H1 was 24.74 million yuan, an increase of 51% year-on-year;


The total non-recurring gains and losses were 4.85 million, which was mainly government subsidies of 5.64 million.
The increase of net profit attributable to motherhood is faster than the release of the main proportional effect of income growth, but the absolute amount is still relatively small, and the company’s current net interest rate level has some room for improvement.

Management expenses and financial expenses were high in the first half of the year, and the total expenses during the period2.

1.4 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of revenue.

4%, but there is a downward trend in rates.

1) Selling expenses increased by 32% annually to USD 2567 million; 2) Management expenses increased 36% to USD 9383 million.

3%, mainly due to employee salary growth; 3) Financial expenses of 4557 million US dollars decreased by 17%, mainly due to exchange income of nearly 10 million; 4) R & D expenses of 4896 million US dollars increased by 60%obvious.
  3. New orders for rail delivery in the first half of the year14.

Environmental protection business in the second half of the year increased by 5 billion U.S. dollars to focus on confirming net profit in the first half of the year.

5 billion, an annual increase of 27.


Among them: 1) A total of 7 new lines won the bid, and the new line of the signal system won the bid amount of 12.

76 billion.

The total number of new bids for the new line is 12.

700 million increase by 143.

79%, ranking first in the industry.

Among them, the domestic self-developed signal system won a total of 3 bids9.

9 trillion, which accounted for 77 of the bid amount for the new signal system this year.

8%; 2) Automatic ticket sales and online network clearing system new line winning amount 1.

1.9 billion yuan, with a total of 13 new line projects awarded.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 38 over the same period last year.


  The “railway + Internet” model has been recognized by the market, and the company has gradually established a foothold in the field of smart transportation.

Zhonghe’s CBTC system has covered 30 lines in 14 cities in China (Note: the main line and extension lines are combined into one line).

The self-developed signal system has covered 11 lines in 10 cities in China, and is rapidly replacing the imported signal system at a rate of 70% -80% per year; the automatic ticket inspection and line network clearance system (AFC / ACC) has covered the whole country34 projects in 14 cities, covering more than 600 sites; the Internet innovation business through mobile payment has realized two major innovations: “UnionPay Flash Payment” and “Mobile phone QR code scanning”, currently covering 11 cities.

  Energy saving and environmental protection: Three core subsidiaries: 1) Suzhou Kehuan’s revenue in the first half of the year1.

Revenue of 3.2 billion, net profit of 3.14 million, 22 additional contracts3.

800 million US dollars, including EPC, BOT, process package sales, equipment sales, catalyst bio-filler sales, after-sales service (cleaning services) and other project types, conversion on hand orders.

US $ 700 million, newly expanded the northern Jiangsu business area, and launched 4 key projects; 2) Haituo Environment in the first half of the year1.

The 1.3 billion revenue budget is 7.35 million, mainly due to the increase in management costs. There are currently 28 projects in progress; 15 new EPC projects were signed in the first half of the year, increasing the contract amount1.

5 billion, has exceeded the target; 3) Heiner Semiconductor Manufacturing revenue of 74.6 million net profit of 2.74 million yuan, new orders of 78 million yuan in the first half, and has completed the basic heavy single crystal growth project and heavy crystal single crystalGrowth of the project.

In the second half of the year, Zhejiang Haina will gradually adjust the product structure, focusing on the production and sales of re-insertion substrate polishing pads, and start the re-insertion single crystal growth project in advance.

  4. The performance of equity incentive-constrained employees gradually entered the release period. Equity incentive-constrained employees.

The company completed its share repurchase plan on May 25, increasing the number of shares repurchased by 4 million shares in a centralized bidding transaction, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.73%, the highest price was 8.

49 yuan / share, the lowest transaction price is 5.

26 yuan / share, with a total payment of 26 million yuan (including transaction costs).

According to the purpose specified in the original plan, the company completed equity incentives on May 29, granting a total of 6.5 million shares, 10.4 million shares, and 9 executives and 38 middle managers and core technical personnel. The unlocking condition is 18The annual net profit is the base number, and the net profit growth in 19/20/21 is not less than 10% / 20% / 30%, or the 19-20 incremental profits in the last two periods are not less than 18 years2.

3 times, the gradual profit in 19-21 is not less than 3 in 18 years.

6 times (the above net profit takes into account the management expenses incurred by the equity payment and the uncertainty impact of completely replacing Kehuan).

