10 tricks to have a happy mood

10 tricks to have a happy mood


10 tricks to have a happy mood

When you are not happy or encounter setbacks, sadness, anger, depression, sorrow and other harmful evils will be rampant.

How to actively resolve as soon as possible?

Psychologists recommend measures to you, and you don’t get in the way.


Do more running, turn, sprint, swim and other sports activities.

These activities are one of the effective measures to resolve bad emotions.



Sunlight can improve the condition of depressed patients.


Eat bananas.

Banana contains a substance that helps the human brain produce serotonin, which reduces the secretion of undesirable hormones, making people quiet and happy.


Cry out loud.

Find a place to hide and cry, crying out loud and full.

Japanese psychologists have found that such crying can suppress psychological access to alternative catharsis, while toxins produced by bad emotions can also “cry out”.


Sleep well.

Sleep helps to overcome bad emotions and calm down.

When I wake up, my mood will be much better.


listen to music.

Music can make the brain produce a substance that calms and calms the nerves, but pay attention to choosing the music of the “right way.”


Enjoy the flowers and plants.

The color and smell of flowers and plants have the effect of mediating people’s emotions.


View the mountains and waters.

Green mountains and green waters, Yingge Yan dance, transforming you into a beautiful situation, the mood will be “quickly activated.”


Playing puppets.

Put the puppet on the name or event name of the person who is not comfortable, and then hit it hard.

After that, people are no longer depressed, and the mood will naturally be better.



Showering in the bath can produce a kind of active molecule that calms the nerves. When you are not happy, you may want to wash the shower. After that, you will be relaxed.