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Self-made freckle nourishing water skin is flawless

Self-made “freckle nourishing water” skin is flawless

Among natural foods, there are many kinds of foods which have the effect of maintaining skin and removing freckles.
Several clinically proven methods of diet therapy are now introduced.
  Tomato juice Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily or eating tomatoes often has a better effect on preventing freckles.
Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, it is known as “the warehouse of vitamin C”.
Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.
  Cucumber porridge takes 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumbers, 2 grams of refined salt, and 10 grams of ginger.
Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.
The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.
Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set the heat on the top, place the rice and ginger, and boil the huohuo. Use the simmer to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add the cucumber slices, then cook until the soup is thick and season with salt.
Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.
  Modern scientific research proves that cucumbers are rich in potassium salts and a certain amount of carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sugars, proteins, and other nutrients such as mustard, phosphorus, and iron.
Regular consumption of cucumber porridge can eliminate freckles and whiten the skin.
  Lemon rock sugar juice: Stir the lemon juice and add ice sugar to drink.
Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin C.
It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins.
Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tenderen the skin, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate facial pigmentation, but also prevent and cure arteriosclerosis.
  Black Fungus and Red Date Soup Stir the lemon juice and drink with ice sugar.
Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin C.
It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and B vitamins.
Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tenderen the skin, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate facial pigmentation, but also prevent and cure arteriosclerosis.
  Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.
Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.
Every morning and after dinner.
If you take it regularly, you can stay on your face, remove freckles, build muscle, and treat facial dark spots and thin skin.
The black fungus in this recipe, recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, can remove dark spots on the face.
Black fungus can moisturize and prevent skin aging; jujube and Zhongyiqi, spleen and moisturize, help black fungus to eliminate dark spots.
  In addition, boiled water with winter melon and vines is used to wipe the face and take a bath, which can moisturize the skin and eliminate freckles.
Calendula leaf juice also has a skin care effect.
Smashing calendula leaves and rubbing juice on the face can not only remove freckles, but also refresh and whiten the skin.
Dandelion flower water can also be used to remove spots, take a handful of dandelion, pour a cup of boiling water, filter after cooling, and then wash your face with dandelion flower water morning and evening, which can make the face clean and less dermatitis.

Summer baby mosquito prevention strategy

Summer baby mosquito prevention strategy

In spring and summer, the weather is suddenly warm, and mosquitoes grow rapidly. This is also the time when mosquitoes disturb people and cause diseases. Therefore, spring and summer are also the season when infectious diseases occur frequently. The harm caused by mosquito bites is the first to be caused by children.

So what if you care for your baby from mosquito bites?

What should I do if my baby is bitten?

  For prevention, the basic condition for killing the mosquito is “water”, especially “odorous water” with a little taste.

As long as the home environment is clean and water does not accumulate, and the water in the container is kept clean and hygienic, mosquitoes are not easy to breed.

Mosquitoes are afraid of cold, and indoor air-conditioning is open, which can keep mosquitoes away.

If the living environment is really bad, you can install screens and screens to prevent mosquitoes from invading.

  The habit of mosquitoes is that the mosquitoes in the room fly out after dawn in the morning, and the mosquitoes above fly into the room after dark at dusk.

Therefore, the best time to kill mosquitoes is dusk.

Close the doors and windows before spraying, spray the insect repellent evenly throughout the room, and then enter the room after spraying for half an hour.

If you use an electric mosquito coil, it is best to plug in the power before going to bed.

  After a baby is bitten by a mosquito bite, mosquito bites often cause dermatitis. It is common to see pimples or stasis on exposed parts of the face, earlobe, and extremities, and pimples or blisters may also appear. The puncture inhalation point can be found in the center of the lesion, like a needleDark red silt spots, the baby often feels itchy, burning or pain, showing irritability, crying; in severe cases, it can be noticeably red and swollen on the eyelid, auricle, etc., and even fever, and local lymphadenopathy; occasionally due to scratching orSevere reactions such as localized bullae and hemorrhagic necrosis caused by allergies.

  The itching formula after a mosquito bite cannot be scratched after being bitten.

If we are bitten by a mosquito, we will get caught immediately.

However, after scratching, the interstitial fluid, lymph fluid, etc. in the skin exuded and swollen into a bag, the more itchy it gets, the more difficult it is to fade away. This is how the “red bean legs” covered with red envelopes are caught.

If you don’t grasp, itching usually disappears after 10 to 15 minutes.

Alternatively, the following methods can be used to stop itching and help reduce redness.

  1. It can be used to quickly relieve itching in the family with thick soap, or use the soap dipped in water to apply on the swelling.

  2. Smear or infuse the itch with salt water, which can soften the lumps and effectively relieve itching.

  3, if the bite is very itchy, you can first flick with your fingers, and then apply toilet water, wind oil and so on.

