Dean Li Tiehong: This thing is all treasure

Dean Li Tiehong: This thing is all treasure

Dean Li Tiehong: This thing is all treasure

Today is the first Chinese “Medical Day”. First of all, I wish the national doctors and medical workers a happy holiday!

Healers, to save the wounded and dying, to relieve the pain for the patient, to spread the way of health, to share what they know and learn to the world.

Therefore, today is no exception, continue to introduce health care food for everyone, I hope that every friend who insists on reading my article can benefit here.

Today’s recommendation is; lotus root, “Helian is a treasure, the lotus roots are the most complementary after the autumn”, lotus roots after the autumn should be the delicious food often appear on every family table.

Because the lotus is not only delicious, but also from head to toe, the effect of different parts is also different.

Li Shizhen once commented on it in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The medical doctor takes it for taking food, but he can get sick.”

It can be seen that the effect of lotus root has long been known to the world.

Picture network, then, I will come here for everyone: 1, lotus root: cool blood tonic spleen and phlegm: partial to Shengjinliangxue, thirst for fever, internal abdomen heat has a certain effect:It is suitable for people with poor spleen and stomach digestive function. It is very suitable for people with poor digestive function of spleen and stomach: nutrition, easy to digest, nourishing blood, appetizing effect 2, lotus seed: spleen Yishen lotus seed can spleen and diarrhea, nourishYishen, suitable for people with spleen and stomach weakness, insomnia, palpitations and other symptoms. 3, lotus seed heart: blood pressure lotus heart can help blood pressure, but also heat to fire, soothe the nerves, strong heart, detoxification effect.

4, lotus leaf: lipid-lowering weight loss lotus leaf can relieve heat and dampness, is a good product for weight loss, afraid of heat, people who are prone to heat and constipation can make tea.

Moreover, its efficacy in lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat is also recognized by everyone.

5, the lotus stem: qi stagnation and wet stalk can clear heat, qi, dampness, its overall effect is more effective than lotus leaf.

In the current season, the introduction of the renovation is to everyone, that is, to give friends more health knowledge, to help everyone improve their understanding of health, to pay attention to the way of health, to master the secret of longevity.

Li Tiehong: Dean of the Research Institute of Beijing Sunshine Medical College, special expert of Beijing Zhongren Chinese Medicine Hospital, special expert of Beijing Great Ear and Nose Medicine Institute, and the National “Belt and Road” Confucius Institute was invited as a lecturer of Chinese medicine.

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