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Menstrual blackening 3 reasons symptomatic diet food help

Menstrual blackening 3 reasons symptomatic diet food help

Menstruation is a stage that every woman must go through.

Menstruation can fully regulate the body’s functions and also reflect your physical condition.

Normal menstrual blood color is dark red, but a few women will have black symptoms.

There are three causes of blackening of menstrual blood, how to judge which one of your condition belongs to?

How to regulate symptomatic blackening of menstrual blood?

  Normal menstrual blood is dark red, mixed with small replacement endometrial fragments, cervical mucus, vaginal epithelial cells, and no blood clots.

If your menstrual blood is as thin as water with only a little pink or purple instead of purple, it is not normal.

If the menstrual blood is completely clot, and it is not normal, there may be other bleeding sites. Seek medical treatment early to ensure good health.

  The reasons are: Reason one: Qi stagnation, blood stasis, menstruation, black, irregular menstruation, menstrual flow, more or less, purple-red, blocky, and poor menstruation.

Or with lower abdomen pain, refusing to press, or having chest pain, breasts, bloating, bloating, suffocation, dark purple or petechiae, thin white or yellow fur, pulse string or astringent.

Expelling blood circulation, dissipating qi and relieving pain.

  Symptoms of qi stagnation and blood stasis in women: 1. Habits of constipation; 2. Dry skin and obvious dark circles; 3. Menstrual pain is particularly serious and the cycle is irregular; 4. Menstrual blood is large;Hands and feet were cold, but the head and face were extremely hot.

  These people are prone to blood stasis: 1, usually people with Qi stagnation also have symptoms of blood stasis; 2, labor workers; 3, people who have had car accidents or internal injuries; 4, people who often eat ice or cold foodPeople, especially during menstruation; 5, have headaches and aches.

  Daily health care for people with qi stagnation and blood stasis type. Step 1. Eat more blood and spicy ingredients to help activate blood!

People with poor blood circulation, it is best not to eat cold and cold foods, to avoid more severe blood division, you can usually eat more blood or spicy food to achieve the effect of activating blood.

Black beans, black vinegar, fungus, grapes and other active blood ingredients can effectively help blood flow.

But because it takes weeks or months to improve blood circulation, you must continue to eat to see the effect!

  2. Walk for 15 minutes every day to promote blood circulation.

Experts say that as long as you can walk at a speed that allows you to chat with people freely, you can use fragmented time to walk for a total of 15 minutes a day. In this way, the amount of blood scattered in the cardiovascular system will increase.Increasing the speed of blood circulation!

  3. Massage Taichong acupoint, about 1 inch and a half behind the first and second finger seams of the instep, which is Taichong acupoint, reset for 6 seconds, rest for 6 seconds, and last for 10 minutes.

Can help you clear the liver and relieve depression, clear the liver and relieve fire, promote blood circulation, and relieve qi and pain.

  Women’s Xingqi Quyu Recipe-Amomum Pork Belly Soup Ingredients: Amomum villosum 10 g, Tianqi 9 g, and pork belly 100 g.

  Method: Wash the pork belly with boiling water, scrape off the inner membrane, remove the odor, put it into the pot with Amomum villosum and Tianqi, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it for about 2 hours.

  Efficacy: refreshing the stomach, removing stasis and relieving pain, and effectively treating dysmenorrhea due to qi stagnation and blood stasis.

  Reason two: Qi and blood deficiency appear menstrual period and black menstrual period. The lower abdomen is faintly painful, or the lower abdomen and genitals are empty. Hip rubbing. The menstrual cycle increases or decreases after menstrual cycle is advanced or wrong.

Or abdominal pain, or dizziness, or tired limbs, pale or chlorosis.

The tongue is reddish and the veins are weak.

Treatment should be qi and blood tonic.

  Daily diet should strengthen nutrition, eat high-protein, high-vitamin foods, you can also eat salty foods, such as sugar, biscuits, etc. American ginseng is not dry, no fire, and can be eaten throughout the year.

  Because of weak constitution and easy fatigue, you should take appropriate rest to prevent excessive fatigue.

