Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

Winter is Coming Beware of Frozen Interpersonal Relationships

A new study suggests that if you want to make a friendly impression on a friend you just met, maybe you can turn to a cup of hot psychological drink.

  In a recent experiment, someone who held a steaming cup of coffee for a few seconds felt that others were more generous, compassionate, and happy than those who took iced coffee.

  In the second experiment, the person holding the thermal pad was more likely to pick a gift for a friend than a person holding an ice pack.

  According to Lawrence Williams, a professor of marketing at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the findings suggest that physical warmth can unintentionally inspire friendly behavior toward others.

  ”There is an interesting interface between our body, our physical world, our spiritual world, and everything that happens in the brain.

“Williams said.

The research he led will be published in Science tomorrow.

  Environmental impact Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Philadelphia, points out that this research supports the notion that environmental factors affect behavior in subtle and unconscious ways.

  In a study published earlier this year, Berger suggested that where people voted affects how they vote.

  ”Holding something warm may make a person feel enthusiastic about others, which in turn affects their attitude towards others.

“He wrote.

  He also reminded people who met by chance that the temperature of the refreshments we sent meant more, and a hot drink might be able to get things done.

  He said, “These details may make them feel more kind and friendly.

“The relationship creation research leader Williams said these findings build on previous research papers.

Previous research has revealed the connection between physical warmth (and mother’s embrace) and metaphorical terms such as “warm personality”-including qualities such as generosity, kindness, and sociability.

  In addition, recent research has also shown that the areas where the brain processes warm information on the body are the same as the areas where mental “warm” information is processed.

  This new research reveals how these concepts “play in the real world, so to speak, in terms of people’s judgments and decisions.

“People should keep these findings in mind as they prepare to build new relationships, Williams article,” You may want to date more (physical) warmth in things.
To make the relationship more warm and not cold.