Month: June 2020

Peking Opera actor Wang Juyu creates the first Peking Opera talk show See you on stage

Peking Opera actor Wang Juyu creates the first Peking Opera talk show “See you on stage”
Sauna Night News The first Beijing opera talk show “See You on the Stage” by Wang Peiyu, a Peking Opera master, will be broadcast on iQIYI every Friday and Sunday at 12 noon from March 27.Show poster.The picture comes from the network. In the program, Wang Juyu will tell the history, stories, genres, performances of Peking opera.It is the long-standing idea of Peking Opera actor Wang Peiyu to make his own variety show for Peking Opera to let more people see Peking Opera and perceive Peking Opera.In the contemporary spread of Peking Opera, it is necessary to break down various barriers so that young people are no longer unfamiliar with it before they are willing to be close. Therefore, this program will be presented in the form of a “talk show + performance” program.After resuming work in March, Wang Juyu completed the content of the program through “Cloud Recording”.In the title, Wang Juyu joined the performance in a timely manner, sometimes a period of a cappella, and sometimes a color sing dressed in makeup.Li Yuyuan, after tea and dinner, has the rules, the rules on and off the stage are particular, the humanity inside and outside the drama is warm, and everything in the Beijing opera is presented in the show.Sauna Night Net Editor Tong Na

Actress Shirley Douglas dies and starred in Kubrick movie Lolita

Actress Shirley Douglas dies and starred in Kubrick movie “Lolita”
On April 5, local time, the mother of actor Kiefer Sutherland (playing an agent in “24 Hours Against Terror”) Shirley Douglas died in Toronto, Canada, at the age of 86.Kiefer Sutherland posted news of her mother’s death on a social platform, saying that her mother died of pneumonia complications and has nothing to do with new coronary pneumonia.”My mother is an extraordinary woman and her life is not extraordinary,” Sutherland imposed.”Unfortunately, she has been fighting the disease for a long time, and as a family, we all know this day is coming.For those families whose relatives have been taken away by coronavirus, I am heartbroken for you, please take care.”Sherry Douglas ‘s ex-husband is the movie star Donald Sutherland (who played in Feng Xiaogang’s” Big Arm “).Shirley has lived in Toronto, Canada for a long time, and has starred in “Lolita” (1962) directed by Kubrick and “Sin Buckle” (1988) directed by Conan Berg.In 1999, she won the Best Hosting Award of The Gemini Award, the highest film award in Canada, for her TV movie “Shadow Lake”.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Zhao Lin

Renewing the leading edge, Oceanwide Holdings sells overseas assets, Hony takes over $ 1.2 billion

Renewing the leading edge, Oceanwide Holdings sells overseas assets, Hony takes over $ 1.2 billion
On the evening of March 29, Asia Standard Holdings made another move in the land stripping operation. The announcement showed that Oceanwide Center LLC and 88 First Street SF LLC, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Asia Standard Holdings, and the non-affiliated third party Hony Capital Mezzanine Fund 2019 Limited ((Hereinafter referred to as “Hony”), the “Framework Agreement” signed, intends to transfer the relevant overseas assets owned by Hony on First Street and Mission Street in San Francisco, the United States, with a total transaction amount of 1.2 billion US dollars, of which 700 million US dollars at the time of deliveryPayment, the remaining 500 million US dollars as profitability funds.  At the same time, on the evening of March 29, Asia Standard Holdings had just concluded a transaction with SPF SAN FRANCISCO OWNER, LLC. The announcement showed that on January 21st, Oceanwide Center LLC and 88 First Street SF LLCAssociated with a third party, SPF SAN FRANCISCO OWNER, LLC signed the “Sale Agreement”.US $ 0.6 billion transfer of related overseas assets owned by First Street and Mission Street in San Francisco, USA to the counterparty.  In less than 3 months, the price of the transaction subject increased by 1.$ 9.4 billion.  The counterparty of Asia Standard Holdings is Hony Capital. According to the official website information, Hony Capital was established in 2003. It is a leading investment management institution in China and a member company of Legend Holdings.Hony Capital focuses on the Chinese market. Invested companies include CSPC, Zoomlion, Chengtou Holdings, Jinjiang, Xinao, Tianjing Biological, COFCO Capital, Zoomlion Sanitation, etc., with a total asset value of approximately 2.9 trillion yuan, about 860 billion yuan overall.  Oceanwide and Lenovo are also “old friends”. In September 2009, Oceanwide Group officially announced the launch of 27 at the press conference.The price of US $ 5.5 billion was transferred to a 29% stake in Lenovo Holdings. China Oceanwide became the third largest shareholder of Lenovo Holdings after Guoke Holdings and Lenovo Employee Stock Ownership.At that time, the transfer conditions were very harsh, and the number of eligible transferees was very limited. As a result, Lu Zhiqiang, who rarely showed up, appeared at the site of the media communication meeting, and said that this was the only landmark event in China’s ocean-wide development process.  The projects invested by the Asia Standard Group include Hony Capital II Shanghai (Shanghai) Investment Center (Limited Partnership), which was jointly established by Hony Capital Management (Tianjin) (Limited Partnership) and other investors in 2016. Ocean Standard Group invested through the company500 million yuan participated in the establishment.  For this overseas asset divestiture transaction, Asia Standard Holdings announced that this transaction is conducive to optimizing the company’s overseas asset layout and effectively mitigating the company’s overseas operating risks.Reporter Zhang Yanbin, editor, Sun Yong proofreading Li Ming