  Zhonghe Technology has formed a “smart + green” two-wheel drive structure. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period during the peak period of urban rail investment, the automatic signal generation system was gradually recognized by the market and revenue was

The new short-term single-line growth of the rail transit business is obvious, and the increase in income through the project gradually entering the completion period will gradually be recognized, but the company’s acquisition of Kehuan this year is the last year’s performance commitment period, with orders in hand5.

700 million, however, the project is expected to have certain uncertainties in revenue recognition.

Considering the impact of Kehuan, we expect the company’s net profit in FY19.

500 million, corresponding to 23 now.

5 times, maintaining prudent recommendations.

  5. Risk reminder: the risk of changes in the industry environment, the appreciation of the RMB, and the shortage of funds for urban rail transit projects.

When supine, the body is most relaxed

When supine, the body is most relaxed
Adequate sleep can improve overall health, increase happiness, and cause a variety of health risks.It helps maintain weight, improves brain function, reduces stress and relief, reduces the risk of depression, and promotes heart health.Studies have shown that sleep time is reduced by 6 per night?People at 7 hours are also at higher risk of developing various chronic diseases.Recently, the US “Medical Daily” wrote that sleeping time is not the only factor affecting physical health, and the posture of sleeping should not be underestimated.If you are not sleeping properly, you may not only develop wrinkles prematurely, but also cause sleep apnea, heartburn, impaired blood circulation, stomach pain, back and neck pain, headache, and muscle cramps.The four common sleeping positions have the following effects on health.  1.Lie on your back.According to statistics, only 8% of people adopt this sleeping position.The National Sleep Foundation believes that supine is the best and healthiest option for most people.It enables people to keep their head, alignment and spine on a midline without twisting and skewing, which helps the body get a full rest at night.In addition, supine can also reduce the body’s stress and avoid gastric acid reflux.However, patients with sleep apnea should not adopt this sleeping position.Because the throat and throat relax when lying on your back and your tongue falls back, you may have two-way airways, which is dangerous for people who have difficulty breathing during sleep.  2.Lie on your side.Side lying is the best choice for patients with sleep apnea.It is recommended to choose right-side sleep so that it does not compress the heart.When lying on the side, make sure that the pillow can give sufficient support to the spindle.Pillows that are too low will tilt your head down; pillows that are too high will sometimes be stretched.In order to make the side lying more comfortable and reduce the pressure on the body, it is recommended to find a pillow sandwiched between the knees and maintain a proper distance between the legs and hips, which is more conducive to relaxing the lumbar spine.It should be noted that, because the side face is pressed on the pillow for a long time, the decree may be deepened.  3.Prone.Most people avoid using this sleeping position.It can cause poor breathing, pain in the tail and limbs, compression of the internal organs, and extreme stress on the muscles and joints of the limbs.When you wake up in the morning, your body may feel numb and stinging.Especially for infants and young children who cannot turn over on their own, lying prone can cause suffocation.  4.Sleeping with her arms folded.This is the most common sleeping position.The National Sleep Foundation survey found that 41% of adults often curl up with their bodies to sleep.This sleeping position is especially suitable for pregnant women and snorers.杭州桑拿It provides better blood circulation and prevents the uterus from compressing the liver.However, it is recommended that arthritis patients leave their body parts apart at night when they sleep.(Cai Lichao compiled)

Depth-Company-Zhaoyan New Medicine (603127): Steady growth in performance and sustained growth

Depth * Company * Zhaoyan New Medicine (603127): Stable and robust performance and long-term sustained high growth can be expected

The company’s first three quarters of 2019 report consolidated and achieved operating income3.

4.8 billion (+42.

95%), net profit attributable to mother, 7,648.

310,000 yuan (+33.

66%), deducting non-attributed net profit6.


10,000 yuan (+38.

95%), operating net cash flow of 9,725.

640,000 yuan (-20.


Q3 single-quarter operating income1.

4.8 billion (+35.

86%), net profit attributable to mother 3,634.

690,000 yuan (+4.

5%), deducting non-attributed net profit of 3,172.

RMB 790,000 (+12.


Q3 single-quarter growth was slightly lower than expected, but according to the company’s scheduled business characteristics, continued 夜来香体验网 high growth can be expected, and maintain a BUY rating.

