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Acupuncture and Cupping for Hemorrhoids

Acupuncture and Cupping for Hemorrhoids

Clinical manifestations Cavalier blood, anal prolapse, swelling, itching.

Internal hemorrhoids are born inside the anus (above the dentate line), external hemorrhoids are born inside the anus (above the dentate line), and mixed hemorrhoids are born inside and outside the anus.

Repeated occurrence of blood in the stool can cause anemia and symptoms of anemia such as dizziness, dizziness, and fatigue.

  Hemorrhoids are a common occurrence in anal diseases.

In the lower rectal mucosa and anal subcutaneous venous plexus, clumps are formed by vasodilation.

There are three types of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and mixed hemorrhoids, depending on the location of the disease.

Mostly due to inadequate diet, hurt the spleen and stomach, dry stomach and heat, wound fluid consumption, dry feces internal knot, forced the large intestine; or betting due to hot and humid, containing polylactic acid, qi stagnation and blood stasis, obstruction of meridian veins, tendon and pulse,Causes hemorrhoids.

  Clinical manifestations Cavalier blood, anal prolapse, swelling, itching.

Internal hemorrhoids are born inside the anus (below the dentate line), external hemorrhoids are born outside the anus (above the dentate line), and mixed hemorrhoids are born inside and outside the anus.

Repeated occurrence of blood in the stool can cause anemia and symptoms of anemia such as dizziness, dizziness, and fatigue.

  Acupoint prescription: Dachangshu (double).

  Method: Use cupping method.

First use a triangular needle to quickly pierce 0 vertically.

5-1 cm. After inserting the needle, shake the needle body from side to side for 5-6 times. When the ipsilateral lower limb has obvious soreness and radiation, start the needle, and then use cupping method to flash the cup for 20 minutes.

After lifting, press the needle eye with 75% alcohol cotton ball and fix it with adhesive tape.

Treatment is performed every 3 days, and 3 times is a course of treatment.

Morning training smelling chickens dancing should not be promoted

Morning training “smelling chickens dancing” should not be promoted

In daily life, many people like morning exercises.
Experts remind that proper morning exercise can make people full of energy throughout the day, but the morning exercise must be scientific.
  Do not exercise in the morning on an empty or full stomach.
You can eat some food, take a break after half full, and go outdoor for morning exercise.
  ”Smelling chickens dancing” should not be promoted.
Some people get up at three or four o’clock in the morning to exercise, and then go back to sleep to “cage back”. This will not only easily inhale the dirty air, but also disturb the biological clock, leading to fatigue and premature aging.
It is best to wait for the sun to start before doing morning exercises, because the ground air pollution is the most serious before sunrise and there is little oxygen at this time. After sunrise, green plants start photosynthesis, inhaling carbon dioxide to spit out oxygen, and the air is fresh.
  Morning temperature is not suitable for morning exercise.
In the morning of autumn and winter, if the temperature is too low or the temperature drops suddenly, it is not appropriate to do morning exercises, especially the elderly and the frail, because of their poor temperature regulation ability, they are vulnerable to cold illness.
  Rainy and foggy weather is not suitable for morning exercises.
The current “mist” is different from the “water mist” in the past. Due to the serious pollution, it is mostly a “contaminated mist”. The small mist droplets contain a large amount of pollutants and pathogenic bacteria. During the morning exercise, the breathing volume increases and more of it is inhaled.Contaminants, severe cases will cause breathing difficulties, chest tightness, palpitations and so on.

New trends in Hollywood actress makeup: light makeup travel is king


New trends in Hollywood actress makeup: light makeup travel is king

In recent weeks, three big-name actresses Su Yan have attended major Hollywood events.

“The Great Gatsby” actress Carrie?

Mu Ligen did not draw eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses when she attended the event, but she simply applied a layer of mascara without losing its charm.

The same evening, Jennifer Oscar?

