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Yang Yuanqing, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested: Promoting the coordinated development of new infrastructure and new consumption

Yang Yuanqing, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested: Promoting the coordinated development of new infrastructure and new consumption
On May 19, Sauna and Yewang learned from Lenovo that the NPC deputy, Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing will submit six proposals to the Third Session of the 13th NPC this year.Yang Yuanqing pointed out in the proposal that stabilizing the economic fundamentals needs to work simultaneously on the supply side and the demand side, relying on the vigorous development of a “new infrastructure” -based smart economy, a stable global supply chain industrial chain, and must also continueVigorously promote the consumption of information products and boost domestic demand to achieve domestic consumption upgrades.  In 2018, Yang Yuanqing served as the NPC deputy for the first time and was a member of the CPPCC in the past ten years.In the past twelve years, the evolution and progress of issues related to industry, economy, and people’s livelihood proposed by Yang Yuanqing.It is understood that the six proposals submitted by Yang Yuanqing this year focused on building a new generation of Internet medical and health platforms, promoting the consumption of information products, vigorously developing “5G + industrial Internet”, promoting the construction of new infrastructure and smart economy, and promoting the development of the manufacturing industry.Popular areas.Yang Yuanqing’s new infrastructure will release efficiency dividends at the two conferences last year (for enterprises). It is recommended to strengthen data security protection and utilization when the domestic epidemic situation is effectively controlled, and when the social economy is gradually recovered, the upcoming two national conferences in 2020 are of great significance.How to consolidate the results of the previous epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the construction of the public health system, and how to restore economic growth, consolidate manufacturing in China, and promote growth and development when the global economic uncertainty increases, has become the focus of attention of the two sessions this year.  Yang Yuanqing pointed out in the proposal that from the supply side, the new infrastructure is both an advanced smart technology and an infrastructure that empowers a smart economy.Vigorously developing new infrastructure is conducive to enabling intelligent transformation of all walks of life and releasing efficiency dividends; as a “world factory”, China’s manufacturing industry has a decisive advantage in the global supply chain and continues to promote rapid economic growth.Therefore, the representative of Yang Yuanqing proposed to enhance the integrated application capacity of “5G + Industrial Internet” from the four aspects of increasing new infrastructure, strengthening market policy guidance, accelerating the development of application ecology and accelerating the development of compound talents, so as to promote continuous innovation in manufacturingSuggestions for development.He also suggested that the rapid development of smart economy should be promoted by strengthening data security protection and effective use.  Domestic demand will become a powerful engine for growth, and it is recommended to increase the penetration rate of smart devices. From the consumer side, Yang Yuanqing said that China has the world’s largest and richest consumer market.With the transformation of China’s economic structure and the continuous upgrading of consumption, in the context of the spread of the global epidemic, the domestic demand market will become a powerful engine for economic growth.To promote consumption upgrades, smart device products such as PCs are “infrastructure in infrastructure” and have a dual role in promoting the economy.  Yang Yuanqing believes that personal computers will never have dual consumer products, but are still high-performance tools.In the fight against the epidemic, whether it is online education, online medical care, online office or online retail, can not do without PC, smart phone and other “home decoration” equipment products.He suggested that promoting the consumption of information products and increasing the penetration rate of smart devices such as PCs will greatly promote the upgrading of consumption, the construction of new information infrastructure, the development of a smart economy, the expansion of exports, the improvement of education, and the promotion of rural revitalization.effect.  Education informatization helps to eliminate poverty, and China ‘s re-positioning of the global value chain 2020 is the final year for a decisive battle to overcome poverty, and a well-off society.Yang Yuanqing believes that education plays a fundamental and persistent role in the fight against intergenerational transmission of poverty.Therefore, he suggested that to focus on the long-term development of education, we must continue to strengthen the basic construction of education informatization, strengthen the scale supply capacity of education informatization, improve the intelligence level of education informatization, and gradually realize the sharing of high-quality education resources to help education develop and let childrenNo matter where you are, you can enjoy the benefits of science and technology, obtain high-quality teaching resources, and see the farther world.  Regarding the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, Yang Yuanqing proposed that the fourth industrial revolution will continue to deepen. In the Internet of Things (end), edge computing (edge), cloud computing (cloud), and 5G (network) that lead this industrial revolution,Data, artificial intelligence (intelligence) and other smart technology fields, China and other countries in the world are basically on the same starting line, and some aspects have comparative advantages.This will provide a new starting point for China’s manufacturing industry to fill shortcomings, break through innovation, and start its own brands.Once this brand-new end-edge-cloud-net-intelligence technology architecture is combined with China’s huge manufacturing industry, the new smart manufacturing industry will release a larger scale and higher quality efficiency dividend.  Therefore, Yang Yuanqing pointed out in the proposal that China appropriately promotes China ‘s manufacturing industry to achieve an “industrial transition” by redeveloping a smart economy driven by digital and intelligent technologies, and re-enters the “card-bit” global value chain to strengthen China in the post-epidemic era.The international competitiveness of the economy achieves remarkable development.The reporter promised to edit Sun Yong to proofread Wang Xin

Ping An of China (601318) 2019 Annual Report Review: The advantages of integrated financial platform highlight the increase in technological progress

Ping An of China (601318) 2019 Annual Report Review: The advantages of integrated financial platform highlight the increase in technological progress

Event description Ping An released its 2019 annual report results, and the company achieved a net profit of 1,494.