Israel’s hot drama Queens will be filmed in the United States, with Gal Gadot participating in the creation

Israel’s hot drama “Queens” will be filmed in the United States, with Gal Gadot participating in the creation
Sauna Night News December 4, according to foreign media reports, Gal Gadot will participate in the creation of the American version of the Israeli drama “Queens”, which is produced by her and Jaron Varsano’s Pilot Wave company and Endemol Shine company.Gal Gadot.The original episode from the network is the Israeli HOT TV network’s most watched episode in 2018. It is found that the women of the Malka family took over the family business after their men were killed by the hostile criminal group.The show has been renewed for the second season and will be broadcast in 2020.Gal Gadot is currently participating in the US version of “Queens” as an executive producer, not sure if he will participate in the show.At present, Gal Gadot is sure to star in the new film also focusing on legendary stories, “Mother of wifi” Heidi Rama’s limited episode “Heidi Rama”, and a film focusing on the Polish underground leaders during World War II”Elena Sendler”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Baoqing

Shanghai Disneyland began testing the use of X-ray machines to further optimize the security inspection process

Shanghai Disneyland began testing the use of X-ray machines to further optimize the security inspection process
X-ray machine assists manual security inspection.Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yan) responded to some tourists’ feedback that the existing security methods have low efficiency, many procedures, and unfriendly issues. On December 2, the two security channels of Shanghai Disneyland began testing the use of X-ray assisted laborThe way of service is to carry out the security check before the visitors enter the park.The reporter noticed in the paradise that two new X-ray machines and new signage special security channels have been added to the security channel to guide visitors: take out all personal belongings and bags including electronic products and put them in different columns.Tourists pass through the metal detection gate.At the same time, the sign reminds the tourists: “During the security inspection process, if the security personnel have requirements, the tourists are asked to open the bags and hand over the suspicious items to the security personnel for inspection.Tourist safety is the focus of our work, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.”Still on the first day of testing, tourists from the two security channels have been able to carry out items and personal security smoothly and orderly under the guidance of Disney security personnel. They also welcomed the new high-tech security methods andRecognized.Shanghai Disneyland security entrance.The reporter verified this with the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. The resort pointed out that Shanghai Disneyland currently uses X-ray machines and assists with manual services for testing security procedures.The main contents of the test include the technical stability, efficiency and feedback from tourists.During the testing process, equipment commissioning will be carried out continuously in preparation for setting up more X-ray machines to support security inspections in the future.And the exact time for more X-ray machines to go through security check has been re-determined. It is reported that in September of this year, some tourists put forward many opinions on the security inspection method of Shanghai Disneyland.Afterwards, the park stated that it would comply with the relevant laws and regulations and a series of safety inspections for all tourists and their carry-on luggage, so as to reduce the impact of security inspections on the experience of tourists.Since September, the park has implemented a more friendly and user-friendly security inspection process and services. Tourists can open the package themselves during security inspection. If security inspectors have requested, tourists can take out suspicious items and put them back after the inspection.Future Paradise is equipped with security inspection equipment such as X-ray machines and auxiliary manual services to further optimize the security inspection process.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Xiangling