If you can do beauty gymnastics, walking, jogging, massaging your limbs, chest and abdomen every morning when you get up, it will be very helpful for adjusting qi and blood, and strengthening your physique.50g, brown sugar 20g Method: Add black beans and jujube to the right amount, cook into a porridge, add brown sugar to make a serving.

Each menstrual period begins 3 days before menstrual cramps, 1 dose per day, and even 10 doses is a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstrual pain, treating weak blood and dysmenorrhea.

  Reason three: Menstrual blackness and irregular menstrual cycles appear in kidney deficiency, with a small amount, pale red or dark red, and thin.

Low back and knees, heel pain, dizziness, tinnitus, or cold belly, or nocturia.

The tongue is pale and the pulse is weak or slow.

Expelling kidney and regulating menstruation.

  In the daily diet, you can eat more yam, chestnuts, black sesame, black beans, gelatin, longan, etc., which are good for kidney filling and kidney strengthening.Eat less cold and greasy foods such as raw cucumbers, raw radishes, watermelons, persimmons and fried foods. It is also inappropriate to eat spicy onions, peppers, fennel, pepper, mint, etc.

  Regular movements of the waist cause smooth qi and blood in the waist to nourish kidney qi.

You can also use your fingers to massage the waist, which has the effect of nourishing kidney energy.

The Yongquan Point in the center of the sole of the foot is where the turbid gas drops. Don’t forget to rub it when you soak your feet at night.

  Women’s Kidney Recipe-Ejiao Jujube Black Chicken Soup Ingredients: Echinacea, Ejiao, Polygonatum sibiricum, Zhishi, Longan, Jujube, Medlar, Mulberry, Jiang Feishui.

  Method: Remove the internal organs, head and tail of the black chicken, and wash them; wash all the herbs and soak them with a small amount of water for a while;Cook gently for 3 hours.

Add salt before boiling.

  Description: Black chicken, Ejiao, Chinese wolfberry, Zhishi, Huangjing, Mulberry and other ingredients can nourish Yin and kidney.

Black chicken, Ejiao, red dates, longan and other ingredients can also nourish blood and liver.

  Efficacy: It has the functions of nourishing the liver, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, and improving savvy purpose.

For women who are physically weak and have blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, and a weak spleen and stomach, drink more.

Urine color reveals health issues

Urine color reveals health issues

Urine is metabolized every day.

But has anyone noticed the color of his urine?

The color of urine is also related to the health of the body. Let ‘s take a look at it.

  Milky urine: Also known as chyluria, this is due to the inability to absorb the chyme from itself, causing chyle to return to the urine.

There are congenital factors that cause chyluria, such as congenital lymphatic valve dysfunction, and secondary factors, such as common filariasis and urinary urinary infections.

  Yellow-brown urine: It is common in bisexual jaundice, cirrhosis, hepatitis A, and poisoning with chloroform.

  Blue-green urine: common in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections.

  Red urine: You can see the urine is red with your eyes called gross hematuria.

Urine contains a lot of red blood cells.

There are many causes of hematuria, which are common in inflammation of the urinary and reproductive system, stones and tumors.

Such as various types of nephritis, renal tuberculosis, acute cystitis, urethritis and stones in the above parts, malignant tumors and so on.

Systemic diseases such as leukemia, scarlet fever, and congestive heart failure also often cause hematuria.

  Dark red with yellow urine: seen in bilirubinuria, often hepatitis A.

  Dark brown urine: common in phenol poisoning and malignant melanoma and acute glomerulonephritis.

  Hemoglobinuria: Refers to the occurrence of free hemoglobin in urine.

Because there are no red blood cells or only a few red blood cells in the urine, the urine is clear and red wine-like.

Common in lung disease, broad bean disease, incompatible blood transfusions, hemolytic anemia, paroxysmal hemoglobinuria, and abdominal hemorrhage.

Recommended recipes

Recommended recipes

Qushidou Qushidou, you can see its name to see its dehumidifying effect. It is also called poached bean, which should be related to its full body and soft body, and its appearance is red with white markings.

Qushi beans are a specialty of northern Guangdong. After cooking, the texture is soft and glutinous, which is comparable to chestnuts.

  In addition to removing dampness, in fact, the effects of removing dampness and nourishing blood, strengthening the stomach, and strengthening kidneys are also very good. It has a therapeutic effect on obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis.