07 million yuan, +39 for ten years.

1%; realized new business value 759.

4.5 billion, five years +5.


Incident Comment Better investment returns and supplementary budget policy adjustments drive high profit growth.

In 2019, the equity market will achieve investment income of 2,215.

79 trillion, +64 a year.

At the same time, the tax and fee for 2018 will be refunded under the adjustment of fiscal policy104.

5.3 billion, increasing profits.

The highest net profit growth rate in 2019 is lower than the intermediate report. Basically, the change in the 750-day moving average of government bonds and the additional withdrawal of reserves under the adjustment of the comprehensive premium reduce the net profit by 207.

7.4 billion.

With the 深圳桑拿网 increase of agent capacity, the decline in new orders narrowed, and the NBV volume and quality increased steadily, pushing the EV growth faster.

1) The increase in agent activity rate, number, capacity, and revenue in the first half of 2019 was due to the start of the contraction and the sale of short-term savings products. The company strengthened the assessment in the second half of the year, upgraded the agent’s basic law, increased capacity, and promoted new orders in the second half of 20196.

8%, the initial decline in new orders narrowed to -4.


2) NBVM + 3.

6pct pushes NBV + 5.

1%, of which new long-term protection policies account for -1.

5pct, NBVM is significantly improved by 10.

2pct to 104.

9%, the proportion of new long-term guarantee protection savings new orders is +1.

7pct, short-term guarantee savings hybrid NBVM significantly increased by 5.

2pct to 22.


3) The core of the rapid growth of EV lies in the steady growth of new business value creation and the increase in investment return differences, which contributed 9 respectively.

0, 3.

2 EVs per second.

The actual profitability of property insurance improved, and the company’s investment income performed better.

The comprehensive cost ratio of property insurance is 96.

4%, ten years +0.

4pct, of which the expense ratio is -2.

0 points, payout rate +2 for ten years.

4pct, actual plasma dialysis17.

8% (37 in the same period last year.

1%), and profitability improved significantly.

The company’s net / total investment yield level for 2019 is 5.

2% / 6.9%, flat for one year / +3.


The “finance + technology” strategy continued to deepen.

Total technology business income is +27 per year.

1%, with an estimated budget of $ 69.1 billion.

With the deepening of the comprehensive financial strategy, the contribution of the cross-selling channel has continued to increase. In 2019, property insurance, endowment insurance, and health insurance premiums + 13% will be realized through life insurance agents.

Investment advice: The NBV of the life insurance business has been steadily improved in quantity and quality. The growth of new orders has continued to pick up and the growth is better. The profitability of the property insurance business has improved, and cost control still has advantages. The performance of investment returns on the asset side is better, and the allocation of major assets is stable.The banking business is stable and improving, and the technology sector is booming.

The PEV is expected to be 1 in 2020/2021.


92, with better configuration value, maintain BUY rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

The strategy has undergone major adjustments and the prospects are out of control; 2.

Changes in the financial environment script shake the company’s foundation.

Xingrong Environment (000598): Stable performance, rich project reserves, broad development space

Xingrong Environment (000598): Stable performance, rich project reserves, broad development space

Event: The company released a semi-annual report and achieved revenue 21 in the first half of the year.

1.4 billion, an annual increase of 9.

91%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

9.5 billion, an annual increase of 12.


Investment Highlights: Steady performance and revenue 21 in the first half.

1.4 billion, an annual increase of 9.

91%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

9.5 billion, an annual increase of 12.

01%, with steady growth in performance and net operating cash flow of 8.

2.4 billion, an annual increase of 10.


The growth of the company’s performance was mainly due to the natural growth of the water production and sales and wastewater treatment services businesses, which increased by 8 respectively.

74% and above 7.

78%, waste power generation business grows 27.

57% to 1.

29ppm, mainly due to the commercial operation of Longfeng Waste-to-energy Plant (1500 tons / day) at the end of March.

The project reserves are abundant, and the size of the assets is expected to double in the future. The company’s size will further expand and the market size will continue to expand. The total investment of projects under construction currently is close to US $ 16 billion, and approximately US $ 3.4 billion has been invested.In the future, the project will be gradually completed and put into operation in the future. The company’s operating assets are expected to double and the future development space is broad.