Japanese writers who love Chinese literature leave a glimpse in Shanghai-Yuewen

Japanese writer who loves Chinese literature leaves a glimpse in Shanghai | 夜 问
Elements of the poster are from the movie “Aliens: Shanghai’s Akutagawa Ryusuke”.Answer: Yes, “no”.In “The Travels in Shanghai” by Ryusuke Akutagawa, he wrote this way: Only a few formidable rickshaw drivers are still hovering nearby.As soon as they saw our figure, they would definitely come forward and talk.Fortunately, today I have learned Chinese from Murata Jun: “No.”-” Do not “is of course unnecessary.So, as soon as I saw the rickshaw driver, I immediately shouted like a curse mantra: “No!No!”-This is the first Chinese sentence that comes out of my mouth. It is very memorable.If you can’t feel the joy of my saying “no” to the rickshaw driver, then you must have never learned a foreign language.The movie “Aliens: Shanghai’s Akutagawa Ryusuke” completely restores this scene.The film is based on the travel of Shanghai by Ryusuke Akutagawa. About 100 years ago, Ryusuke Akutagawa came to Shanghai as a reporter for the “Osaka Daily News”.The film is directed by Kato Taku, Matsuda Ryuhei plays Akutagawa Ryusuke, Chinese actor Jin Shijia, Ren Luomin and other actors.Akutagawa Ryunosuke, born on March 1, 1892, is a Japanese writer who is familiar to Chinese readers. His most famous work is “Rashomon”, which was also adapted into a movie of the same name.In addition to short stories, he also wrote poems, waka, haiku, essays, essays, travel notes, etc.Akutagawa Ryunosuke was born in Tokyo, originally surnamed Xinyuan. His mother was crazy when he was a baby, so he was adopted by his uncle and changed his surname to Kagawa, which had a great influence on Ryunosuke.Lack of maternal love, sending people under the fence, became one of the origins of his last tragedy. Of course, emotional problems are also a cause.He likes to read Edo literature in elementary and junior high schools, and is also very interested in European and American literature. Chinese works like “Dream of Red Mansions”, “Journey to the West” and “Water Margin”.He entered the English Department of Tokyo Imperial University in 1913 and is one of the representatives of the new school of thought.Since my trip to China since 1921, I have visited Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhu, Hankou, Dongting Lake, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Longmen, Beijing and other places.On July 24, 1927, due to various reasons, he committed suicide by taking sleeping pills at the age of 35.After his death, his friend Kikuchi Kuan established the “Akagawa Award” to reward newcomers in the literary world. The first evaluation included the famous Kawabata Kawabata and Taniaki Runichiro.This award later became an important achievement in Japanese literary circles, and writers caused by Chinese readers such as Murakami Ryu and Aoyama Qihui have won this award.

Jiang Yiyan responded that the villa has no planning approval procedures: will actively cooperate with the investigation

Jiang Yiyan responded that the villa has no planning approval procedures: will actively cooperate with the investigation
Sauna Night News November 21, Jiang Yiyan issued a document in response to the recent villa incident, saying that the first thing to do is an apology, “The first thing to do is an apology.”I want to confess to the society, because the individual’s inappropriate behavior has become the focus of public opinion and takes up social resources.”Jiang Yiyan said that he is keen to enjoy those unreal high-light moments in the cross-border field, forget his own job, and see the news that the house has not been approved by the plan, and suddenly understand that he has gone through these yearsSome roads are curved. Next, I will actively participate in all interviews and investigations of relevant departments. “In the future, I will return to the actor itself and be a simple person.”Recently, some netizens reported that Jiang Yiyan was involved in the design and won the American Master Architect Award for a villa that was suspected of illegal renovation and expansion.On November 18th, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources responded that, after verification, the villa had not obtained the planning approval procedure in accordance with the law and had replaced the case and transferred it to the city management.It is reported that according to relevant regulations, the illegal construction of cities and towns that have not obtained a construction project planning license will be investigated and dealt with by the Urban Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau (Urban Management).Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Chen Diyan