Using wet beans to cook vegetables can be stewed chicken, duck, and pig’s feet. It is a nutritious and delicious dish, which has a nourishing and kidney-strengthening effect. Or it can be used as a soup, the soup tastes natural and has the fragrance of beans: the damp beansChixiaodou Lean Broth is prepared to remove wet beans 50g, Chixiaodou 30g, Poria 30g, lean meat 400g, Chenpi 1 horn, 3 slices of ginger, water, wash everything, cut the lean meat into large pieces, and peel the skinSoftly scrape off the boil, pour the water into a clay pot and boil, add all the ingredients, boil it with martial arts, turn to a low heat pot for one and a half hours, season with salt to taste, clear the heat and detoxify, and strengthen the spleen and dampness.

  Dehumidified Beans Huaishan Pork Bone Soup 50g Dehydrated Beans, 30g Dry Huaishan, 30g Eyebrow Beans, 250g Pork Spine, 6 Chicken Feet, 3 Gingers, Moderate Water, Wash Everything, Remove Chicken FeetYellow crust, chopped large pieces of pork bones, scoop up the water, pour the water into a clay pot and boil it, add all the ingredients, boil it with huohuo, and turn to a hot pot for an hour and a half.
  Moist Bean and Sturgeon Soup Prepare 60 grams of moist beans, 30 grams of peanuts, 1 horn of peel, 500 grams of bonito, 3 slices of ginger, wash everything, soak the rind and soften the pan, put oil in the hot pot, and fry both sides of the bonitoYellow, water is poured into a clay pot and boiled. Add all the ingredients and bring to a boil. Transfer to a simmering pot for one and a half hours. Season with salt and serve, nourish qi and blood, and remove dampness.

Ten mantras for your sexy little waist

Ten mantras for your sexy little waist

The waist is the sexiest place a woman can see. Who doesn’t want to have a small waist as thin as a willow.

Want to know how to lose weight quickly?

Recommend a few rules and tricks to help you quickly reduce your waist circumference by 3 cm or more in 12 hours, making you more sexy and charming.


Drink more water and less carbonated drinks.

  Carbonated drinks and those with high sugar content can make your stomach bulge like a balloon.


Don’t eat fries often.

  Salt retains moisture, especially before the physiological period.

Stressed (stressed food) and canned foods are also high in food intake.


Don’t chew gum all the time and give your chin a rest. Don’t chew gum all the time.

Chewing gum can cause you to swallow too much air and your stomach will swell and swell.


Two or more cups of coffee can help you have a bowel movement. Drink more coffee if you have a bowel movement.

One or two cups of coffee can help laxative.


Underwear Corset Underwear, high-waisted trousers, or a waistband can make a person look thinner by an inch or more.

The corset effect of the underwear is good, but the extra excess meat will be prominent in the over-tight underwear, so avoid wearing too tight underwear.


Choose the dress that suits you best now. Don’t consider the size. No one will look at the label of your dress, but if your clothes are too tight, you may expose your belly.

So show the best part of your body, attract the attention of others, and divert your attention from your fat belly.

Beautiful arms?

Then wear a sleeveless dress.

Shapely calf?

Then wear a miniskirt.

Have a fascinating spindle?

Then wear a thin suspender or a clean suspenderless top.


Put on your color No matter what color you want, make it shine on your body.

The uniform color matching (same color series) of clothing, a certain coat, skirt or trousers and shoes are the same color system, will show the effect of elongated body.


Choosing fabrics that do not protrude from the obvious belly, such as silk, rayon, knitted garments, and rough-faced sports (sports food) shirts, will usually have a good effect, thereby leaving residual depressions.


Don’t forget to put on high heels when you wear a high heel party.

Remember to remind yourself to abdomen and show your height.


Exercising when the main shaft is lifted reduces the air pressure in the body, allowing the abdominal muscles to fully participate in the exercise—the abdominal muscles are responsible for abdominal movements.

Why do we have brain gaps?

Why do we have “brain gaps”?