北京夜生活网 When the repurchase is in progress, subsequent employee incentives are worth looking forward to the company’s combined share repurchase, and it is planned to repurchase no less than 50 million shares (accounting for 1.

67%) and not more than 100 million shares (accounting for total equity).

35%), which is used for subsequent employee shareholding plans or equity incentives, and repurchases promote and enhance investor confidence. Currently, 0 has been repurchased.

59%. At the same time, the subsequent employee shareholding or equity incentive is the company’s first equity incentive, which promotes the unification of the interests of the company, employees and shareholders, and promotes employee motivation.

Maintaining the “recommended” rating is expected to the company’s 19-20 EPS is 0.

38 yuan, 0.

43 yuan, 苏州桑拿网 corresponding price-earnings ratios of 12, 10 times, the company’s operating cash flow is excellent, the development prospects are broad, maintaining the “recommended” rating.

Risk reminders: Project advances less than expected; downside risk of gross profit margin; major changes in water quality

Contradictions in the market, persistent institutions, intensive research in the technology industry

Contradictions in the market, persistent institutions, intensive research in the technology industry

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Original title: Institutional intensive research on the technology industry Wind data shows that last week (February 17-21), a total of 67 listed companies were surveyed by various institutions.

Institutional research focuses on listed companies in industries such as application software, basic chemicals, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, electronic equipment and instruments.

Last week, the stocks of the technology industry continued to strengthen, and the institutions also studied intensively the companies listed in the technology industry.

  Specifically, the industry was generally up last week.

Although there has been improvement, the rankings of the industry ‘s rise and fall have not changed much, and industry differentiation has continued to intensify. Science and technology and the defense industry have continued to ride the dust. The top five industries that rose last week were electronics, integrated finance, defense industry, communications, and computers, Up 13 respectively.

32%, 11.

79%, 11.

47%, 11.

21%, 10.


Real estate, medicine, banking and home appliances are relatively weak.

Fund institutions believe that the impact of the epidemic is slowly weakening, which will help break through market sentiment.

On the whole, after the Spring Festival, the market has become more multi-layered, and the strong trend of the GEM has continued. The main line of the market is still the technology industry.

  Technology stocks have been closely watched by wind data from institutions. Last week, 67 listed companies including Li Sichen, Henghua Technology, Langxin Technology, Open Medical, and Brother Technology were investigated by various institutions.

In terms of industry distribution, last week the institutions focused on application software, basic chemicals, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, electronic equipment and instruments and other listed companies in the industry.

  The market showed a general rise last week, but industry differentiation continued to intensify. Science and technology and the defense industry continued to ride the dust. The top five industries that rose last week were electronics, integrated finance, defense industry, communications, and computers. Against this background,Individual stocks in the technology industry are also welcoming intensive research by fund institutions.

  Taking the front-end software of listed companies in the application software industry as an example, last week the company ushered in a joint investigation by dozens of institutions such as the China-Thailand Securities Research Institute, Shanghai Ganghe Investment, Shicheng Investment, East Asia Qianhai Securities Co., Ltd., and Oriental Fund.

The company introduced in the research that through the rapid rise of professional investors such as public offerings, private placements, and overseas institutions, the transformation of professional investors, and the need for personalized investment transactions have increased significantly. Cross-domain market transactions, algorithms, strategies, data services, and financingA series of professional transaction service capabilities such as securities lending will be the core competitiveness of financial institutions in expanding professional investor business.

The front-end software creates a comprehensive range of HTS fast transactions, advanced transaction order services, personalized strategic trading, algorithmic trading, proprietary trading and other professional trading service systems for financial institutions such as securities firms, providing advanced trading services, advanced market services, and multiple quantitative strategies.Algorithmic trading, investment management and other polymorphic business support.

  In addition to the technology industry, the basic chemical industry and other industries also ushered in a centralized investigation by the organization last week. The companies involved were grand blasting, Hangjin Technology, Tiansheng New Materials, Changyang Technology, Daoming Optics, etc.

Taking the grand blast as an example, last week the company ushered in a joint investigation by Guosheng Securities, social security fund indicators, Wells Fargo Fund, Harvest Fund, Cathay Fund and other institutions.

Issues that the agency is concerned about include the development of the company ‘s defense equipment sector in the future, the company ‘s international market prospects for foreign trade projects, and sales.

  The contradiction in the long market continued to be stimulated by the new policy of refinancing. The market rose on Monday, and then slightly adjusted. It rose again on Thursday and Friday.

The Shanghai Composite Index rose 4 last week.

twenty one%.

The introduction of new refinancing rules has a significant positive impact on the GEM. The GEM Index rose 7 last week.