When Lawrence was at the film party, he was flawless without fat spreading powder.

Famous actor Jessica?

Is Bell attending husband Justin?

Timberlake’s concert was casually dressed and faced to the sky, but she was still bright and charming with a big smile.

Although for these actresses, heavy makeup is always appropriate.

But it is undeniable that their plain looks do give people a refreshing visual experience.

  1. Isolation before makeup is important. Choosing an easy-to-use makeup isolation will definitely give a great boost to subsequent base makeup!

So, how to choose isolation before makeup?

First of all, the definition of “pre-makeup isolation” must be clear. Pre-makeup isolation is a product used after skincare and before makeup. Its main function is to base the skin, isolate the damage of subsequent products to the skin, and at the same time, make the makeup of subsequent productsThe effect can be more convincing to nature, understand the definition of makeup before makeup, and choose a product to be “wise” naturally.

  How to use the isolation: take an appropriate amount of isolation, gently tap to the face, and then use the temperature of your fingertips to gently push evenly.

  2. Focus on concealer. Make sure to use thick foundation to cover facial blemishes.

It’s outdated!

Prepare a multi-colored concealer suitable for all areas (such as acne, dark circles, etc.). Apply the concealer gently with the fingertips or concealer brush to the defects that need to be covered. A small amount of it can be effective.Cover up blemishes quickly!

  Tip: Concealer is best equipped for specific parts, although light brown is versatile, but green concealer is more effective against acne?
Remember to use the concealer in front of the foundation to make it more natural!

  3, light foundation is the key foundation is definitely the key to the foundation, but the summer is coming, the heavy foundation will inevitably become a burden on the skin, at this time, we must look at the light and moisturizing foundation.

According to your skin type and race, choose the clear foundation that suits you best!

  How to use the foundation: Take an appropriate amount of foundation and wipe it off before the back of your hand (this is to prevent too much application at one time, which will cause heavy makeup), then use a sponge or foundation brush to take an appropriate amount of foundation, and evenly lightly touch the faceComplete, then rub in a circular motion.

  Tip: Base makeup is the most taboo product to follow blindly?
Be sure to do more homework. Trying to suit yourself is the last word!

As the saying goes, no matter the black foundation or the white foundation, the one that suits you is the best foundation.

  4. The blush is light and the blush with nude makeup must be light, and the area should not be too large.

When sweeping blush, just make a circle in the smile muscle, and then gently bring it towards the temple, remember not to put heavy hands!

After applying the blush, you can apply a thin layer of powder?
The effect of the powder is to make the makeup last longer. At the same time, applying the powder on the back of the blush can also make the makeup look more natural.

Ten sunscreen secrets universal for ten years

Ten sunscreen secrets universal for ten years

Do n’t say that it ‘s not summer, why are you anxious about sunscreen? If someone is silent, you have to know that sunscreen is done all year round.

Don’t underestimate the power of ultraviolet light, it is the number one killer that hurts the skin.

Did you know the general sunscreen of the early days?

If you do n’t know, I will tell you today!


1 From now on, March and April are the time to enjoy a great spring. The long-lost warm sunlight is very comfortable on the body, but at the same time, ultraviolet rays can also cause serious damage to the skin!

Even if you stay indoors, the ultraviolet rays will quietly penetrate the glass and attack your face recklessly.

Therefore, “it must be sunscreen” is not a sensational phrase. Even if you are lazy in the cold winter, you must act quickly in the spring!


2 Let the skin have energy and fight against ultraviolet rays. Once the battle starts, the skin will spend a lot of energy to resist the damage, and what we have to do is to motivate the skin and fight with energy.

What is it to energize the skin?

Antioxidants, of course!

Using an anti-oxidant cream and eating more foods containing antioxidants can help protect the skin from UV rays.

In general, foods with vitamins A, C, E and selenium have a strong antioxidant function. Beta carotene contained in some foods can slightly darken the skin color, thereby more effectively preventing sun damage.