  The main points of the support level Q3 single-quarter performance growth initially does not represent representativeness, and thus brings greater significance.

During our research of companies and industries, investors were repeatedly defined. Due to the company’s business attributes and accounting system, splitting quarterly or semi-annual performance cannot fully explain the problem, because most of the company’s project cycle is 6 months-About 12 months, the general regulations are the initial questions, and the questions are closed at the end of the year, and the company’s accounting certificate confirms that the revenue is determined after the project is completely completed.

We believe that the company’s quarterly performance will become normal due to the opening of the title and the arrangement of the conclusion. There will be distortions in the quarterly data, which will entangle whether Q3 single quarter exceeds the “market expectations” without scale, and lead to maximum performance.significance.

The CRO industry is still in a high-boom stage (and no leading indicators of the industry’s turning point can be seen in the short term), and the company’s pre-revenue revenue has grown earlier.

71% (reflecting new long-term singletons), and inventory (reflecting open abstracts) increased from earlier (90.

75%), the newly invested animal houses will be replenished in the second half of the year, and the company’s performance will continue to grow rapidly.

Expenses increased significantly, and overall financial indicators remained stable.

The company’s overall gross margin is 51.

56%, a decrease from the same period last year.

73pct, net interest rate 21.

8%, a decrease from the same period last year.

66 points, the slight decline in profitability is ultimately the increase in experimental costs such as laboratory animals and labor costs; advance receipts4.

1.6 billion, an increase of 22 over the beginning of the year.

71%, we believe that there are more than 1 billion orders in hand.

Operating cash flow for the period was 9,725.

640,000 yuan, which is consistently higher than the net profit, a decrease of 20 from the previous year.

11%, the first is the first three quarters of paid employee compensation increased by 72.

5%, spending on purchasing goods and receiving services increased by 62%.

Selling expense ratio 2.

31% (-0.57pct), the absolute amount increases by 90 per year.

44%, the management expense ratio is 18.

47% (-3.

38pct), the absolute amount increases by 36 each year.

89%, R & D expense ratio 7.

67% (-0.

23pct), the absolute amount increases by 51 each year.


  It is estimated that net profit will be realized in 2019-20201.

5.7 billion, 2.

1.7 billion, 2.

8.3 billion, maintain BUY rating.

  The main risks faced by the rating are slower than expected; the progress of investment projects is slower than expected; the profit of new investment projects is not up to expectations.