Last week, the market’s trading volume continued to increase. In the second half of the week, the market’s turnover exceeded three trillion yuan for three consecutive trading days.

  Therefore, the HSBC Jinxin Fund pointed out that the impact of the current epidemic is gradually 杭州桑拿网 weakening. On the whole, after the Spring Festival, the market has gradually become more and more powerful, and the strong trend of the GEM has continued.

Strategically, we should avoid small hotspots and pay attention to mainstream hotspots in the technology stock category.

  Zhang Lei, the chief equity expert of Hengtian Wealth and the head of the investment research service department of the Research Institute (Jin Qilin analyst) said that market sentiment has fully recovered, and the short-term market shock is not to be feared.

Zhang Lei said that the equity market has gradually switched to the beginning of the bull market.

In the current market environment, we should focus on finding strong industries and companies from mainstream circuits such as large consumption and core technology.

Whether it is a short-term 杭州桑拿 slump after the holiday or a certain shock adjustment in the future, it is actually part of the bull market shock.

The size of the bull market will provide a very good opportunity for contrarian deployment.

  Chuancai Securities pointed out that in the medium and long term, it is in line with the needs of the transformation of the macroeconomic structure, and science and technology industries with an upward industrial cycle boom will be the focus of the market.

In order to hedge the economic downturn caused by the epidemic, the policies are mostly favorable and sustained release, financing costs are reduced, and liquidity improvement is good for the growth sector, especially the new rules on refinancing since the holiday have loosened the fixed increase and GEM-related financing rules, increasing small and medium-sized enterprises.Appeal.Technology stocks, especially the semiconductor and 5G sectors, continue to receive policy and market attention, so the prosperity of the technology sector continues to improve.

Sleep your natural tonic

Sleep your natural tonic

Sleeping is vital to the human body.

In labor, work, and study, people consume energy and rely on sleep to compensate.

Sleep is not only a supplement, reserve energy, eliminate fatigue, restore the main form of physical strength, but also an important interaction to regulate various physiological functions and stabilize the balance of the nervous system, whether it is for the development of the body, or to protect the health of the body, to maintain strongVitality is very important.

Therefore, it is inevitable that both the ancients and modern people attach great importance to the science 重庆耍耍网 of sleeping.

Banshan Weng Yun: “Huashan Shifang sees it, not to sleep in the fairy side.”

“Describe that sleep is more important for any longevity than any immortal.”

If a person does not sleep well at night, the next day they will feel dizzy, squinting, tinnitus, general weakness, memory and thinking ability, and even affect the heart, blood pressure and digestive function.

Some people have experimented with dogs. They only give it water every day without giving food. They can live for 25 days, but if they don’t let the dog sleep, they will not become normal for ten days.

As long as people do not sleep for three consecutive nights, they will be groggy.

Weakness and weakness, recollection and thinking, judgment ability decline, and even hallucinations.

If you don’t sleep for 10 to 14 days, it will be life-threatening.

  Regarding the mechanism of sleep, Chinese medicine believes that it is the result of alternating yin and yang.


“The Great Confusion” said: “If the yang is exhausted, then the yin is full.

Modern medicine believes that the essence of sleep is a protective inhibition of high-level neural activity.

When the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex are fatigued due to continuous work, they enter the suppression state from the excited state, and the inhibition gradually spreads from the local to the surrounding, and the cortex and the subcortex enter the sleep state after entering the broad inhibition.

  During sleep, most of the organs are in a state of low metabolism and low activity, and various physiological activities in the body are weakened, which can greatly reduce energy 夜来香体验网 consumption, recover cells, replenish energy, and reserve new activities for the next day’s of.

So after a day of fatigue, as long as you sleep well, you can eliminate fatigue and rejuvenate.

Panzhihua Iron and Vanadium Titanium (000629): Strong supply and demand of vanadium led to significant increase in profit

Panzhihua Iron and Vanadium Titanium (000629): Strong supply and demand of vanadium led to significant increase in profit

Investment Highlights Performance Summary: The company disclosed the 2018 annual report, reported and realized operating income of 151.

6 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.

7%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 30.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 258 in ten years.

0%; net profit after deduction is 30.

6 ppm, an increase of 301 in ten years.


The initial EPS is 0.

36 yuan, single quarter EPS is 0.

05 yuan, 0.

08 yuan, 0.

1 yuan and 0.

12 yuan; the vanadium supply and demand relationship is good, and the profit has improved significantly: in 2018, due to the severe environmental protection and production restrictions and the reduction of supply-side release caused by the prohibition of vanadium slag imports, the demand-side steel 杭州桑拿 industry is basically oriented to support the demand for vanadium products, as well as the threadThe stricter quality inspection standards bring supplementary demand, and the overall supply and demand relationship of the vanadium industry maintained a strong trend during the year.