For example, corn oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other dried fruits, nuts, liver, eggs, fatty fish, and some fresh fruits and vegetables are all good choices.


3 Tanning It is cool to tan yourself into a bronze beauty, but don’t let the UV rays damage your skin while tanning.

In short, “naked sun” is absolutely impossible, the correct method is to replace the special cream with a tanning effect.

This cream will make your skin appear natural, charming bronze by oxidizing epidermal cells, and it is also effective against UV rays.

But you have to remember to regularly remove dead skin, otherwise your bronze skin may become nondescript orange-red.


4 acid-base sunscreen The pH value of different human bodies is an emerging medical concept, but it has also attracted the attention of the beauty industry.

Human pH is at 7.


45 is alkaline body, fast metabolism, strong glands secretion, sweaty and oily skin, will reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen, while low sebaceous gland acidity, also reduces the skin’s resistance, making the invasion of UV rays into the skin changeIt’s easy; the pH is at 7.

People under 35 are acidic, have high blood acid value, slow circulation, and often have dull skin, large pores, and allergies due to lack of water. Even sunscreen has little effect.

The most healthy state of the human body is pH 7.

40, that is, weak base constitution.

  Acidic Sunscreen: Sunscreen is based on hydrating and moisturizing. It is recommended to use a hydrating product to enhance the skin’s skin volume, and then absorb the physical sunscreen lotion or cream to form a light protective film for the skin., It is best to choose anti-allergy sunscreen, the sun protection index should not be too high, it is appropriate not to exceed SPF30.

  Strong alkaline sunscreen: Sunscreen is based on cleansing and toning. It is recommended to use a mild alkaline cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin before applying sunscreen, and then apply toner and sunscreen. Sunscreen also pays attention to oil control. It is best to useOil-control formula for sunscreen skin care products. After that, pay attention to using deep cleansing lotion to keep pores clean and free of burden.


5 Sun protection does not seek the word “save” and “save” is not suitable for topics related to sun protection!

Some MMs don’t know whether it is to save money or trouble. They only prepared a small bottle of sunscreen all summer and wiped things out when they went out.

Any idea where she went wrong?

First of all, a bottle of sunscreen is not enough to meet all sun protection needs. You can no longer use the usual sunscreen when you are traveling on vacation. Furthermore, the sun protection function is time-effective. Depending on the sun protection index, the length of time varies.

We should choose several sunscreen products according to our lifestyle, commute, indoor, outing, vacation, carry it with you when you go out, and apply it at the appropriate time.

6 Do you use “physical” or “chemical”? You must have heard of chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. Do you understand the principle?
In fact, the two sunscreen methods refer to the difference between sunscreen agents: chemical sunscreen ingredients are mainly UV absorbers, which are organic compounds. They absorb UV rays and then release them in an alternative energy form to avoid direct damage to the skin by UV rays; physicalThe main component of sunscreen is an ultraviolet shielding agent, which is generally composed of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc., to make the physical reflection and scattering of ultraviolet light, and avoid direct contact of ultraviolet light to the skin.

Which one is better?

Again: the one that suits you is good.

Just be reminded that using two sample sunscreens on your face is enough!

Let’s analyze the performance of the two sunscreen products, lest you be difficult to determine.

  Physical sunscreen: The advantage is that the product is stable in nature, long in action, high in safety, does not cause skin complications, rarely causes allergic reactions, and the increase is uncontrollable.

The disadvantage is that there is no advantage in price. Low-cost physical sunscreen products still easily cause sunlight to gather, which does not prevent sunscreen and affects skin breathing.

  Chemical sunscreen: The advantage is that the product has good transparency, even if directly absorbed on the skin, it is colorless, feels refreshed, and the skin does not have a sense of weight. The deficiency is because the sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet rays and is oxidized at the same time, which will affect the sunscreen effect.You must reapply for more than half an hour of naked exposure.