  4. The absorption of golden oil and salt can make local anesthesia and soothe the nerves and relieve itching.

  5, the juice in the aloe leaf can be used to stop itching.

When the mosquito bites redness, swelling and itching, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaves, wash it apart, and rub it a few times on the swelling area.

  6. Open a garlic clove, and use a cross section to apply the bag bitten by a mosquito.

  7, grinding aspirin pills and water on the wound, also has anti-inflammatory swelling effect.

The beauty industry enters the new simplicity era

The beauty industry enters the “new simplicity” era

Women love beauty, because they love beauty, they all like SHOPPING.
However, when it comes to shopping, there are two very different attitudes: some people are not expensive and do n’t buy, and they think that one price is one price; others are most like cheap products, and those high-priced products are just themselvesFlaunting gesture.
In fact, a savvy woman is a province and a province, but she should not hesitate when she should.
If beauty can be bought for money, it is always worth it.
Now, let me tell you, the most popular “new simplicity” doctrine among savvy women, luxury and cheap are no longer irrelevant poles. As long as they are properly matched, they are also very tacit.
  经济危机时期该怎么买  虽然从不怕用奢侈品来宠爱自己,愿意为美好的事物不停买单,但修炼了多年后你的购物哲学显然不会如《大腕》里所讽刺的那样,只买贵的It’s not right to buy, especially in today’s sluggish economic situation.
  Even as the downturn in consumption makes the discounts offered by many merchants more irresistible, news of layoffs and stock price declines is still endless.
In the 2009 autumn and winter show, brands such as Peter Som failed to release new collections due to budget issues. Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion-conscious figure, has announced that the Bling Bling style is outdated and the fashion industry has entered a “new simplicity” era.
  ”New simplicity” “new simplicity” is not the same as the old-fashioned simplicity of “stitching and repairing for another three years”, which reflects the spirit of “new simplicity”, which is precisely the “two fears of not buying expensive and not afraid of buying cheap” bipolar consumption concept.
Perhaps in areas other than beauty, you have already begun the practice of polarizing consumption: big names take second-hand vintage or high street popular brands; insist on flying only by plane or bus, or even simply bike and walk to fulfill environmentalism; taste the real taste in Michelin restaurants orStreet vendors.
  The bipolar demonstration of fashion idols. In fact, counting the fashion figures and beauties on the cusp of the waves around them, many of them have already responded to the call of “new simplicity” and become pioneers of exploring “two poles”.
  Not to mention that major fashion brands have launched inexpensive second-line or young line products. Even the “Spider Woman” Dunst, who is regarded as a clothing icon, often appears in the style of the American affordable chain clothing store Urban Outfitters.Singer Rihanna and talented designer Marc Jacobs have been photographed wearing American Apparel clothes.
Cheap Monday jeans, dozens of dollars of Minnetoka suede boots, etc., have made their debut, appearing in many fashion blockbusters and celebrities.
  This is the fashion world, and the beauty industry has never fallen behind. The recommendations of the “Beauty King” and the big S have the “Elegant Lady” brand with amazing results.
Zhang Xiaoyu’s famous love for luxury does not prevent the inexpensive CLINIQUE lipstick from becoming her standing.
The master Niu Er is the most important ingredient, elaborate on the “civilian queen” in various beauty products, spare no effort to save money for beauty madmen.
Not to mention that in the lists of major fashion magazines, heroes always include word-of-mouth products from salon brands to supermarket shelves, regardless of their provenance, and the list of cheap domestic products on the Internet is also pushing forward.
  What makes fashion idols who don’t have to worry about their budgets join the wave of “polarization”?
How to understand the polarization of beauty?
  The polarization of beauty consumption is the easiest to understand than the combination of expensive price and parity, the so-called polarization of beauty budget.
What we are talking about here also has the polarization of the beauty program, that is, the strategy of organizing consumption based on the expectation of the effect.
Or a long stream of water, or intensive care, or concentrated purchase, or a small number of stages, are all choices that need to implement the “polarization” spirit.
No matter what kind of “polarized” consumption view, what we want to avoid is an indifferent intermediate state.
When you find that each beauty item you buy is not expensive, it is not cheap, it is not bad to use, and it does not bring much change to the status quo. Change your mind and try a polarized choice.The solution you need.
  What is the most savvy bipolar consumption? The low profile and high quality of bipolarity: the obvious advantages of bipolar consumption are self-evident, saving budget.
However, the overall price reduction must not be based on the premise of sacrificing quality, which is the attraction of polarized beauty consumption.
Beauty products sometimes resemble food. I have never tried them.
Although big stores and big brands have guaranteed quality, those inconspicuous street restaurants often have amazing products. Therefore, “cheap but not good” is not objective, and low-key and low-quality are the last word.
  Polarization under the premise of information symmetry: Polarization is a more “smart” fashion, because the development of a bipolar person must be based on the possession of sufficient information and knowledge.
Take the polarization of budgets, because cheap products often don’t have more resources to invest in market promotion. Many information needs to be obtained from multiple channels. The Internet or friends around are good partners for homework.
And because the top expensive beauty products have high investment costs, they must be carefully considered before they are shot, so that it is not easy to cause losses.
  Polarizing collocation fun: For beauty, to make the word “beauty” worthy of it, you need to find fun from it.
Sometimes when you encounter friends who make makeup or even skin care as a painful task, they can’t help but feel sorry for the fun they missed.
Naturally, not everyone can become a fashion addict, but like clothes, the polarizing mix of beauty also has the fun of discovery and creation.
When you find that a cheap sponge can save the bottle of expensive powder that is not easy to apply, I believe that you can definitely feel the joy of smart investment?
  The polarized consumption concept allows products and services at different levels of consumption to maximize their respective positions. This not only represents a gap, but also a manifestation of differentiation.
The “flat world” brings deeper level of information sharing and enjoys the convenience brought by this globalization. After clearly understanding the characteristics of each product, choosing differently will be more accurate and maximize our limited funds.Utilization.
At the same time, our skin also saves a lot of running-in periods and wrong detours, and beauty benefits naturally faster.  Looking back at history, every time our society experiences an economic crisis, the two sudden changes in social wealth and structure will intensify once, but maybe an economic crisis is not terrible. It has reshuffled our consumption concepts and rethought our own needs.a good thing.