Tight supply and demand has driven vanadium prices to record highs, and the company’s production line capacity has been further released, and sales of such vanadium products have reached 2.

3In the beginning, it increased by 20 per year.

2%, the corresponding quarterly profit continues to increase.

However, in late November, the price of vanadium products quickly fell to the average level in the first half of the year. There are three main reasons for this round of decline. The first point is that the environmental protection and production 苏州夜网论坛 limit in the heating season has been less than expected, which has seriously hurt steel prices and profits since November.The contraction has weakened the support for vanadium price. The second point is that after the new national standard of rebar was launched on November 1st, the initial demand growth logic was fulfilled. Under the background of high vanadium price, some steel mills have adopted alternative situations to increase, which is reflected in the simultaneous growth of insufficient iron prices.With the increase in imports, the actual demand for vanadium products began to decline marginally after touching the ceiling; third, with the relaxation of environmental protection and production restrictions, high-yield vanadium extraction has been replaced by resumption of production, supplementing some enterprises to increase production and improve supply expansion.

In general, the price of vanadium products has gradually returned to a reasonable position through the reduction of the supporting role of the downstream steel industry and the weakening of its own supply and demand relationship; financial data: the report totaled that the company’s selling expenses increased by 34.

6%, mainly due to the increase in sales of vanadium and titanium products; financial expenses decreased by 29.

7%, mainly due to the reduction of bill discounts; R & D expenses increased significantly by 69%.

9%, because the company increased investment in research and development, the total investment in research and development in 20185.

4 trillion, accounting for 3 of operating income.

6%, providing excellent technical support for the company’s operation and development; deferred income tax expenses are -2.

91 ppm, which increased the company’s profits in disguise; due to the impairment of the construction site under construction and other factors, provision for impairment of fixed assets was made2.

1.8 billion; pay attention to the progress of rebar random inspection: Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in Xuzhou and other places inspected the implementation of the new national standard of rebar in some steel mills. Considering that some steel mills have not reached the standard in terms of alloy addition, demand is expected to improveBoost, absolute spot check strength.

In addition, in 2019, the overall demand of the steel industry is expected to maintain stability. The relaxation of environmental protection and production restrictions has led to an increase in supply, but the magnitude is controllable. The profits of steel companies have returned to reasonable profits but are still considerable.

Recently, with the release of demand in the downstream peak season, the steel society’s inventory has been steadily removed, and steel prices have fluctuated to provide support for the price of vanadium products. Investment suggestions: Change the profitability of the steel industry and weaken its own supply and demand relationship. The price of vanadium products has returned to a reasonable level.
The rebar new national standard spot inspection superimposed the spring price of steel prices, and vanadium prices may gradually stabilize.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

25 yuan, 0.

28 yuan and 0.

32 yuan, corresponding to PE of 15X, 13X and 12X, maintaining the “overweight” level; risk warning: macroeconomic downside risks, rebar sampling is less than expected, and the supply of vanadium industry increases risk.

Self-made freckle nourishing water skin is flawless

Self-made “freckle nourishing water” skin is flawless

Among natural foods, there are many kinds of foods which have the effect of maintaining skin and removing freckles.
Several clinically proven methods of diet therapy are now introduced.
  Tomato juice Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily or eating tomatoes often has a better effect on preventing freckles.
Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, it is known as “the warehouse of vitamin C”.
Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.
  Cucumber porridge takes 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumbers, 2 grams of refined salt, and 10 grams of ginger.
Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.
The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.
Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the heat on the top, place the rice and ginger, and boil the huohuo. Use the simmer to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add the cucumber slices, then cook until the soup is thick and season with salt.
Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.
  Modern scientific research proves that cucumbers are rich in potassium salts and a certain amount of carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sugars, proteins, and other nutrients such as mustard, phosphorus, and iron.
Regular consumption of cucumber porridge can eliminate freckles and whiten the skin.
  Lemon rock sugar juice: Stir the lemon juice and add ice sugar to drink.
Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin C.
It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins.
Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tenderen the skin, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate facial pigmentation, but also prevent and cure arteriosclerosis.
  Black Fungus and Red Date Soup Stir the lemon juice and drink with ice sugar.
Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin C.
It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins.
Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tenderen the skin, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate facial pigmentation, but also prevent and cure arteriosclerosis.
  Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.
Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.
Every morning and after dinner.
If you take it regularly, you can stay on your face, remove freckles, build muscle, and treat facial dark spots and thin skin.
The black fungus in this recipe, recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, can remove dark spots on the face.
Black fungus can moisturize and prevent skin aging; jujube and Zhongyiqi, spleen and moisturize, help black fungus to eliminate dark spots.
  In addition, boiled water with winter melon and vines is used to wipe the face and take a bath, which can moisturize the skin and eliminate freckles.
Calendula leaf juice also has a skin care effect.
Smashing calendula leaves and rubbing juice on the face can not only remove freckles, but also refresh and whiten the skin.
Dandelion flower water can also be used to remove spots, take a handful of dandelion, pour a cup of boiling water, filter after cooling, and then wash your face with dandelion flower water morning and evening, which can make the face clean and less dermatitis.