Should we guarantee 6: experts predict next year’s target or around 6%

Should we “guarantee 6”: experts predict next year’s target or around 6%
Source: Whether 21st Century Business Herald continued to trigger initialization.  On the eve of the Central Economic Work Conference, whether the economy will be “guarantee 6” next year will trigger many changes in the economics community.  In the third quarter of this year, China’s GDP growth rate reached 6.0%, hitting the lower limit of this year’s GDP growth target range, hitting the lowest value since the release of the GDP figure for the quarter of 1992, and as the final year of a well-off society and the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the economic growth of next yearSpeed is of great significance for achieving the “two doublings”.  Several senior experts told the 21st Century Business Herald that China’s economy will remain at 6 this year.About 2%, next year’s economic growth target may be set at 6.About 0%, because the fourth economic census increased 2018 GDP by 1.At 89 trillion yuan, it is not difficult for China to complete the “two doubling” target as scheduled next year, and there is also ample room for manoeuvre in the growth target next year.  It is undeniable that China’s economy will face greater pressure next year: the external environment is extremely complex and severe, the world economy is down, and economic and trade frictions are continuing; substitution, insufficient domestic demand, and prominent structural contradictions.And this year, China’s per capita income is expected to exceed 10,000 US dollars is facing a critical stage to cross the middle income trap, which needs to maintain a certain growth rate.  Analysis believes that based on the need for stable growth, next year will need to make further efforts in the countercyclical cycle, and the deficit rate may increase to 3.0%, there is also room for loose monetary policy. China is expected to further reduce taxes and fees, increase infrastructure, and promote consumption.  However, China has limited space for fiscal and monetary policy, and it is unlikely to use stimulus policies for flooding.China is developing more and more reasonably, breaking through monopolies through reforms, accelerating mixed reforms, and expanding opening up, thereby mobilizing the enthusiasm of private investment and foreign investment, or policy options for next year.  The pressure for “two doublings” is not great. The next step is to cross the middle income trap. On December 9, Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the Economic Policy Committee of the 杭州桑拿网 China Association for Policy Research, told 21st Century Business Herald that China ‘s GDP grew in the first three quarters of this year.2%, even though it replaced 6 in the third quarter.0%, but GDP may pick up slightly in the fourth quarter. “Recent advance indicators such as the PMI have shown a warming budget, and countercyclical adjustment policies continue to work at the same time. The economy may be slightly better than the third quarter in the fourth quarter.Expected to remain at 6.2% level.”Based on this prediction, the expected target for China’s economic growth next year may be 6.About 0%, “It turned out that the economic census was not taken into account.”.0%, too many people are worried because according to the original estimate, it must reach 6 this year and next.Only 2% can achieve the goal of ‘double doubling’, which is under certain pressure.However, the fourth economic census made up the size of GDP in 2018 by nearly one.9 trillion, then it is not difficult to achieve the goal of “two doublings” next year, and there will be a lot of room for manoeuvre next year. It can be around 6%, but it can be lower.He said that if GDP grows by 6 this year.2%, the economic growth next year is only 5More than 6% can achieve two goals of doubling the struggle.  Niu Li, deputy director of the Economic Forecasting Department of the National Information Center, also believes that the target for economic growth next year may be set at about 6%.  他告诉21世纪经济报道,“第四次经济普查之前,我倾向于认为明年必须‘保6’,这是个底线,否则就完不成翻番的任务;不过第四次经普中,去年GDP增加了Nearly 1.9 trillion US dollars, an increase of 2 from the initial accounting of 90309 billion US dollars in 2018.1%, so I think that the target for next year is only about 6%. Even if the economy inertia drops a little, as long as it is less than 6%, it will not affect the goal of doubling.”  徐洪才强调,尽管明年的目标可能是6%左右,但在实际运行之中应尽可能“保6”,“从长远看,中国经济并非完成‘两个翻番’就完事了,这一目标明年肯定没问题,之所以要‘保6’,是因为未来数年间,中国要力争顺利迈过中等收入陷阱.He introduced that according to the latest data, China ‘s GDP reached 92 trillion U.S. dollars last year and its per capita GDP exceeded 9700 U.S. dollars. This year, China ‘s GDP exceeded 100 trillion U.S. dollars and per capita GDP exceeded 10,000 U.S. dollars.Set standards, GDP per capita exceeds 1.At $ 30,000, it entered the ranks of high-income countries.  Xu Hongcai said that after the “two doublings”, 2025 will be an important opportunity for China’s economy. China is expected to grow its GDP by at least 30% in six years, thus crossing the middle income trap and entering 1.High-income countries above $ 30,000.  In his opinion, this is not easy. Only the US dollar-denominated price can be used according to the above standards. However, if China’s GDP is denominated in Renminbi, the exchange rate of the Renminbi-dollar denomination will change.The distance of a target.  At the same time, through the resource and environment affordability to reach a critical point, in the foreseeable future, China’s development will be more important in terms of quality and effective targets such as energy consumption per unit of GDP and carbon emissions.  For example, according to the Paris Climate Agreement, China promises to meet carbon emission expectations by 2030. Therefore, China ‘s energy consumption structure is constantly being adjusted, and its industrial structure is continuously being transformed and upgraded. The task of structural reform is also arduous.  Domestic demand or further force, urgent need to improve investment efficiency In Niuli’s view, the current Chinese economy is still facing considerable pressure. As a result, the external environment is extremely complicated and severe, and the world economy still does not see the price of improvement.There has been a noticeable decline, and Sino-U.S. Trade frictions have continued. With the extension, there are still many short-term prominent problems and contradictions to be resolved at home, the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and the shifting of economic growth speeds.  Xu Hongcai believes that China’s economic development mode is changing. In the past, it has relied too much on investment. The export-driven economic growth has been unsustainable. From the perspective of demographic structure, an aging society is accelerating and the number of newborn babies has dropped significantly. Against this background,We must redouble our efforts to maintain stable economic growth and prevent the economy from falling too quickly.  