7Beach sunscreen is invincible Don’t believe that parasols Most people think that parasols are all right, in fact, they can be tanned under a parasol, and every 15-30% of the sun will be reflected by the sand under the umbrella and suspended in the airThe dust also reflects part of the UV rays.

  Dietary sun protection: Tomatoes, grapefruit, watermelon, these antioxidant supplements can help your skin remain white after sun exposure; in order to prevent ultraviolet rays from drying the skin, you need to add zinc and selenium to the skin.Eat more whole wheat bread, shrimp and eggs.

  Treatment of sunburn: The sunburned skin becomes red and swollen. To make these symptoms disappear as soon as possible, please apply a little emollient containing vitamin E and vitamin B5 every day, take analgesics, and drink a lot of water.

In addition, do not peel off those skins that are about to be replaced, otherwise it will leave scars easily.

  After the sea bath: Take a fresh water shower and rinse off the salt.

The water temperature should be lower than 39 ° C, because the high temperature will continue to dehydrate the skin exposed to the sea.

Then use a towel to soak up the water on your body, and then apply moisturizing cream to your body.

You can also wash your face with normal saline (available in pharmacies).


8 sun protection from the “head” If you take care of your hair, you will find that if you expose it to the sun for too long, your hair will become dry and fragile, and your hair color will become more yellow and dull.

This is because fragile hair suffers three times as much damage from sunlight as skin.

Since the ultraviolet rays are so rampant, we only have to worry a lot and take care of the hair everywhere.

  Bringing a special parasol or sun hat is the right choice for protecting your hair.

Of course, if the material is UV-resistant, you can rest assured. If it is just a normal material, it is best to replace the dark one.

The natural visors such as grass, rattan, and linen are refreshing and breathable, which can keep a good airway for hair. The visor can block 70% of the ultraviolet rays directed to the hair.

It should be noted that wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Under sunlight, moisture and nutrients will be quickly lost, so it is best to allow the hair to dry naturally in the shade after shampooing.

  Sunscreen hair products are another form of cover, and use better gels, or spray-type lotions with sun protection, leave-in conditioners, and more.

This type of accessories mainly contains a breakthrough water nourishing formula and sun protection factor. In addition to facilitating styling, increasing the gloss and moisturizing effect of the hair, its special ultraviolet filter film can also protect the hair fiber from ultraviolet rays.

Remember to update every 5 hours.


9 Why can’t I forget sunscreen? Why do some parts of the body become redder than other parts?

The reason is simple. Some parts that are usually hidden by clothes, such as the soles of the feet, thigh roots, facing backwards, and some prominent parts, such as the shoulders and nose, are more sensitive.

The more white your black people are, the easier these sensitive areas become red.

You can use body sunscreen products to prevent protection. These products are not very different from facial sunscreen products, but they are lighter and thinner than the face and can be absorbed. The protection coefficient and effect are the same.

Spray-type body sunscreen is more convenient to use.


10 Don’t kiss the sun again. The place to be afraid of the sun is our lips.

Lip skin is delicate and delicate, not as natural as the normal lubricating layer of facial skin. It is more likely to dry and crack under the sun, and even bleeding infection.

Unsightly and unhealthy, severe skin diseases can result.

So, kissing lips and the sun is no joke!
Therefore, it is necessary to buy a lip balm with sun protection.

Mindful office worker

Mindful office worker

“Chao nine to five” is the normal schedule for white-collar workers.

The reporter found that the majority of office workers did not leave when it was “late five”, and even a few people were “consuming” in the office after work every day.

Further investigation revealed that everyone did not return home on time, but in fact had their own “selfishness”.

  避堵车防日晒   京龙大厦的冬清告诉记者:“我们公司有个同事,是做业务的,经常下了班还不走,老在办公室待着,刚开始大家都以为他是‘拼命三郎’,忘我工作。I later asked him to know that he was originally trying to avoid traffic jams during the rush hour.