Summer baby mosquito prevention strategy

Summer baby mosquito prevention strategy

In spring and summer, the weather is suddenly warm, and mosquitoes grow rapidly. This is also the time when mosquitoes disturb people and cause diseases. Therefore, spring and summer are also the season when infectious diseases occur frequently. The harm caused by mosquito bites is the first to be caused by children.

So what if you care for your baby from mosquito bites?

What should I do if my baby is bitten?

  For prevention, the basic condition for killing the mosquito is “water”, especially “odorous water” with a little taste.

As long as the home environment is clean and water does not accumulate, and the water in the container is kept clean and hygienic, mosquitoes are not easy to breed.

Mosquitoes are afraid of cold, and indoor air-conditioning is open, which can keep mosquitoes away.

If the living environment is really bad, you can install screens and screens to prevent mosquitoes from invading.

  The habit of mosquitoes is that the mosquitoes in the room fly out after dawn in the morning, and the mosquitoes above fly into the room after dark at dusk.

Therefore, the best time to kill mosquitoes is dusk.

Close the doors and windows before spraying, spray the insect repellent evenly throughout the room, and then enter the room after spraying for half an hour.

If you use an electric mosquito coil, it is best to plug in the power before going to bed.

  After a baby is bitten by a mosquito bite, mosquito bites often cause dermatitis. It is common to see pimples or stasis on exposed parts of the face, earlobe, and extremities, and pimples or blisters may also appear. The puncture inhalation point can be found in the center of the lesion, like a needleDark red silt spots, the baby often feels itchy, burning or pain, showing irritability, crying; in severe cases, it can be noticeably red and swollen on the eyelid, auricle, etc., and even fever, and local lymphadenopathy; occasionally due to scratching orSevere reactions such as localized bullae and hemorrhagic necrosis caused by allergies.

  The itching formula after a mosquito bite cannot be scratched after being bitten.

If we are bitten by a mosquito, we will get caught immediately.

However, after scratching, the interstitial fluid, lymph fluid, etc. in the skin exuded and swollen into a bag, the more itchy it gets, the more difficult it is to fade away. This is how the “red bean legs” covered with red envelopes are caught.

If you don’t grasp, itching usually disappears after 10 to 15 minutes.

Alternatively, the following methods can be used to stop itching and help reduce redness.

  1. It can be used to quickly relieve itching in the family with thick soap, or use the soap dipped in water to apply on the swelling.

  2. Smear or infuse the itch with salt water, which can soften the lumps and effectively relieve itching.

  3, if the bite is very itchy, you can first flick with your fingers, and then apply toilet water, wind oil and so on.

  4. The absorption of golden oil and salt can make local anesthesia and soothe the nerves and relieve itching.

  5, the juice in the aloe leaf can be used to stop itching.

When the mosquito bites redness, swelling and itching, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaves, wash it apart, and rub it a few times on the swelling area.

  6. Open a garlic clove, and use a cross section to apply the bag bitten by a mosquito.

  7, grinding aspirin pills and water on the wound, also has anti-inflammatory swelling effect.