He said that China’s economic growth this year has played a role in driving foreign demand. The foreign trade surplus has expanded (the foreign trade surplus has been shrinking for many years before this). The surplus may reach US $ 380 billion, but he thinks this is not good news.It is a declining surplus.  ”This expansion is not because our export growth is very strong, or because import growth is weak, that is, exports are weak and imports are weaker. It is expected that it will be difficult to continue next year. Next year, we cannot count on the positive contribution of the foreign trade surplus to the economy.Consumption is still so weak, and the downward pressure on the economy will increase further next year. To maintain the Chinese economy at around 6%, it is necessary to increase internal strength.He believes that China needs a proactive fiscal policy, stepping up counter-cyclical adjustments, and playing a key role in stabilizing investment.At least it is necessary to maintain the relative stability of real estate investment and consumption and still play a very important role in economic growth; it is necessary to boost the sluggish infrastructure investment and manufacturing investment.  Xu Hongcai said that the space for the deficit to rise next year is likely to increase to three.0%, China will further reduce taxes and fees. At the same time, infrastructure will gradually increase, and China may moderately increase its fiscal expenditure, but this will not be too large.  He pointed out that the counter-cyclical adjustment of the Chinese economy will no longer carry out large-scale stimulus plans, and future investment must “use good steel on the blade”, improve the efficiency of investment, optimize the structure of investment, and avoid new overcapacity.As the government increases its budget, it also needs to adopt reforms to create a good business environment, break monopolies in some industries, accelerate reform of mixed ownership, and expand opening up, thereby mobilizing the enthusiasm of private investment and foreign investment, both of which are currentlyFacing no small amount of pressure.  Private investment has decreased in the past few years, and investment confidence is insufficient. Against the background of increasing economic downward pressure, procyclical behaviors such as “poor lending” and “refusing loans” by financial institutions have continued.The problem is still very serious.  Foreign investment is also facing double pressure. External trade frictions are constantly escalating, and some products are subject to tariffs; restructuring, domestic labor, and land and other factor costs have continued to rise.  Xu Hongcai believes that counter-cyclical adjustment is necessary to stabilize growth, but China’s medium- and long-term growth still needs reform to increase the potential economic growth rate. In the process, accelerating economic structural adjustment and the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, which requires a process。  There is limited space for monetary easing, and large-scale stimulus is unrealistic. Today, consumption has become the primary driving force for China’s economic growth.However, as the growth rate of consumption tends to decline, its support for economic growth also has a shift in marginal attenuation, and automobile consumption has continued to be sluggish.  Xu Hongcai said that in recent years, the leverage of household consumption has continued to rise, and excessive risks have been accumulated.He said that the key to stable consumption is to increase the income of residents, especially to increase the income of low-income people, to increase the middle-income group, and to form an olive-type income distribution structure. This can not only provide support for boosting consumption, but also a large number of middle-income.The key to the trap.  In terms of monetary policy, Xu Hongcai stated that at the end of October, the broad money (M2) growth rate was 8.4%, which is a relatively stable level. There is also room for moderate easing in the future. He believes that no more than 9% of M2 is acceptable, while 0.Five levels of looseness are already the limits of a reasonable interval.  In his view, unless the current rate of currency injection is maintained, the gradual economic downturn can actually form a loose currency injection.  Niu Li believes that the current monetary policy should focus on analyzing the structural characteristics of prices.Growth, CPI reached a new high of more than 7 years, of which, pork prices is the main factor driving the expansion of price increases; resulting in continued decline in PPI.  He believes that the price of pork is affected by contingent factors and triggers such as African swine fever and live pig slaughter, which is a special situation, so don’t worry too much.At present, China’s total supply and demand are balanced. Once food prices stabilize, there will be no significant inflation. In terms of industrial products, the supply in almost all fields is very huge, so there is no need to worry about price increases.  Niu Lijian, if food and energy are not included, the core CPI growth rate has been increasing since the beginning of 2018.The high level of 5% fluctuated downward, which was 1 in early 2019.9% for October.5%, monetary policy does not have to pay excessive attention to abnormally rising CPI data.  Xu Hongcai pointed out that for the rapid growth of CPI, it should be alleviated by raising more pigs and increasing supply; for the persistently depressed PPI, it needs to be solved by expanding demand.There is room for monetary policy, but the stimulus of scale is not realistic.  Niu Li also holds the same view.He believes that China may be better and better at improving development, rather than being obtained through flood irrigation.  Regarding the question raised by some economists whether the economy below 6% will affect employment next year, Niu Li believes that an economy slightly below 6% will not cause serious employment problems. This is because in the Chinese economic structure, servicesThe proportion of the industry continues to rise, and the potential for employment per unit of GDP in the service industry is greater than that of the primary and secondary industries.  ”This year the US unemployment rate hit a new low of nearly 60 years ago, only 3.5%; Japan is replacing 2.2%, a new low in 26 years; however, the growth rate of the two economies in the first three quarters was only 2.3% and 0.9%; This has something to do with the development stage, economic structure, and industrial structure. China ‘s service industry has already accounted for more than half of GDP. It is not difficult to complete the target of 11 million jobs mentioned above.Said Niu Li.  (Edit: Zhou Shangqi)

Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

A new study suggests that if you want to make a friendly impression on a friend you just met, maybe you can turn to a cup of hot psychological drink.

  In a recent experiment, someone who held a steaming cup of coffee for a few seconds felt that others were more generous, compassionate, and happy than those who took iced coffee.

  In the second experiment, the person holding the thermal pad was more likely to pick a gift for a friend than a person holding an ice pack.

  According to Lawrence Williams, a professor of marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the findings suggest that physical warmth can unintentionally inspire friendly behavior toward others.

  ”There is an interesting interface between our body, our physical world, our spiritual world, and everything that happens in the brain.

“Williams said.

The research he led will be published in Science tomorrow.

  Environmental impact Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Philadelphia, points out that this research supports the notion that environmental factors affect behavior in subtle and unconscious ways.

  In a study published earlier this year, Berger suggested that where people voted affects how they vote.

  ”Holding something warm may make a person feel enthusiastic about others, which in turn affects their attitude towards others.

“He wrote.

  He also reminded people who met by chance that the temperature of the refreshments we sent meant more, and a hot drink might be able to get things done.

  He said, “These details may make them feel more kind and friendly.

“The relationship creation research leader Williams said these findings build on previous research papers.

Previous research has revealed the connection between physical warmth (and mother’s embrace) and metaphorical terms such as “warm personality”-including qualities such as generosity, kindness, and sociability.

  In addition, recent research has also shown that the areas where the brain processes warm information on the body are the same as the areas where mental “warm” information is processed.

  This new research reveals how these concepts “play in the real world, so to speak, in terms of people’s judgments and decisions.

“People should keep these findings in mind as they prepare to build new relationships, Williams article,” You may want to date more (physical) warmth in things.
To make the relationship more warm and not cold.