“Yeah, it’s better to” enjoy “the air conditioner while sitting in the office with the road blocked!

“Some MMs don’t leave as soon as they leave work, especially in summer. They are said to be afraid of getting sunburned, and wait for the poisonous sun to ‘get off work’, and they leave work again.

Xiaobian introduced the situation of their company. It is estimated that these MMs will go to work earlier in the summer. In order to protect the sun, they must catch up before the sun “go to work”!

Dare to love that the sun is more useful than the boss.

  ”Beijing Drift” lonely nowhere to go. The reporter also found in the investigation that there are many cases of “North Drift” singles among white-collar workers who do not leave the office after work.There is no place to go, and it is not fun to return to the rented cottage, so most of them stay in the office after work, or chat on the Internet, or learn to charge.

“There are so many colleagues staying in the office and chatting with friends on the Internet. It is better than going home alone to place an order.

I do n’t have a computer in ‘home’, and it ‘s not fun to go back. I might as well use the company ‘s resources to browse the Internet.

“The SAM of Hanwei Building told reporters.

  The newcomer is eager to find “organization” ANNIE of Jianwai SOHO who just entered the company after graduating from university. It takes time to familiarize with the surrounding environment and get to know colleagues.

There are endless things at hand during work hours. Only when I get off work, check more information to understand some things related to my work; chat with colleagues and get familiar with some basic conditions of the company.

“Furthermore, I saw that the leader did not leave after work hours, and everyone was busy with the matter at hand. As a newcomer, even if it was okay, I didn’t dare to leave.

Otherwise it will give you a bad impression.

“When a newcomer first arrives in a group, it takes time to integrate himself, and while working hours can’t delay mistakes, he can only use off hours.

Small actions to create sexy ecstasy beautiful ass

Small actions to create sexy ecstasy beautiful ass

To have the beautiful buttocks of the screen stars, plump and moderate, slightly upturned, is a dream for Asian women.

Hollywood star fitness coach Radu explained the key to weight loss.

He said: It is to concentrate: “You have to be very focused and feel every movement of the body.

Otherwise, you can only get half the results with half the effort.

“It’s necessary to stay outdoors.

Persist in jogging once a week for half an hour each time, with some simple movements, this is the basis of Radu’s beautiful hip plan.

At the beginning, each action is repeated for 20 seconds, and can gradually be increased to 60 seconds.

  Short-time full-speed running: can effectively raise hips.

  Try to jump up with one or two legs: it may seem a bit silly, but it is necessary to beautify the line of the pedal.

Radu Elite: “Any kind of jumping exercise will help with hip lifting.

“Kicking: Try to lift your heels to your shoulders while jogging or walking.

  Indoors, keep up the heat: Radu reveals indoor cheats for stars.

Start with a frequency of 10 repetitions per set, and then gradually increase in 5 increments until you reach 25 per set.

  Lie on your back with the carbon dioxide lying flat on your body, merging and bending.

Lift your right leg slowly, and gently put your left leg on the top right.

Raise the pelvis slowly, keeping the hips and thighs tight, lower them again, and then change your legs.

  Face down with both hands and into the body, lift straight at the same time, straighten legs, try to lift up, toes pointed to the ceiling, do 10 times alternately up and down, pay attention to keep legs straight.

Then change legs.
  Lie on your back with your hands on your lower jaw, lift your chin, straighten your legs, and open slightly.

Lift the left leg to the right, then lower it; then lift the right leg to the left.

The legs can be left and right alternately 10 times before stopping.

  When you exercise, it’s important to disrupt the sequence of these actions: “Routine exercise allows you to relax and reduce muscle stimulation.

Radu thesis.

Keep up the above exercise, one hour at a time, 4-5 times a week.

After 3-4 weeks, you will see your beautiful sexy back curve in the mirror!