The beauty industry enters the new simplicity era

The beauty industry enters the “new simplicity” era

Women love beauty, because they love beauty, they all like SHOPPING.
However, when it comes to shopping, there are two very different attitudes: some people are not expensive and do n’t buy, and they think that one price is one price; others are most like cheap products, and those high-priced products are just themselvesFlaunting gesture.
In fact, a savvy woman is a province and a province, but she should not hesitate when she should.
If beauty can be bought for money, it is always worth it.
Now, let me tell you, the most popular “new simplicity” doctrine among savvy women, luxury and cheap are no longer irrelevant poles. As long as they are properly matched, they are also very tacit.
  经济危机时期该怎么买  虽然从不怕用奢侈品来宠爱自己,愿意为美好的事物不停买单,但修炼了多年后你的购物哲学显然不会如《大腕》里所讽刺的那样,只买贵的It’s not right to buy, especially in today’s sluggish economic situation.
  Even as the downturn in consumption makes the discounts offered by many merchants more irresistible, news of layoffs and stock price declines is still endless.
In the 2009 autumn and winter show, brands such as Peter Som failed to release new collections due to budget issues. Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion-conscious figure, has announced that the Bling Bling style is outdated and the fashion industry has entered a “new simplicity” era.
  ”New simplicity” “new simplicity” is not the same as the old-fashioned simplicity of “stitching and repairing for another three years”, which reflects the spirit of “new simplicity”, which is precisely the “two fears of not buying expensive and not afraid of buying cheap” bipolar consumption concept.
Perhaps in areas other than beauty, you have already begun the practice of polarizing consumption: big names take second-hand vintage or high street popular brands; insist on flying only by plane or bus, or even simply bike and walk to fulfill environmentalism; taste the real taste in Michelin restaurants orStreet vendors.
  The bipolar demonstration of fashion idols. In fact, counting the fashion figures and beauties on the cusp of the waves around them, many of them have already responded to the call of “new simplicity” and become pioneers of exploring “two poles”.
  Not to mention that major fashion brands have launched inexpensive second-line or young line products. Even the “Spider Woman” Dunst, who is regarded as a clothing icon, often appears in the style of the American affordable chain clothing store Urban Outfitters.Singer Rihanna and talented designer Marc Jacobs have been photographed wearing American Apparel clothes.
Cheap Monday jeans, dozens of dollars of Minnetoka suede boots, etc., have made their debut, appearing in many fashion blockbusters and celebrities.
  This is the fashion world, and the beauty industry has never fallen behind. The recommendations of the “Beauty King” and the big S have the “Elegant Lady” brand with amazing results.
Zhang Xiaoyu’s famous love for luxury does not prevent the inexpensive CLINIQUE lipstick from becoming her standing.
The master Niu Er is the most important ingredient, elaborate on the “civilian queen” in various beauty products, spare no effort to save money for beauty madmen.
Not to mention that in the lists of major fashion magazines, heroes always include word-of-mouth products from salon brands to supermarket shelves, regardless of their provenance, and the list of cheap domestic products on the Internet is also pushing forward.
  What makes fashion idols who don’t have to worry about their budgets join the wave of “polarization”?
How to understand the polarization of beauty?
  The polarization of beauty consumption is the easiest to understand than the combination of expensive price and parity, the so-called polarization of beauty budget.
What we are talking about here also has the polarization of the beauty program, that is, the strategy of organizing consumption based on the expectation of the effect.
Or a long stream of water, or intensive care, or concentrated purchase, or a small number of stages, are all choices that need to implement the “polarization” spirit.
No matter what kind of “polarized” consumption view, what we want to avoid is an indifferent intermediate state.
When you find that each beauty item you buy is not expensive, it is not cheap, it is not bad to use, and it does not bring much change to the status quo. Change your mind and try a polarized choice.The solution you need.
  What is the most savvy bipolar consumption? The low profile and high quality of bipolarity: the obvious advantages of bipolar consumption are self-evident, saving budget.
However, the overall price reduction must not be based on the premise of sacrificing quality, which is the attraction of polarized beauty consumption.
Beauty products sometimes resemble food. I have never tried them.
Although big stores and big brands have guaranteed quality, those inconspicuous street restaurants often have amazing products. Therefore, “cheap but not good” is not objective, and low-key and low-quality are the last word.
  Polarization under the premise of information symmetry: Polarization is a more “smart” fashion, because the development of a bipolar person must be based on the possession of sufficient information and knowledge.
Take the polarization of budgets, because cheap products often don’t have more resources to invest in market promotion. Many information needs to be obtained from multiple channels. The Internet or friends around are good partners for homework.
And because the top expensive beauty products have high investment costs, they must be carefully considered before they are shot, so that it is not easy to cause losses.
  Polarizing collocation fun: For beauty, to make the word “beauty” worthy of it, you need to find fun from it.
Sometimes when you encounter friends who make makeup or even skin care as a painful task, they can’t help but feel sorry for the fun they missed.
Naturally, not everyone can become a fashion addict, but like clothes, the polarizing mix of beauty also has the fun of discovery and creation.
When you find that a cheap sponge can save the bottle of expensive powder that is not easy to apply, I believe that you can definitely feel the joy of smart investment?
  The polarized consumption concept allows products and services at different levels of consumption to maximize their respective positions. This not only represents a gap, but also a manifestation of differentiation.
The “flat world” brings deeper level of information sharing and enjoys the convenience brought by this globalization. After clearly understanding the characteristics of each product, choosing differently will be more accurate and maximize our limited funds.Utilization.
At the same time, our skin also saves a lot of running-in periods and wrong detours, and beauty benefits naturally faster.  Looking back at history, every time our society experiences an economic crisis, the two sudden changes in social wealth and structure will intensify once, but maybe an economic crisis is not terrible. It has reshuffled our consumption concepts and rethought our own needs.a good thing.

Teach you how to deal with a spooky husband

Teach you how to deal with a spooky husband

Women must be diligent in their lives and think things can’t be too simple. You must know that men will not marry an idiot to be a wife, so they will not be willing to follow the woman all day and take care of trivial matters.