Teach you how to deal with a spooky husband

Teach you how to deal with a spooky husband

Women must be diligent in their lives and think things can’t be too simple. You must know that men will not marry an idiot to be a wife, so they will not be willing to follow the woman all day and take care of trivial matters.

Women’s maturity is not proven by age or by wisdom.

  Love and marriage are two different things. Many people get married, but few people can truly call pure love life.

  When in love, a woman can be capricious, pride, be gentle, but be gentle, but when a woman becomes a wife, you must change your seat. If you are still immersed in the atmosphere of love, then your marriage must beSomething went wrong.

  A man’s patience is limited. He can’t circle around you every day, and he can’t always treat your shortcomings as cute rather than shortcomings. On the contrary, they are shortcomings. Maybe everyone has blindness, but he can’t see it all his life.Each other’s weaknesses.

  A girl is about to learn to take care of herself when she is fifteen years old. For a married woman, it is necessary to cultivate her inner tenacity and appearance weakness.

  No one can be beautiful for a lifetime, even if you were the master of a sinking fish, there will be a day of aesthetic fatigue, so a married woman must be alert to a third party to step in, optimistic about her husband is your job, do n’t waitWith the appearance of Primary Three, you cry again.

  Let me tell you, what you hear outside is always the sound of consolation, but after turning around, it is ridicule and ridicule. What makes others laugh at the joke, and the victory is the last laugh, what is the price to pay in the middle?

  Today’s temptation is so great, don’t let your husband flutter in the bustling city, usually read more books, but you don’t have to let him know that the books are for your own use, not to show them.

  As a wife, you have to be indirect and tell the man euphemistically, it is not that you are attractive, but not that your wallet is attractive. Married women should never praise him in front of her husband. Those words should be kept touted outside.

  If it ‘s unfortunate that your husband and the primary three are in a good relationship, then you need to analyze in detail what kind of emotion your husband and the primary three are. This process is very important and it directly affects your future political system in handling this matter.
  The first: your husband is hesitant between you and the third.

  Such a man is the least prosperous, love is love, do not pull, but also cut off what Silian is doing.

  If you still love this man, surpass him. At this time, the woman should be weak, and then weak, it is best to tell the man from time to time about the things you spent before, and at this critical moment, do not pay attention to self-esteemIt is serious to be able to catch her husband.

  If you don’t love that man anymore, just let it go, but you can’t let it go easily. Let him know that you are not a woman.

  Before leaving this house, it’s not good to have a dog.

Let that little Sanxin have some lingering fears, and I will see you from a distance.

  The second type: your husband and the primary three have a real relationship.

  He doesn’t love you anymore. Marriage is just an empty shell, so you have to let the man go out of the house.

If a woman has no youth and has not found her next home, she must find an economic support for her second half of her life.

  Think about how much you have paid for men for so many years. In the end, nothing has been left for yourself. Do you feel worthy of yourself?

  Go to the last step and stop thinking about old feelings. Even if a man shows extreme grievances and nostalgia, don’t be soft-hearted.

  You know, those were disguised, and if he really changed his mind, it wouldn’t be true love.

