Change the posture to do housework to help the house girl to easily practice on the S curve

Change the posture to do housework to help the house girl to easily practice on the S curve

Change the posture to do housework to help the house girl to easily practice on the S curve

The boring and heavy housework always makes you annoyed?

Don’t bite your face again. Today, the editor will make a small transformation for your housework. As long as you change your posture, the annoying housework will immediately become a fun and easy weight loss exercise, helping you to raise your chest and legs and turn into a girl.

  Mopping the floor – losing weight does not reduce the chest in the process of losing weight pay attention to the shaping of the chest, in order to fully lose weight first fat chest fate.

  Mopping the floor is the best exercise for exercising the cheekbones: stand straight in the direction of the mop, hold the mop handle with both hands, cross the legs one after the other, put the lunge forward, then use the strength of the arm to stretch the mop forward, feelingLike in fencing.

  Keep your lungs on your legs to concentrate your workout on the upper body, consuming 9 calories per minute.

If you feel tired, you can change the position of the left and right feet.

  Wipe the table – say goodbye to the “butterfly sleeves” on the upper arm of the excess meat like “natural butterfly sleeves”, you can’t get rid of it, what should I do?

  Change the action when wiping the table: stand on the side of the table, hold the rag with both hands, then, do not move the body, rely on the strength of the arm to rub the rag back and forth.

  This group of push-ups can consume 5 calories per minute.

Please note that when pushing forward, the hands should be on the same level, and at the same time, the force should be consistent, so as to promote the blood circulation of the retina and alleviate the symptoms of shoulder pain in the office.

  Sun drying clothes – turning out a small waist and then small housework can not be underestimated, similar to drying clothes.

Standing back to the clothes drying station, then staying below the crotch, twisting the upper body to dry the clothes, and exchange the left and right.

When twisting, if you tilt your body slightly back, you can increase the load and exercise to the longitudinal muscles of the waist.

  If you are not using an indoor drying rack and can’t complete the above actions, it doesn’t matter, you can hang the clothes in the closet, even when you switch the TV, you can copy this action, you can consume 4 calories after 10 times.

  Wipe the window – immediately 2 cm tall and afraid of tired, afraid of trouble, so 3 months will think of rubbing a window?

In fact, cleaning the window can lengthen your body and help shape it.

  Take a rag on each of the left and right hands, and wipe the counterclockwise to the left with your right hand. The body will do the side-bending movement together, and the left hand will wipe clockwise to the right.

  This action helps the re-arranged oppressed spine, so there is an increase.

In addition, it can consume 8 calories per minute.