Can you show a short-term brain blank?
What is the reason for this?
The following blue heart will solve the mystery of brain blank for you.
  What is “brain blank”?
“Brain gap” is the phenomenon of mental retardation and mental failure caused by the suppression of brain activity in a short, strong emotional state.
The Bible Acts of the Apostles tells the story, “A man named Ananias was severely rebuked by his disciple Peter for dishonestly withholding a portion of his income from selling real estate.
After Ananias heard those words, he fell to the ground and surrendered his soul.
“The sudden death of Ananias is clearly caused by extreme fear.
  A related phenomenon is “dripping and killing people.”
According to reports, a prisoner blindfolded the death penalty and informed him that he would be severed from the carotid artery and bleed to death.
Next, the executioner gently stabbed the prisoner’s wrist with the back of the knife; then the warm water was slowly poured into the prisoner’s palm with a small rubber hose.
Although the prisoner did not shed blood, he died of extreme fear within a short time.
  There are similar extreme situations in daily life.
For example, after hearing the death of a loved one or the most beloved one, some people may be mentally exhausted, dazed, fainted, unconscious; if a truck rushes head-on when crossing the road, someone may stand stupidlyIn the middle of the road, you can’t move at all . Afterwards, you can still say, “Frightened, I didn’t know anything at that time!”
A student who failed in the college entrance examination every year once said painfully: “Every time I walk into the examination room, my brain doesn’t turn around. I can’t remember the key words, my brain is blank .” Similar problems have plagued many people.
Fan Jinzhong’s ecstasy after major success, despair after tragic failure, sadness in the face of unfortunate events, and nervous anxiety in the face of sudden events may leave the brain in a “blank state.”
This phenomenon is related to human autonomic nervous system and cortical neural activity.
  The autonomic nervous system, also called the autonomic nervous system, is composed of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.
To a certain extent, the generation of the autonomic nervous system has chemical significance.
The autonomic nervous system is first used to accumulate and maintain the body’s energy.
Many reptiles reduce their body temperature and their metabolic rate slowly when they are cold at night; when they wake up in the morning, they look lazy, as if unable to search for food, but just stay in the sun to absorb heat.
In fact, this is the best way for animals to adapt to their surroundings.
  It is this autonomic nervous system that manages the body’s energy and resources. It plays a surprising role in various emotional states such as tension, fear, and anxiety.
Previous studies have shown that nervous and excited emotions are necessary at critical moments. It activates the activity of the sympathetic nerves in the autonomic nervous system.This will provide more blood and oxygen to the brain and muscles.
At the same time, the sympathetic nerve also releases norepinephrine, which causes some blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow in the area to cope with various tensions.
Therefore, the coach often sums up the reasons for the athlete’s defeat in the game: “It is not a technical reason, but the player has not entered the state.”
The implication is that the athletes have not reached the level of stress they deserve.
   Recent research indicates that in a strong emotional state, the autonomic nervous response may go to the other extreme: that the sympathetic nerves that should have been active are completely inactive and insensitive, but in a state of inhibition.As a result, the heartbeat slows and weakens, the breathing rate decreases, and the blood glucose level decreases.
Scientific facts accumulated over the past ten years prove that the metabolism of brain energy mostly comes from aerobic oxidation of glucose, and the brain is very sensitive to changes in blood glucose and oxygen content.
Hypoxia and hypoglycemia make the brain energy supply inadequate, and brain glucose metabolism and brain energy supply are the basis for various functions of the brain. Without energy supply, the brain cannot work.
The brain, especially the cerebral cortex, which is a key part of human thinking, will not work properly if there is insufficient energy and weakened brain function.
Minor people have narrowed the scope of attention and perception, speech incoherence, irregularity, behavior disorder, etc .; in severe cases, the brain cannot guarantee its activation state and cannot perform effective work.
Did “brain blank” appear at this time?
  Others believe that the “brain gap” that occurs under extreme emotional states is likely related to the suppression of neural activity.
Indeed, if too strong emotional stimulation has exceeded the limit of excitability of nerve cells, temporary neural connections in the cerebral cortex will be interrupted, and the cerebral cortex will be in an inhibited state, which may cause a sudden “brain gap”.
  The current research on “brain gap” has only obtained some preliminary understandings, but it is far from conclusive.
Uncovering the secret of the “brain gap” requires a lot of further research.
New research methods in recent years, such as positron emission scanning (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), can provide a more accurate understanding of various brain activities, which lays a way for further research on “brain gap”basis.