Marriage is going to be divorced. What kind of demeanor is also important? The key is to solve the problem of food and clothing.

  The third type: your husband is just lonely and boring, so he only found a third.

  Then it depends on your husband’s attitude to admitting the wrong thing. If the attitude is good, and both parents stand up to say good things to him, then forgive him.

  Remember, in this process, you must firmly hold the financial power, this is an excellent opportunity, but don’t show it on the surface, to make the man feel that you are giving him a chance, and this opportunity is not lost.

  The first: your husband is confused by Xiaosan.

  In this case, you have to mobilize your family’s strength, let the parents of both parties take turns to fight, and earnestly call the husband’s soul back.

  Next, you have to start with Xiaosan, and find a little trouble from time to time. For example, follow her, maybe find an investigation center, look up this woman. Once this woman has a husband, or a lover outside, you have toThis incident was announced in the world.

  Your days are comfortable, and you ca n’t let Xiaosan continue to be at ease. If you, a kind and simple, have traditional Chinese virtues, do n’t have the heart to do so, then you need to work hard on your husband and derail him from time to timeThe mention of things made him feel guilty.

  But such things can’t be mentioned often. If you say more, men will feel numb. It ‘s better to be careful about everything.

  Fifth type: After your husband’s first derailment incident, he derailed twice, or even three times, four times . then you will be “Plum Blossom Three Angry”.

The most convenient way is to let your husband be impotence, see if he can find a junior in the future, of course, this method is perfect, not to let outsiders grind any flaws.

  Do n’t you have that sentence, the material must be reversed, so you have to give your husband’s kidneys, prostates, etc., and make up for it, and finally he has no strength to even walk, then it is successful, at that time, it is not your requestHe’s gone, but he comes to you.

  Do the above techniques sound a bit harsh?

Sometimes deterrence is important. It is better to deal with some men than mental tears.

Six strange signals suggest you are overstressed

Six strange signals suggest you are overstressed

When life is too much for you to breathe, stress is manifested through some strange physiological symptoms (such as retching).

Sometimes you don’t even have some of those symptoms caused by stress.


Vomiting: Nausea is a manifestation of stress, most often due to worry.

Both vomiting and stress can cause vomiting, a condition known as “expected vomiting syndrome.”

People in this situation usually feel nauseous and even vomit in the suburbs. Usually, this happens at the same time every day.

To solve the problems such as nausea and vomiting caused by anxiety, you must first get enough rest, drink plenty of water (vomiting will cause absorption loss), and then you can calm yourself down. Try to eliminate stressors.Try to adjust your mood by taking a walk or meditation.


Hair loss: There are many causes of hair loss, caused by genes and by drugs.

Of course, stress is also one of the incentives.

There are many diseases related to stress alopecia, and alopecia is one of them.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder. The patient’s own white blood cells attack the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Another disease caused by stress is hair loss at rest. The symptoms of this disease are more extreme, and patients can suddenly lose up to 70% of their hair.

This condition is difficult to associate with stress, as this type of hair loss often occurs one month after a stress event.


Nosebleeds: Whether the nosebleeds are caused by stress is still controversial, but studies have shown that in some cases, patients have nosebleeds after experiencing stress.

An article published in the British Medical Journal says that when you are aware of stress, blood pressure rises rapidly, which is very common.

Drinking hibiscus tea helps control blood pressure.

Try to escape from the noisy everyday and drink a small cup of hibiscus tea, this will help you control your stress levels.


Memory loss: If you find that it seems difficult to remember some of the details discussed at the meeting you just held, it is most likely caused by your hippocampal atrophy.

Chronic stress acts on the hippocampus (a region of the brain that controls your short-term memory), which causes excessive levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can inhibit the brain’s ability to remember.

Dealing with the root cause of stress is the best way to retrieve memory, but before that, you’d better take notes of important information and then find other ways to enhance memory.


Low immunity: Perhaps the most obvious symptom of stress is low immunity. There are several reasons for this.

First, stress causes the release of catecholamines, a hormone that helps you regulate your immune system; but excessive release can interfere with its ability to regulate.

In fact, the thymus can make anti-infective white blood cells, but stress can cause the thymus to shrink and reduce immunity.

Exercise is the best way to reduce stress and improve the immune system.


Excessive sweating: Everyone knows that sweating increases when pressure is too high. Some people even have sweaty leaks from their limbs. They sweat excessively, especially the palms and soles.

Yoga and meditation can help these people reduce stress-related hyperhidrosis.

If you think you have hyperhidrosis, it is best to see a doctor in the endocrinology department.

The sweat caused by stress can even be “contagious” to those around you.

A study published in the Journal of the Public Library of Science found that stressful sweating sends specific signals to the people around them, so they also feel stressed.