Massage the lower abdomen can improve sexual ability?

Massage the lower abdomen can improve sexual ability?

Massage the lower abdomen can improve sexual ability?

Clinically, massage has a certain effect on sexual dysfunction.

Massage can solidify kidney yang, dredge meridians, qi and blood circulation, and thus sexual function “on the next step.”

  In the process of nourishment, the lower abdomen, retinal pill, and lumbosacral region are the most commonly used areas for massage.

The common people can refer to the following techniques and massage at home.

  Massage the lower abdomen.

Mainly for the small abdomen between the navel and the external genitalia, the two sides are bounded by the left and right anterior superior iliac spine.

When you massage, sit on your back on the bed, overlap your hands in the middle of the lower abdomen, press on the abdomen, and slowly massage, at a frequency of about 10 times per minute, until the heat in the lower abdomen is appropriate.

Massage lasts for 5 minutes.

  Massage the testicles.

The male is lying on the bed before going to sleep and getting out of bed, his legs are naturally straight and slightly separated.

Hot hands, hold the lower abdomen in one hand, thumb on the other hand, the index finger around the testicles, and place it in the position of the tiger’s mouth.

Gently pinch the stethoscope with the remaining three fingers, and count 81 times.

Then change hands left and right and repeat on the other side of the retina.

When you massage, you should be single-minded. If your penis is erect, be sure to exercise restraint.

After the massage of the pill, you can follow the navel ring in one hand, and go back 81 times.

It should be noted that the method of massaging the retina pills should be light and not heavy, and the principle of lightness, softness, slowness and uniformity should be grasped.

In addition, some patients with organic diseases of the reproductive system should not use this method, such as epididymitis, testicular tuberculosis.

  Massage the lumps.

Sitting in a chair, with both hands and fingers together, the two palms are properly applied, and at the same time press the bilateral lumbosacral sacs for about 5 minutes.

Then use the two thumbs to press 揉 Shenshu, Mingmen points, each 1-2 minutes.

Then use the right palm to rub the Shenshu, the life door, the location of the eight acupoints, to dilute heat.