Women’s maturity is not proven by age or by wisdom.

  Love and marriage are two different things. Many people get married, but few people can truly call pure love life.

  When in love, a woman can be capricious, pride, be gentle, but be gentle, but when a woman becomes a wife, you must change your seat. If you are still immersed in the atmosphere of love, then your marriage must beSomething went wrong.

  A man’s patience is limited. He can’t circle around you every day, and he can’t always treat your shortcomings as cute rather than shortcomings. On the contrary, they are shortcomings. Maybe everyone has blindness, but he can’t see it all his life.Each other’s weaknesses.

  A girl is about to learn to take care of herself when she is fifteen years old. For a married woman, it is necessary to cultivate her inner tenacity and appearance weakness.

  No one can be beautiful for a lifetime, even if you were the master of a sinking fish, there will be a day of aesthetic fatigue, so a married woman must be alert to a third party to step in, optimistic about her husband is your job, do n’t waitWith the appearance of Primary Three, you cry again.

  Let me tell you, what you hear outside is always the sound of consolation, but after turning around, it is ridicule and ridicule. What makes others laugh at the joke, and the victory is the last laugh, what is the price to pay in the middle?

  Today’s temptation is so great, don’t let your husband flutter in the bustling city, usually read more books, but you don’t have to let him know that the books are for your own use, not to show them.

  As a wife, you have to be indirect and tell the man euphemistically, it is not that you are attractive, but not that your wallet is attractive. Married women should never praise him in front of her husband. Those words should be kept touted outside.

  If it ‘s unfortunate that your husband and the primary three are in a good relationship, then you need to analyze in detail what kind of emotion your husband and the primary three are. This process is very important and it directly affects your future political system in handling this matter.
  The first: your husband is hesitant between you and the third.

  Such a man is the least prosperous, love is love, do not pull, but also cut off what Silian is doing.

  If you still love this man, surpass him. At this time, the woman should be weak, and then weak, it is best to tell the man from time to time about the things you spent before, and at this critical moment, do not pay attention to self-esteemIt is serious to be able to catch her husband.

  If you don’t love that man anymore, just let it go, but you can’t let it go easily. Let him know that you are not a woman.

  Before leaving this house, it’s not good to have a dog.

Let that little Sanxin have some lingering fears, and I will see you from a distance.

  The second type: your husband and the primary three have a real relationship.

  He doesn’t love you anymore. Marriage is just an empty shell, so you have to let the man go out of the house.

If a woman has no youth and has not found her next home, she must find an economic support for her second half of her life.

  Think about how much you have paid for men for so many years. In the end, nothing has been left for yourself. Do you feel worthy of yourself?

  Go to the last step and stop thinking about old feelings. Even if a man shows extreme grievances and nostalgia, don’t be soft-hearted.

  You know, those were disguised, and if he really changed his mind, it wouldn’t be true love.

Marriage is going to be divorced. What kind of demeanor is also important? The key is to solve the problem of food and clothing.

  The third type: your husband is just lonely and boring, so he only found a third.

  Then it depends on your husband’s attitude to admitting the wrong thing. If the attitude is good, and both parents stand up to say good things to him, then forgive him.

  Remember, in this process, you must firmly hold the financial power, this is an excellent opportunity, but don’t show it on the surface, to make the man feel that you are giving him a chance, and this opportunity is not lost.

  The first: your husband is confused by Xiaosan.

  In this case, you have to mobilize your family’s strength, let the parents of both parties take turns to fight, and earnestly call the husband’s soul back.

  Next, you have to start with Xiaosan, and find a little trouble from time to time. For example, follow her, maybe find an investigation center, look up this woman. Once this woman has a husband, or a lover outside, you have toThis incident was announced in the world.

  Your days are comfortable, and you ca n’t let Xiaosan continue to be at ease. If you, a kind and simple, have traditional Chinese virtues, do n’t have the heart to do so, then you need to work hard on your husband and derail him from time to timeThe mention of things made him feel guilty.

  But such things can’t be mentioned often. If you say more, men will feel numb. It ‘s better to be careful about everything.

  Fifth type: After your husband’s first derailment incident, he derailed twice, or even three times, four times . then you will be “Plum Blossom Three Angry”.

The most convenient way is to let your husband be impotence, see if he can find a junior in the future, of course, this method is perfect, not to let outsiders grind any flaws.

  Do n’t you have that sentence, the material must be reversed, so you have to give your husband’s kidneys, prostates, etc., and make up for it, and finally he has no strength to even walk, then it is successful, at that time, it is not your requestHe’s gone, but he comes to you.

  Do the above techniques sound a bit harsh?

Sometimes deterrence is important. It is better to deal with some men than mental tears.