The bitter summer health

The bitter summer health

The scorching summer is really annoying. Not only is it annoying and irritating, even the appetite is greatly diminished, I ca n’t eat and sleep well, and I start to sweat in a few steps under the sun, irritability, fatigue, and even dizziness, chest tightness, Chinese medicineIt is said to be “Summer Sickness”, while the folks say it is “Bitter Summer”.
  In response to this situation, both Chinese medicine practitioners and nutritional health practitioners believe that if dietary conditioning can be done well, mainly based on cleansing, these situations can be avoided.
  Everyone inevitably suffers from “little food in summer” 为何 Why can’t you eat in summer?
The reasons are as follows: high temperature Japanese nutritionist Takarazuka Wenrong pointed out in “Big mouth eats healthy”, every 10 ° C increase in temperature, the body will reduce the average need for 70 calories, the body’s heat requirements in the summer,Make people not feel hungry.
  Dehydration In summer, people do not feel water evaporation in air-conditioned rooms, so there is less water intake, but the gastrointestinal tissue has been slightly dehydrated, which affects appetite.
  Drinking too much sugary drinks is easy to get thirsty in summer. Some people are used to pouring sugary drinks. Partial sugar is a natural appetite suppressant. Sugar can be quickly absorbed by the blood, making people feel full, so they ca n’t eat it.Form a vicious circle.
  Xia Qingyang porridge is best introduced by Gao Liming, the chief physician of the Chinese medicine clinic. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, summer is mainly “Qing”.
Qingxin reassures you, the summer is hot, and if you feel irritable, it’s tantamount to pouring oil on the fire. The old saying is “quiet and natural coolness” to prevent endogenous fire.
The same is true for the diet. It should be light. The light diet can clear away heat and relieve heat and replenish fluids, which can prevent the occurrence of heat stroke.
Therefore, as long as you master the conditioning principles of clearing away heat and dampness, eliminating heat and detoxifying, and nourishing qi and nourishing yin, you can achieve the effects of summer health.
  Speaking of the summer diet, Gao Liming first recommended medicinal porridge to nourish the body. According to him, Li Shizhen particularly valued medicinal porridge for health.
Li Shizhen once said, “Eating a large bowl of porridge every day, empty stomach, Guqi will be made, the supplement is fine, extremely soft, and the stomach and the stomach, the best diet.”
  Medicinal diet porridge suitable for summer, such as heat-reducing lotus seed and winter melon porridge.The most representative vegetable in summer to clear the heat and relieve heat.
Red bean barley porridge, red bean flat, can dehydration and dampness, has a curative effect on edema, beriberi, jaundice, etc., has a conditioning effect on women during physiological period; barley kernel is slightly cold, with spleen, lung nourishment, heat and waterThe effect of red bean barley porridge can strengthen the spleen and dehumidify, reduce cholesterol, beautify the skin, and detoxify. It can also promote bowel movements and prevent constipation or gastrointestinal diseases.
Lotus leaf porridge can relieve heat, clear stomach and intestines, quench thirst and detoxify, and can cure sore throat.
  酷夏,“清”食菜  中医认为“长夏多湿”,夏天酷热气温高,湿气重,而且天热人们喜冷饮,饮水多,外湿入内,使水湿固脾,运化功能产生障碍Water is in trouble.
Therefore, Gao Liming recommends that hot foods be eaten in midsummer, and wet foods should be eaten all summer.
  Watermelon: clears heat and detoxifies, relieves anxiety and thirst, and can diuretic and help digestion.
Watermelon juice also contains abundant nutrients needed by the human body, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, citrulline, propionic acid, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, phosphoric acid, malic acid, salts, and carotene, Vitamin C, etc.
  Kelp: there is a layer of white powder with a slightly sweet taste on the surface, which is a very medically valuable mannitol, has a good diuretic effect, and can treat drug poisoning and edema.
  Loofah: sweet, cool, non-toxic, with heat-clearing and intestinal effects, cooling blood and detoxifying, activating collaterals, relieving heat, relieving thirst, expelling wind and reducing phlegm, blood circulation, lower milk, insecticide, etc., summer health careThe best product.
  Bitter Gourd: Bitter Gourd has the effect of clearing away heat and clearing eyesight.
Bitter gourd is high in vitamin C, and also contains protein, fat, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, and carotene, vitamin B and so on.
Strawberry: It has the functions of clearing summer heat, relieving fever, moistening lungs and phlegm, diuretic and diarrhea, and helping digestion.
Vitamins and pectin in the fruit have significant effects on the treatment of hemorrhoids, hypertension, and high cholesterol.
  Cucumber: The smell is sweet and cold, clearing heat and water, so it’s good to eat more cucumbers in hot summer.
Cucumber has a water content of 96 to 98 percent, which is the highest in vegetables.
  Foods with this effect include soy beans, mung beans, amaranth, winter melon seeds, celery, artemisia annua, scallion white, bamboo shoots, coriander beans, broad beans, red beans, herring, anchovies, catfish and so on.

Don’t worry about cushions to help you with constipation

Don’t worry about cushions to help you with constipation

The elderly are susceptible to constipation. Some people rely on laxatives to relieve their constipation. Long-term consumption of laxatives can produce alternatives. The amount of drugs used is getting larger and larger, and they cannot leave the laxatives. The patient is very distressed.

  If you take an excessive amount of laxatives, you can cause diarrhea. Once diarrhea can cause potassium deficiency in the body, the lack of potassium will weaken the whole body, weaken the peristalsis of the bowel, and further increase constipation.

This causes a vicious circle of constipation and diarrhea.

Therefore, the treatment of constipation should start with improving diet and lifestyle.

  Lie on your back with a pillow cushion. Place a thin pillow (or a suitable towel with a thick thickness) on the waist depression, flex your lower limbs, and lay your upper limbs flat on the bed.

Because the pillow stimulates the tail meridian, it promotes a sense of convenience.

After about 5 minutes, bowel sounds may appear, and the air may be exhausted. At this time, you can go to the bathroom to defecate, and it is usually discharged smoothly.

However, it should be reminded that this method is not applicable to people with spinal disease.

  In addition, pressing Hegu Acupoint can also relieve constipation. Hegu Acupoint is at the midpoint of the first and second metacarpal bones, the partial index finger is shifted, and there is a soreness in the insertion. The intestinal peristalsis can be felt for several minutes, which results in inconvenience.